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RUSH: This is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I had this yesterday, didn’t have a chance to get to it. This is again the heroine and one of the stars, the future of the Democrat Party. She was on with Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night, and we have a montage of some of her answers to Kimmel’s questions. You’ll briefly hear Kimmel in this bite as well.

CORTEZ: Yeah, sometimes. People just lose their… They’re, like, “Wait…” It’s, like, back in the day. Yeah, yeah. Like, when people be, like, “Is this real? Is —

KIMMEL: (laughing)

CORTEZ: “– this, like…?’ Yeah, no, it’s… Yeah, yeah, they, they do… Yeah, absolutely…And, you know… Yeah sometimes… And yeah, and they’re telling me, you know. And, you know, they, they said, you know… So…

KIMMEL: (laughing)

CORTEZ: For sure, for sure…Well, you know… Kind of typing into my phone.

RUSH: That was basically, “Yeah, I don’t know. Yeah, yeah. Well, maybe. You know, uh yeah, yeah. Uh-huh.” She’s, sadly, clueless, and prototypical, prototypical of the people the Democrats think represent their future.

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