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RUSH: I have a piece here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers by Thomas B. Edsall. Now, Thomas B. Edsall should be familiar to several of you in this audience. It was November of 2011 that Thomas B. Edsall (who used to work for the Washington Post) published a piece in which he said that the Obama campaign, 2012, was abandoning the white working class as voters. Didn’t want them. They were too old-fashioned; they were too white.

The white working class is what’s to blame for this country being the racist, misogynistic place that it is. The Obama campaign strategically decided to become the party of every minority group that existed and that could be manufactured, and they would combine all these minority groups, and that would become a gigantic Democrat constituency, so big, so large that it would dwarf anything the Republicans could put up even if they got all of the white working class.

Well, we know how it turned out. Obama continued to preside over Democrats losing elections all over this country. Well, Mr. Thomas B. Edsall is back. And this piece is in the New York Times. And the headline: “The Democrats’ Left Turn Is Not an Illusion.” Mr. Edsall, we didn’t think it was. There’s nothing about the stark raving mad aspects of today’s Democrat Party that is an illusion. It is all too real. So I’m trying to wonder why in the…?

What’s the purpose of this piece? “The Democrats’ Left Turn Is Not an Illusion.” They want you to know, they want readers to know that this left turn is by golly, by gosh for real. The subhead: “Like many overnight sensations, it has been years in the making.” Well, we know this too! Like go back to the 1920s in the Soviet Union if you want to trace the beginnings of this. “Over the past 18 years,” begins Mr. Thomas B. Edsall, “the Democratic electorate has moved steadily to the left, as liberals have displaced moderates.

“Self-identified liberals of all races and ethnicities now command a majority in the party, raising the possibility that views once confined mainly to the party elite have spread into the rank and file.” Come on! Come on! The Democrat Party elite, sad to say, were never these radical leftists! Now, I’m going back pre-Clinton. The Democrat Party moderate elite has been overtaken by the left-wing radicals, and that’s why some are scratching their heads.

Anyway. “From 2001 to 2018, the share of Democratic voters who describe themselves as liberal has grown from 30 to 50%…” Yeah, you want to know something else? The percentage of Americans that call themselves liberal is shrinking now into the high mid-30s. Thirty-five percent of the American people identify themselves as liberal. He doesn’t say that. I’m adding that. “The percentage of Democrats who say they are moderate has fallen from 44 to 35; the percentage of self-identified conservative Democrats has gone from 25 to 13%.”

But here we go. Now, this is the long piece, but this next graph, this is the money graph. Ready? “Well-educated whites, especially white women, are pushing the party decisively leftward. According to Gallup, the share of white Democrats calling themselves liberal on social issues has grown since 2001 from 39 to 61%. Because of this growth, white liberals are now roughly 40% of all Democratic voters.

“While a substantial percentage of Democratic minorities identify as liberals, those percentages have not been growing at anywhere near the rate that they have for white Democrats…” Wait a minute. In 2011, the white working class was told to go to hell. Now all of a sudden “white women” are the majority of the party and the percentage of the Democrats represented by minorities is not growing? You mean… I guess that’s why Trump’s approval number amongst Hispanics, Latinos, and African-Americans is at a record high for Republican candidates.

“While a substantial percentage of Democratic minorities identify as liberals, those percentages have not been growing at anywhere near the rate that they have for white Democrats, so blacks and Hispanics have not contributed significantly to the rising percentage of self-identified Democratic liberals”? “In fact,” says Mr. Thomas B. Edsall, “white liberals are well to the left of the black electorate on some racial issues.

“Take the issue of discrimination as a factor holding back African-American advancement. White liberals are to the left of black Democrats, placing a much stronger emphasis than African-Americans…” Now, wait. Because earlier this week, we have a story that the Republican Party owns white suburban women. Right? We did. So who are these white women making up the majority of Democrat liberalism? Who are they?


RUSH: All right, now, look. It takes a lot to get something past me. Here we have McCaskill, here we have Phil bread son in Tennessee, and we have got Beto O’Rourke, and we’ve got this guy tester in Montana, and they’re all trying to tell us that they’re not wild liberal leftists, that they’re centrists and all this. Except we find out that’s not really true. But here comes Thomas B. Edsall saying don’t believe them. This move to the left in the Democrat Party is real, and it’s solid. So Thomas B. Edsall is giving his own Democrats a bit of a problem. He’s calling them out!


RUSH: You got candidates like Claire McCaskill in Missouri exposed in hidden videos as being far more anti-gun than she would ever admit to. You’ve got Phil Bredesen in Tennessee similarly exposed as a phony moderate. He’s running against Marsha Blackburn and McCaskill running against really good candidate in Missouri, Josh Hawley. Then you have this clown Tester in Montana, the incumbent Democrat.

They’re lying through their teeth about who they are! They’re lying through their teeth about what their party represents. They’re trying to make their party look like they’re a bunch of moderates! They’re trying to make it look like Democrats today are moderates and mainstreamers and not extremists, and they’re not! They are radical leftists who are inspiring mob behavior on the part of Democrat voters, and here comes Thomas B. Edsall in the New York Times with a piece claiming that the Democrat move to the left is not an illusion!

Thomas B. Edsall’s piece undercuts McCaskill, Bredesen, and Tester in Montana. (impression) “Oh, no, no, no. We’re really all leftists. This is real. It’s been going on for a long time, and there’s nothing fake about it. It’s not an illusion. We are radical leftists — and, furthermore, our radical leftism is being led by radical white women!” Who are these women? Because the stories are that the Republicans are really making bank with conservative suburban…

Well, suburban women. Not just conservative, but suburban women, both single and married. Who are these radical, leftist women that are slowly becoming the dominant force in the Democrat Party base? Well, we know who they are. They are enraged, angry feminists who have been to feminist studies schools, and they literally hate. They hate men; they hate anything to do with “the patriarchy,” and their numbers in the Democrat Party are growing.

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