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RUSH: Dover, New Hampshire. This is George. Great to have you with us, George. How are you doing?

CALLER: Great. Thanks for taking my call. I was calling, I just wanted to make a show suggestion that you did years and years ago that I thought was just great. It was probably one of the best shows that you ever had, and it was really simple. You just basically had a roll call and people just called in with their start-up businesses — you know, just small businesses — and talked about how they’re doing, you know, and where they are.

RUSH: Oh, yeah, yeah. You know what that was? You know what that was? Do you remember? It was a period of time — it was the early ’90s, folks — and white-collar employees were being laid off, executives, and magazines and newspapers like USA Today were happy. They were running stories how wonderful it was that if people are getting laid off, it’s finally executives. It’s finally white-collar people and not blue-collar people.

So I decided… We did three days of this. We took calls, as best we could manage it, from people who had been laid off, in their 40s — white-collar, managerial people laid off in their 40s or earlier — and asked what they were doing about it. And that’s what you remember hearing was all these people calling saying one version or another of, “This was maybe the best thing that ever happened to me because I’m finally focused on doing things I love. I finally have… Because of necessity, I’m looking at the kind of job I’ve always wanted to have,” starting a business, or what have you. And they were all amazingly upbeat and positive about what had happened to them, not depressed or down in the dumps or angry or any of that.

CALLER: Right. No, it was just… I mean, it was my second year in business. I remember it well because it was in January, at least one. Maybe it was another ripple from that other three-day thing you did.

RUSH: Right

CALLER: I just think it would be a good thing for you to try. Maybe on a Friday, instead of doing “Republican good, Democrat bad” stuff, people Stick-to-the-Issue people would want.

RUSH: Well, don’t downplay the “Republican good, Democrat bad” thing because there is still a whole slew of people who don’t get how bad the Democrats are. But let me ask you something. Do you think that people need to hear business people calling and describing how great the economy is before they’ll believe it? Is that why you want them to hear it, so they’ll believe it? Are you thinking some people don’t believe it or doubt it?

CALLER: No. I just think it’s a brotherhood and I think it’s a way to support one another that run and operate their own businesses. I don’t think that we get enough credit for what we do. You know, like most people, I work a lot of hours, and I’m grateful for what I make and what I can provide for my family. But it’s a good inspiration for the people who do it. And we’re the people who make this country work. So that’s all. It’s as simple as that, the way I see it.

RUSH: Well, small business… There’s no question that small business is the vast majority of employment in the country, and some could say the backbone. Well, okay. I do remember that we’ve done a couple of instances of this, and it is inspiring to listen to individual stories of people describe how they started their businesses and why and how they’re working and why they are working.

So I appreciate the suggestion. I really do. Other hosts would maybe get a complex and think, “Gee, am I failing if the audience is telling me what I should do?” But I’m not that weak and I do not have any self-doubt. So I can take any kind of criticism from anyone and not take it personally. So don’t ever fear, folks, telling me how you think I ought to do this because everybody else does, too. George, thank you.

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