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RUSH: It’s amazing Russian collusion stories disappeared from the media’s radar. The only thing I compare it with is how gun control completely disappeared too. Amazing? Gun control gone, Russian collusion gone, and yet Russian collusion was going to be how the Democrats would win the House back! Remember? What happened to it, hmm? Must not have been any, hmm? At least by Trump and the Republicans, hmm?


RUSH: Let’s review some things that were in the news 24/7. And the reason they were in the news 24/7, because this was how the Drive-By Media, working with the Democrat Party, was going to get rid of Donald Trump. And, yes, folks, I mean “get rid of Donald Trump.” I don’t think what this has been about is simply waiting until Republicans lose an election, such as the midterms. I think they’ve actually sought to have Donald Trump removed from office since the day after the election.

That’s what Mueller is about. That’s what the collusion thing is about. That’s what every one of these stories has been about is somehow magically forcing Donald Trump out of office and effectively canceling the results of the 2016 election. This is not about… It’s not been about setting the table and making a case for removing Trump, say, at the ballot box in 2020 or having the Republicans lose the House in 2018. This has been about literally removing Donald Trump from the White House.

That has been the mobilizing, energizing thing that’s gotten them all out of bed every day. Everybody from the Drive-By Media leaders to the Democrat Party leaders, to the enraged abnormalities that make up the Democrat base. And I mean that specifically. I guess one of the reasons why the rage and anger is now so out of control is because usually these people are able to accomplish most of this kind of thing against any other Republican. If they want to destroy Mitt Romney or George W. Bush, pretty much they know they’re going to succeed.

They’ve tried everything they know with Trump and haven’t even made a dent, really, and it’s all been about having Trump thrown out of office. The 25th Amendment? That’s now. That’s not two years down the road. How many times have they brought up, “The cabinet needs to get together and determine this man is not fit”? They want him out of office every day now. The failure compounds the rage. Look at just some of the issues that were 24/7 for at least two weeks. In no particular order here, all of these were designed to take out Donald Trump.

Christine Blasey Ford. That was a twofer. That was get rid of Kavanaugh as well. In that case, they didn’t care if they destroyed Brett Kavanaugh’s life, his family, his career, his past, his future. No problem. That’s what they were trying to do. Christine Blasey Ford.

Stormy Daniels. A porn star became a hero to the Democrat Party, and her creepy porn star attorney Michael Avenatti — who was then touted as perhaps a Democrat Party presidential front-runner for 2020!

And Donald Trump’s taxes. That was an issue that was effervescing below the surface for the entire time and then a couple of times where it made the lead. How about the shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school in Parkland, Florida, and the creation of a couple of new Democrat Party activists, Camera Hogg and I forget the other one? How long did that story go on? How big a star did they turn Camera Hogg into, and where is he now, and where is the issue of gun control.

Where is the story that young people, high school and college students, have had enough and they were going to take control of the apparatus of government and get rid of guns and wipe out the NRA. Where is that today? What happened? Oh, Camera Hogg is still there, and the next time something happens that makes him useful to be brought back to life, there he will be again. My point is, these are all manufactured, tailored people and issues based on a happening or a moment, but none of it is organic or real.

“What do you mean, Rush? You’re saying David Hogg is not…?” He’s totally real, but he is a media creation. David Hogg doesn’t have an audience. David Hogg did not literally create a bond. Neither did Ocasio-Cortez. These people do not have connections with an audience. They don’t have connections with voters, like Trump has or like other successful people in media do. They have been made media heroes by the media, but it isn’t real.

Like, Hogg is gone, but nobody’s alarmed.

Nobody is saying, “Where is Hogg? We miss him!”

It’s not a criticism. He hasn’t had time to build up a connection or an audience. The point is, none of this is real. It’s all soap opera-script material. Another one, the #MeToo movement. Hillary Clinton has effectively killed that by saying (summarized), “My husband, you can’t say that he did anything wrong with Monica Lewinsky. She was an adult. She was a consenting adult. She had my approval. She was a consenting adult. I knew what Bill was doing. It’s not abuse because Bill Clinton knew that she was an adult.”

Well, bye-bye, #MeToo movement. I mean, if the babe that ran the “bimbo eruptions unit” to destroy women claiming her husband abused them, comes out to defend her guy, what good is the #MeToo movement? Again, another manufactured moment. And by manufactured, my point about all these is none of these issues or people have the legs to survive on their own without the media fanning the flames or propping them up each and every day. That is my precise point. Trump doesn’t need the media to be who he is.

Trump doesn’t need the media to be elected. Trump doesn’t need the media to remain popular, but all of these people do. Blasey Ford could not come close to establishing a connection with a serious number of Americans to be able to make herself a public figure without the media making it happen. Ditto, Stormy Daniels. Ditto, Michael Avenatti. Ditto any of these people. Camera Hogg. People in the #MeToo movement.

What happened to Omarosa? Omarosa had the big book, the big tell-all book. She was going to lower the boom on the Trumpster! Where is she and where is her book? It must not have had much in it in the final analysis. And where is Omarosa? Omarosa is another one of these people who — because she was in the shadow or in the light of Donald Trump — made the mistake of thinking she was her own media star when she was nothing but a bit, support player who can’t survive without the host organism acknowledging her existence.

That would be Trump. So many pretenders. So many phonies who get a taste of fame think it’s legit, think it’s them, learn they can’t survive on their own because they are not stars. They are not famous, and in the sense that they’ve achieved something for which they are admired. They might be spectacles, and they might be conversation pieces. But they are nothing of any substantive, lasting nature. But you can’t tell them that. You know, where is Stormy?

She can’t survive unless Trump is paying attention to her. Ditto, Omarosa. Bob Woodward? What happened to his book? What about the subject…? That book was supposed to dry the Trump administration. Why is the Trump administration still functioning after the Bob Woodward book? Woodward was the latest kill project. Trump seemed to survived. If Trump is not talking about Woodward, Woodward doesn’t exist. If Trump isn’t talking about Camera Hogg.

But just illustrate the point. I don’t need Trump talking about me to continue to do what I do. Trump doesn’t talk about me much anyway. But this is the point. These people are all the product of Donald Trump’s achievements and fame and notoriety, and they can’t survive outside his area of dominant influence. Think of all the time and the energy that has been put into all of these people and all of these things, and every one of them has been an abject failure in terms of their objective: Getting rid of Donald Trump.

These weapons have been neutered.

The media is running out of them.


RUSH: By the way, I was thinking, there is one issue that the media and Democrats, you would have to say, had some success.

That was the allegation that the Trump administration was (crying) “separating children from their parents at the border!” (sobbing) That one had some legs, that one worked, and that might be what this caravan is about as well. Even though it was totally manufactured and made up, it required the ignorance of a lot of people for it to… I don’t mean stupidity. It required the ignorance of a lot of people on the policy for that technique, allegation — separating families at the border — to work.

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