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RUSH: Grab audio sound bite No. 17. I am not sure, folks, that I believe this. I’m trying to find the story that attaches to this. In fact, play the sound bite while I look for the story. Pelosi apparently got the treatment that the Turtle and Republicans are getting here. She was rudely treated, and she was protested and so forth. I’m not sure I believe this is legit. But let’s play the sound bite.

This is from Wednesday in Coral Gables, which is where the University of Miami is. Pelosi was entering an event to campaign for Donna Shalala. (singing) “Shalala! You got me on my knees, Shalala.” Remember her? She was the — what was she? She was in the Clinton administration. She was best buds out there with Janet El Reno, and she is running to fill the seat currently held by Republican Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Pelosi was confronted and heckled by protesters, and here is a portion of what it sounded like.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN 1: (outdoor protest noise) Look at Nancy Pelosi right here. Look at this piece of s–t (bleeped) right here. Look at this piece of s–t (bleeped) Pelosi right here.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN 1: F—ing (bleeped) communist You don’t belong here, you f–king (bleeped) communist. Get the f— (bleeped) outta here.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN 1: Get the f— (bleeped) outta here.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN 2: Communista! Communista!

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: F— (bleeped) you and your f—ing (bleeped) Democrats.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN 1: Pa fuera! [Get out!]


CROWD: (chanting) Socialism sucks! Socialism sucks! Socialism sucks!

RUSH: All right. Okay. Were you able to hear what the protesters…? (interruption) Okay, I’m not sure I buy this. Just like… (interruption) No, no, no. Follow me on this. Just like Bill and Hillary Clinton are gonna go do a what? They’re gonna do a theater/stadium tour, and they’re gonna charge people to get in to hear them reminisce? “Bill and Hillary Clinton and their thoughts on America today,” blah, blah, and they’re gonna charge people to get in?

Trump doesn’t charge anybody to get in. They’re gonna charge people to try to make money off this? They’re clearly piggybacking off what Trump’s doing and they want to get in on the action and they want to prove to themselves and the Democrats that they can draw crowds too — and they are going to pale . There are not going to be 75,000 people waiting to get in to hear the Clintons, unless they’re paid. And that could entirely happen.

I’m telling you, there aren’t gonna be anywhere near the kind of crowds to hear or see the Clintons as there are Trump. But they want to get if on it. Well, there’s something about this that doesn’t jibe with me. The Washington Post has a story: “Far-Right Hecklers Confront Pelosi, Call Her a ‘Communist’ at Florida Campaign Event.” They were calling her “communista, communista,” chanting, “Socialism sucks! Socialism sucks!”

This looks like what leftists would conjure up a protest if they thought Republicans would show up and protest, what Republicans would say. How many Republicans have you seen show up at a Democrat event and start shouting, “Communista! Communista! Socialista”? How many times have you seen this? Tell me. Tell me! How many times have you…? (interruption) It doesn’t happen often. I know it is Miami and you’re thinking Little Havana and all that. But I’m just telling you like the Democrats want to get in on the…

They’re taking heat for all of this garbage that they’re doing. They’re taking heat on the way they did Kavanaugh. They’re taking heat for forcing Cruz and his wife and others out of restaurants. Nobody’s in favor of that. That’s not getting any support. It’s not building a movement. It may be satisfying the already existing lunatics that make up the Democrat Party base, but it’s not growing it. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the Democrats staged this whole thing to try to get sympathy for Pelosi.

Much like all these attacks on the Turtle and his wife and Ted Cruz and all these other Republicans that have been forced out like Kirstjen Nielsen. It just reeks of copycat to me. It just reeks. Like Bill and Hillary Clinton want to get in on the action of Trump stadium tours? Ha-ha-ha-ha. The Clintons. I was just — and I saw somebody on Fox today condemning this treatment of Pelosi. Just falling right in, condemning this treatment of Pelosi.

This woman that I saw has never condemned the way Democrats are treating Republicans in this manner. So count me in the group of people that thinks this could very likely be a put-up job. I mean, it’s got all the coverage, it’s got the right angles to it and so forth — and if it’s legit, fine. We’ll applaud the south Florida Cuban community and so forth. But I’m… “Socialista! Socialista! Communista!” It strikes me as what Democrats would think Republican protesters would say if there were such a thing as Republican protesters!

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