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RUSH: Yeah, I’ve been studying this. I’ve been trying to figure out, my friends, this caravan business. Remember, I told you, I told you months ago when everybody was hyping all these blue wave polls, and I said, don’t buy it. The events that are gonna shape the election haven’t even happened yet. And, boy, was I right about that. Here comes this caravan popping up out of seemingly nowhere. And now there’s a second one forming. Have you heard about that one? You haven’t? There’s a second caravan forming even as we speak.

And it seemingly has just come out of nowhere. And I’ve talked to a lot of people. Who do you think’s behind this? ‘Cause this… They’re trying to make this look organic, but it can’t be! It can’t be organic! Something like this has to be planned. And so I’m asking myself, who’s behind the planning? I’ve asked the question, well, they have to eat. Well, they have to use the bathroom.

Well, there are some kids there without their parents. What parents would allow for this? And we’ve already had the answer to that question. A bunch of them would. Who’s paying for the fuel, the gasoline or whatever it is… (laughing) I don’t think there’s any electric cars being used to bring these people north. So, I’m asking myself, who’s behind this? ‘Cause you can go either way. You could say… We talked about this a little bit on Friday. You could say the Democrats are behind it, rich Democrat donors. Okay, for what reason?

Well, it could be they want to embarrass the Trumpster. It could be that they want to demonstrate the cold-heartedness and the mean-spiritedness of Donald Trump by having him do what he said he would do, not let them in. Basically shut down the border. If the Democrats are thinking that, man, oh, man, do they not get it. If the Democrats are thinking this caravan, just by itself, helps them in the midterms.

But there’s something besides this caravan that has to happen for this to help them, such as unfortunate events that might inflict harm on members of the caravan have to happen that the Drive-Bys and Democrats could then blame on Trump. Because otherwise this seemingly is a microcosm of what Donald Trump… What got Donald Trump elected! You know, the way to look at this caravan, if you really want to know, folks, the way to look at this is as a microcosm for what’s been happening every day for who knows how many years!

It just so happens that we now have pictures of 7,000 people invading the country, but the truth is this happens every day. There is an invasion from south of our border of people getting into the country illegally, and it’s been going on for decades now, but it’s very seldom seen. Random photos here, random videos there, but nothing like this. Now we’ve got daily video evidence of this invasion and what it looks like. This is what got Donald Trump elected. This is what propelled Republicans to victory in 2016.

Much as the Washington establishment would like to deny it, much as they would like to change it, it is still the issue that keeps Donald Trump in the forefront of his supporters’ minds.

So I’ve been studying the media to try to get a handle on who might be actually behind this, and here’s what I have found today. CNN is spending almost 80% of their time on Khashoggi, 80%… Okay, even if it’s just 60% of their time to Khashoggi. They’re not focusing on the caravan. That tells me that if the caravan were a Democrat idea designed to embarrass Trump, that they would be covering it and building it up and with people down there interviewing these people, creating sob stories.

There’d be man-on-the-street interviews what a mean guy Trump is, how they just want to come to America… And that may yet happen down the road. But CNN is not wall-to-wall, but they are predominantly focusing on Khashoggi. And, of course, whatever CNN does is to try to damage Trump. CNN is so ticked off because Trump’s approval numbers are higher than they’ve ever been now, and they’re higher than Obama’s were at this stage in his midterms at the same point in his presidency after two years.

They’re just beside themselves. None of this is happening the way it was supposed to happen. Now there’s more and more stories about how the blue wave may not happen. Hint, hint. It never was gonna happen. I don’t think anybody’s ever known whether there was gonna be a blue wave. They’ve been relying on polling data, but nobody knows for sure. That was a media narrative. It was a media narrative. It was not born of any evidence.

There couldn’t be any evidence for a blue wave or a red wave. The election hasn’t happened yet. Everybody wants to rely on polling data to suggest it’s gonna happen, but the polling data hasn’t been accurate, either, starting in 2016 and the presidential race. So we’ve got this caravan chugging north. And I think, you know, put some things in perspective on this. Again, the way to look at it is as a microcosm of what’s happening every day at our border, every day this is what’s happening.

Not 7,000 a day, but every day this is what’s happening.

It’s been going on for decades, and it needs to stop. And Donald Trump is the only person that’s ever talked about working to make it stop. Now the Democrats, if they’re behind this, one of the strategeries besides getting somebody hurt and blaming that on Trump, maybe what they’re hoping is that Trump actually won’t do anything about it. Maybe they’re hoping that Trump will be all huff and puff, talk about sending the military down there, talk about sending the National Guard down, but not actually doing anything.

They might be rolling the dice that Trump isn’t gonna do anything because they think they’ve rattled Trump with their stories earlier this year about how he separated families at the border and how Trump didn’t like that narrative and didn’t want it to last so he did what he could to change it. I do know this. Despite everything that you think you would know with common sense, there are still Republicans, elected Republicans that look at this caravan, and their solution is to let them in.

