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RUSH: Over the weekend, NBC News ran an op-ed by Julio Ricardo Varela, who is founder of the Latino Rebels website. Julio says the migrant caravan (it’s not a caravan folks, it’s a mob) is forcing President Trump to “admit” he’s willing to sacrifice the economy in order to exploit racism by keeping his people out.

He says if Trump uses the U.S. military to keep these people out, it will destroy the economy. He says Trump is racist. He says Trump is willing have prosperity takes a back seat to Trump’s “fear, lies, and propaganda.”

Julio does briefly criticize Barack Obama for backing a coup in Honduras, which started the problem. But then he says it’s all Trump’s fault anyway.

Here’s what Julio and other hardcore leftists don’t get: protecting our borders is the President’s Constitutional responsibility. There is nothing racist about repelling an invasion. And there’s nothing racist about preventing thousands of illegal immigrants from forcing their way into America, and onto our welfare rolls. When they have not been invited.

Protecting our borders means protecting our prosperity. And, thank God, we finally have a President willing to do it — who isn’t racist and doesn’t have such concerns when protecting America, it’s people and our economy.

This guy is an idiot. An idiot chump.

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