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Oct 18, 2018


Daily Caller: Mueller’s Jig Is Up — But That’s Not Enough – Sidney Powell
Reuters: More Honduran Migrants Seek to join U.S.-Bound Group in Guatemala
UKDM: Trump Threatens to Send Military to Seal Southern Border if Mexico Doesn’t Stop Central American Immigrants Including ‘Many Criminals’ from Reaching the U.S.
Bloomberg: Mueller Ready to Deliver Key Findings in His Trump Probe, Sources Say
ZeroHedge: Mueller Probably Has One More Bombshell Indictment Up His Sleeve
The Hill: Mueller Assembles Team of Cooperators in Russian Probe
CNBC: US is Seeing ‘Relentless Rise in Household Wealth,’ Credit Suisse Report Says
AppleInsider: Graphic 7 Minute Audio of Jamal Khashoggi’s Murder Again Linked to Journalist’s Apple Watch
Washington Examiner: Beto O’Rourke’s ‘Lifelong Republican’ Mother Donated to Democrats, Voted in Democratic Primaries Since 2000
Daily Caller: Claire McCaskill Demands Special Prosecutor For Project Veritas
RealClearPolitics: Man Confronted For Ripping Cruz Signs From Yards Freaks Out: “I Hate Ted Cruz!”
New York Times: The Democrats’ Left Turn Is Not an Illusion – Thomas B. Edsall
Spectator: What the Media Aren’t Telling You About Jamal Khashoggi
The Hill: Trump Attacks Fuel GOP Fears About Losing Suburban Women
Wall Street Journal: We’ve Grown Accustomed to Trump – Lance Morrow
The Hill: Trump Threatens Military Action If Mexico Doesn’t Stop Immigration ‘Onslaught’
Washington Free Beacon: Top Hollywood Publicist on O’Rourke: I Haven’t Seen Los Angeles This Excited About a Liberal Politician in Years
New York Times: The Future of the Obama Coalition – Thomas B. Edsall – 11.27.11
Enterovirus D68 Linked to Illegal Immigration Behind Fatal Polio-like Illness Killing American’s Children
Daily Caller: Obama’s Border Policy Fueled Epidemic, Evidence Shows
New York Post: Saudi Who Arrived in Turkey the Day of Khashoggi’s Disappearance Dies in Traffic Accident
Politico: Trump Asks for Audio, Video Evidence from the Khashoggi Investigation
USA Today: What Parents Should know About the Polio-Like Paralyzing Disease the CDC is Warning About


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