Elected Republicans, they are so… You about PTSD? They are so scared of this issue, they are so scared that whenever the subject of illegal immigration comes up, Democrats automatically win; Republicans think they’ve got to show they’re not cold-hearted, mean-spirited and all that. Let them in. They’re not publicly saying this, but I know that they’re there. Maybe the Democrat gambit is a wild guess that Trump’s actually not gonna do anything after huffing and puffing.

I’m tell you, if Trump doesn’t do anything, if this caravan’s allowed to get to the border and come into the country, what do you think that would do to Trump? There’s one issue that could separate Trump from his voters or at least make his voters begin to… I don’t know if “doubt” is the right word, but they would be might or might not disappointed, particularly after Trump has said over and over again that this caravan is not gonna get in.

If some Republicans are behind this, then it’s obvious, but somebody has to be. Somebody has to be making this happen. Folks, we’re talking… We’ve got how many…? 2,000 miles. Stop and think of this. From Honduras to the southern border of United States, Arizona, is around 2,000 miles. Seven thousand people one day just decided to start walking to the United States 2,000 miles. I also think if you’re looking for people behind this, you have to look at the drug cartels.

If you want to then start trying to analyze, well, what could their politics in this be, that opens up a whole new can of worms. But I don’t doubt that they are playing a major role in transportation. But there has to be political involvement here, too, because money has to be available. There has to be money being spent on this. So you’ve got 7,000 people who all of a sudden decide, all of a sudden, ’cause nobody saw this coming. And there was no advance word of it. Seven thousand people decide to start walking 2,000 miles.

We don’t see pictures of where they’re using the bathroom. We don’t see pictures of them gathering or getting food and eating it. I mean, look, in random video you might see some people chewing things, but we don’t see how this is being handled. We don’t see the Porta-Potties. We don’t see… And are they just urinating and rivers and streams, and what would the environmentalist wackos think about that if that’s happening? (interruption)

Well, I guess you may have a point. “Welcome to San Francisco.” They could already be accustomed to it. Especially the defecations in the street. They’ve got maps in San Francisco so the tourists can avoid the piles of human feces. So how long would it take to walk 2,000 miles? How long would it take? Remember, they’re vowing to get here. They just hit the southern border of Mexico. They’re vowing to get her by midterm Election Day.

I don’t walk enough to know how many miles a day you could walk if you just start walking and you take a periodic break and after 12 or 18 miles. You stop and rest for the next day. But people tell me that they would have to be walking something like 20 miles a day for 100 days. I mean, it makes sense. 2,000 miles. Twenty miles a day for a hundred days without any rest. A hundred days. For those of you in Rio Linda, that’s over three months.

And the objective is to show up right as the polls open on midterm Election Day? So if they have been walking for, what, two and a half months, have we seen video of the walk and its beginning? Remember the caravan was originally 3500 or 4,000 people. Now it’s swollen to 7,000, and the word is it may become 10,000. And then, of course, ladies and gentlemen, the caravan now has been joined by a second caravan that we are just hearing about.

“Both Fox News and the Associated Press report that a second caravan of illegal immigrants has formed in Honduras and has already crossed into Guatemala. They’re hoping to catch up to the main group. “‘As the massive migrant caravan pushes toward the southern U.S. border, a second group of about 1,000 people from Honduras is rushing to join the main group — which reportedly has swelled its ranks with several people who’ve already been deported.

“The caravan, which has around 5,000 to 7,000 members, was on the move again Monday morning, departing the southern Mexico city of Tapachula. The smaller group trailing it entered Guatemala from Honduras late Sunday, according to the Associated Press.’ Some in the second caravan have some experience in getting across the border. It includes a number of deportees, some of whom have been sent home multiple times: ‘”They catch you, and you try to get back,” said Imner Anthony Fuentes, a 29-year-old who reportedly was deported for the sixth time from the U.S. five months ago.

“He has a son and a U.S. citizen girlfriend living in Birmingham, Ala., according to the Washington Post.'” So. So it’s a focused effort to get into the United States. The pictures alone, if that’s all anybody sees… Does anybody know…? Can somebody help me, have any Democrat politicians stood up and said, “Let them in?” Have you seen anybody demanding that we not stop them or let them? Has anybody…? (interruption)

We haven’t seen that yet. We haven’t seen it. Because they haven’t gotten close enough actually to get let in yet; so that test is yet to come. But Donald Trump’s been all over the ballpark saying they’re not getting in, and he’s gonna send the military down. And, by the way, he can. I can’t tell you the number of people saying, “Rush, it’s posse comitatus! You can’t send the military…”

Yes, you can. This is an invasion. This is a foreign invasion, whether they’re armed or not. Some of them, no doubt, are. The U.S. military is perfect. We could send the military anywhere on our border to deter any invasion, military or otherwise. We’re not violating any law here. That’s exactly what this is, and it must be looked at that way. In fact, Louie Gohmert was on Fox this morning. They were asking him about this, and he made these points.


RUSH: CNN just convened a panel finally on the caravan (they dropped the Khashoggi story) and they’re just outraged. Trump is blaming Democrats for the caravan. The media panel on CNN’s outraged. Let’s see if something else happens. By the way, this is not a caravan, folks. This is an invasion. It is an invasion just like that which occurs every day and has been at the southern border for many, many decades. I mean, it’s an invasion that has so far led to a minimum 12 million illegal aliens in the country.

