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RUSH: We have the Mueller report that will not be released before the election, but we’re being told that it is nearing completion and that it is ready to go. I went through yesterday what the hope here is. The hope here is to revive the Trump-colluded-with-Russia narrative and to make people think that we’re just days or weeks away from proof being released. “But we can’t do it before the election because of regulations and decency. We’re not gonna influence the outcome of elections, but Mueller is ready to go.”

What’s Mueller been doing? “Well, Mueller has been looking for evidence of Trump colluding with Russia. So if Mueller’s ready to go, Mueller must have found the evidence!” This is what they want everybody to think. But the fact of the matter is it’s probably the exact opposite. Let me find the — da-da-da — let me find the sound bite here that puts this in perspective. Hang on while I look at this. It won’t take long here, folks.

As I say, I’m having to compress everything. Here it is. No. 10. Audio sound bite No. 10. This is deep state ranking member Phil Mudd. He is a former intelligence official, now works as a commentator on CNN. Last night, Wolf Blitzer’s show, The Situation Room. He’s a Counterterrorism Center specialist, what he is. Blitzer said, “Do you think that Mueller is preparing new indictments?”

MUDD: The really interesting part of this is a potential report, a draft report — a narrative, if you will — from Mueller going over Rosenstein. Let me play this out in Washington. Rosenstein gets a narrative that says not only, “This is what we found that might violate the law,” “this is my picture of what happened during the investigation.” There’s gonna be some dirt in there! So, in addition to the indictments, I really want to see what’s in that narrative report.

RUSH: Okay. So this is where this is going. The Mueller report is going to be full of supposedly horrible stuff Trump has done, none of which is probably gonna be indictable, none of which is going to be impeachable. Although, if the Democrats win the House, they’re gonna make moves in that direction anyway. But he says here, “The important point of the Mueller report will be the dirt!” The dirt, not the indictment. Which, there’s nothing, folks. Unless they make it up, there never has been any Trump collusion, and there never has been any evidence. So, unless they make it up.

So the smart money is that it’s gonna be filled with things that are accusatory, that blame Trump’s incompetence, ineptitude. Essentially blame Trump for being so in over his head that it looked like the Russians had worked with him to steal the election. Despite the fact that there isn’t any hard evidence, it’s hard to refute the idea. They’re gonna make it look like Trump is in over his head, doesn’t know what he’s doing, threatens the country with his presidency because of his incompetence.

That’s what it’s going to be. But let’s take a look at an alternative view from Sidney Powell, whose work we have referenced many times on this program. She has written a book chronicling the deception and the abuse of power, the corruption in the Department of Justice, traced all the way back to the Enron task force. Many of the same lawyers here were working with Mueller. Her headline (she published this yesterday at The Daily Caller) is, “Mueller’s Jig Is Up — But That’s Not Enough.

Meaning: Trump still owes the country something here despite the fact Mueller hasn’t found anything. “The Mueller witch hunt is effectively over,” writes Ms. Powell, “not because Mr. Mueller had not planned to drag this out until he could concoct a crime against Mr. Trump or a member of his family but rather because the jig is up. Have you noticed how long it has been since anyone even suggested that the president sit down with the ‘special counsel’ for an interview?

“Mueller’s [reason for existing] was the outrageous and purposely propagandized prevarication that the Trump campaign and even Mr. Trump himself ‘colluded’ with Russia to rig the 2016 presidential election against Hillary Clinton. The Democrats who perpetrated this fraud are not only masters of projection and deception, but they took their playbook of personal destruction to a whole new level.” I talked about this whole thing with Hannity in the interview.

The genuine outrageousness that this is, the literal criminal acts committed by Hillary Clinton and all of the people on her team and the Obama DOJ, the FBI — and none of that ever investigated — and the purpose of Mueller’s investigation is to actually provide a cover for the real criminality that was going on. Ms. Powell writes, “There is more evidence by the day that the Clinton cabal, in and outside of government, weaponized our most venerable law enforcement institutions and agencies … and lied to our courts to destroy the political opposition.

“Enough evidence has been forcibly extracted from various sources to establish that the actual crimes — conspiracy, fraud, obstruction of justice, espionage act violations … were committed by Clinton and her campaign with the calculated help of … cronies within the FBI, CIA, NSA, Obama White House, the Department of Justice, the State Department,” the deep state and the silent coup! There is no doubt it was being run, and there’s no doubt that it failed. But they’re not through with it, even though Mueller doesn’t have anything.

They’re not through.

They’ll never be finished trying to get rid of Trump.

“Heaven knows that is not what Mueller and his Clinton-loving cabal of prosecutors wanted to find — and they clearly avoided looking for” the real criminal activity. Her next line is, “President Trump holds all the cards now,” and here’s why: “The White House has seen enough of the actual documents to know the real conspirators were willing to destroy the Constitution and innocent lives to elect Hillary Clinton, protect Barack Obama, and destroy Donald Trump. As Congressman John Ratcliffe explained to Maria Bartiromo, these documents were classified only to protect the wrongdoers — not national security.

“Indeed, each time documents have been unredacted, we’ve seen even more evidence of egregious wrongdoing. … For the country to recover from this previously unfathomable cover-up of Clinton’s crimes and the criminalization of our election process and justice system, every individual whose fingerprints appear on any of these crimes must be publicly exposed and held to account. The deliberate and subversive conduct of all involved were not only crimes against Mr. Trump… They were crimes against our Constitution, law enforcement institutions, federal courts, every American, and the Rule of Law writ large.”

