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RUSH: Hey folks, here’s another sign that California’s junior Democrat Senator, Kamala Harris, is running for President.

On Thursday, she rolled out a proposal for a so-called “middle-class tax credit.” But if you look at the details, it’s just another liberal big-government handout to lower income brackets.

To “pay for” the handouts, she wants every family to get five hundred bucks. It’s almost like a guaranteed national income. She wants to repeal the Trump tax cuts, which gave us our booming economy. She also wants to punish successful financial institutions. Firms with over 50 billion dollars in assets would be hit with new fees to pay for her stupid scheme.

This tax-credit welfare giveaway isn’t Harris’s only proposal. She also wants to create a “tax credit” for anybody who pays over 30 percent of their income in rent.

Despite the Drive-By-Media buzz that Kamala Harris gets, there’s nothing new here. Her dream is to take money from the pockets of those who earn it, and spend it on those who don’t. By giving it to them

She’s a typical California liberal, with delusions of greatness! That have been planted and inspired by the drive-by media. and some day is gonna find out, she ain’t no big thing.

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