That is why she’s advocating again here for Trump to declassify every one of these documents for the sake of the American people, and I wholeheartedly agree. He hasn’t done it, ostensibly to protect our allies, because the Brits and their intelligence people’s fingerprints are all over this! It is extremely frustrating that the truth of this is right there to be seen, right there to be discovered, and all the president has to do is declassify it — and he can do it any time he wants. Many people are hoping that that is something that will happen prior to the election.


RUSH: Detroit and Mike. You’re next, and I’m really glad you waited. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, what an honor to speak to you. I’ve been listening to you for 27 years from the hot 110-degree sun when I was in the Marine Corps.

RUSH: That would be over in Iraq?

CALLER: I was over in Kuwait.

RUSH: Kuwait. Same difference.

CALLER: Desert Storm.

RUSH: Appreciate. Thank you very much.

CALLER: I am calling, going back to the Mueller probe. I have a different theory on what is going on and why they’re waiting. I don’t think they’re waiting on action at all. I think if the Democrats would somehow take the House back, Mueller will have a scathing report if the Republicans hold it, Mueller’s reports will be much of nothing.

RUSH: That’s really suspicious of you. I mean, what must you think of the institutions of your government if there’s this big, long report that’s just waiting to be written based on the outcome of the election.

CALLER: Well, I think they’re already written, and I’m just… I think he’s waiting to see which one he’s gonna release.

RUSH: Oh, you think they’re both written, it just determines… The election outcome determines which one he turns in?

CALLER: Absolutely. Mueller is the swamp.


CALLER: (laughing) He is absolutely everything. He’s there to protect the Clintons. That’s the only —

RUSH: Not just the Clintons. He’s there to protect everybody.

CALLER: Everybody.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Well, Rush, it’s been such an honor to listen to you for 27 years —

RUSH: Wait a minute. I need to ask you a question.


RUSH: Given that, if you think that Mueller’s report will… The substance of it will be determined by the election outcome, why wouldn’t Mueller just write that Trump did it. Why wouldn’t he just say that they found reasonable suggestions that there was inappropriate contact between Russia and the Trump campaign, whether they can prove it or not, why don’t they do that? I mean if they’re this dishonest, which we know that they are, the idea —

CALLER: They literally are dishonest.

RUSH: Yeah. The idea that we’re gonna get an honest, substantive report from this bunch, which is ignoring the real criminal activity, which is Hillary Clinton and the whole apparatus that created that dossier and then tried to convert it into legitimate intelligence to get FISA warrants to spy on Trump! We’re expecting honesty out of this bunch?

CALLER: No, we don’t expect honesty. And the reason he’s waiting is he needs the Democrat Party to back up his report.

CALLER: Mueller does, Mueller needs Democrats to back up his reports. Meaning if they win the monitoring in the House then they could back up the reports?

CALLER: Exactly. Otherwise —

RUSH: What if they don’t win the Senate? What if the Republicans hold the Senate and even gain ground there?

CALLER: Well, he just can’t release anything either way because there is no evidence, and if the Democrats somehow win the House, he’s gonna have a report that’s gonna be scathing to the president. If they don’t, we won’t hear much out of Mueller at all.

RUSH: Look. I understand your thinking on this, but I think the report’s gonna be scathing regardless. And I think it’s going to be scathing in terms of the judgmental innuendo. I don’t believe there will be any evidence of collusion because we know that it didn’t happen. We know that liberal writers… One writer spent two years, the past two years researching a book. He wanted to be first out of the box with a book before the Mueller report detailing the collusion.

He hasn’t found a shred of evidence in two years. The report is going to castigate Trump’s personality. It’s gonna castigate his staffing decisions. It is going to talk about how Trump’s infantile immaturity and lack of intelligence and experience has exposed the United States to the very kind of collusion Mueller was investigating but didn’t find. But even though he didn’t find any, Trump has made it much more likely and much more easy for anybody to.

That’s the kind of stuff that’s gonna be in it, regardless who wins, regardless the Republicans or Democrats hold the House. This report is going… When’s the last time you ever heard of a special counsel for anything, at the end of the investigation, writing a long report saying, “Nothing to see here, folks! We’ve been looking for two years and haven’t found diddly-squat.”? There has yet to be such a report written. He’s gonna have to justify what he did.

He’s gonna have to feed the beast. When this is all over, Mueller wants to be the continued star of the establishment. He’s got to excoriate Trump, and he can do it even without alleging actual criminal acts. I just saw a chyron graphic up there on CNN, and it was about Vice President Bite Me, and he’s out there saying that we don’t want Trump impeached too soon. We need to take our time impeaching Trump, Biden said.

This is all predicated, of course, on the fact that the Democrats are gonna win the House. And I guess the Senate, ’cause if the Republicans hold the Senate, there’s never gonna be any impeachment or conviction of Trump being impeached. So Biden’s thinking they’re gonna win it all and he’s thinking we gotta hold on. We don’t want to impeach him too soon! It’s kind of like in a football game you’re driving to either tie the score or go ahead by two or three points, you don’t want to score too soon. You don’t want give the other team too much time to come back and kick a field goal that can beat you. I guess that’s what bite me is suggesting here.

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