And these incessant calls for amnesty for all of them. But let’s see what happened when they are supposedly a week out. Let’s see if the organizers of this thing begin to deny the members food and water. Let’s see if the people behind this create a humanitarian crisis one week before their scheduled arrival. “Oh, my God! Look what’s happening. It’s in the middle of the Mexican desert and they’ve run out of water and there’s no food.

“We’ve got to do something! We’ve got to do something.” There is a hurricane coming that might… Oh, well, it’s a perfect storm that could be coming fruition here. This is the ultimate October Surprise and we’re still trying to figure out who’s behind this. Here’s Louie Gohmert from Texas. He was on today with Sandra Smith on Fox. Question: “What can you tell us what you’re seeing, the way the president’s responding to this? What are your thoughts as this mob makes its way to the border?”

GOHMERT: The president made no bones about it, and actually, he can take his lead from the Democrats, a Democrat named Woodrow Wilson. Not one of my favorite presidents. But in 1916 after Pancho Villa’s gangs came across the border in New Mexico and killed a bunch of people, not only did he put 75,000 or so of a new thing called National Guard troops on the border… President Trump’s not gonna send people into Mexico, but he’s made clear that this basically is an invasion and it needs to be stopped.

RUSH: And Louie continued with this…

GOHMERT: You’ve got to close the border. You’ve gotta stop bogus asylum claims and basically have those claims for asylum only be allowed at our embassy or consulate in the home country where these people are coming from. And also we need to remember that asylum claims are not legitimate if they’re not made in… If we’re not the first country they come to after leaving their country. So Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, they can’t make a legitimate asylum claim, and Jeff Sessions is not gonna let that happen.

RUSH: Now, Louie knows Jeff Sessions. He keeps… I talked to Louie and he’ll talk about “Jeff,” he’s talking to “Jeff,” and I won’t even know who he’s talking to. “Who you talking about, Louie?” “Jeff Sessions!” Jeff Sessions is a big buddy of his; that means he’s talked to Sessions about this. But these are all great points. They already qualified for asylum in the first country, free country they find themselves in after escaping their own country.

And if they don’t apply for asylum in the first place that they can, then they’re not allowed to apply for asylum here. But of course, none of this matters. The objective is to get to the United States, and the objectives are multifaceted, and it leads me to believe that the primary movers behind this are the left. I think it’s no doubt a leftist operation from beginning to end. It may well be a Hail Mary type of October Surprise as it’s eventuating, but I think it’s the left behind it for a host of reasons, every one of which we should oppose.


RUSH: One more with Louie Gohmert. He is from Texas. He’s on with Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith this morning. Bill Hemmer says, “Mike Pompeo was in Mexico City over the weekend. He said, ‘We’re concerned that these migrants may be victimized by human smugglers or others who would exploit them. We’re also deeply concerned with the violence provoked by some members of the group as well, as the apparent political motivation of some organizers of the caravan.'”

By the way, the details on that story are from the… Here’s one from NBC, and they are literally outraged over what Pompeo is saying. “Secretary of State Pompeo raised the stakes last night as thousands of Central American migrants” invaders “headed for the United States as they marched into Mexico, claiming they were inciting violence. Pompeo said, ‘They’re inciting violence under the influence of politically motivated leaders.” How is it “raising the stakes” to point out what is happening?

What is this, “Secretary of State Pompeo raised the stakes Sunday night”? How is it raising the stakes to point out what’s happening, especially when we have a party — a political party — that believes in open borders, a media and a party that believes in open borders? They will never report anything negative about these invaders. Who in their right mind would want this? Who in their right mind would want any of this illegal immigration?

Who in their right mind would promote this and want this? Who would want a mob, an invasion of 7,000 (now 8,000) people to storm the border? Who in the world would want that, and why? It makes to common sense under the umbrella of what’s good for America. Whatever the motivation for the people who want this to happen, it’s not for the good of America. It’s got to be for something else.

So Pompeo goes down and promptly identifies what’s happening here. NBC says he’s raising the stakes. What stakes? We have somebody finally pushing back on this because, remember, the Republican Party, up until Trump, never did push back on this. They came up with their own reasons for wanting amnesty for illegals and for, you know, having a faux push on securing the border. “On Sunday night, Pompeo — who met with [the] Mexican President … went on the offensive, alleging in a statement that many of the migrants were criminals themselves.”

By definition they are if they are intend to cross the border illegally! They’re all criminals. What in the world is so damned hard to understand about this? I think it’s a classic illustration of how soft this country is getting, and one of the reasons this country is getting soft is because the elderly or senior generations are turning over everything to the young, who haven’t lived long enough to know what’s best.

They’re being driven solely by emotion, governed solely by emotion, not any kind of common sense. And because of some odd quirk that’s happened in our sociology, adults today seem unwilling to teach young people right and wrong or to help them benefit from the wisdom that comes from having lived a bunch of life and having amassed a bunch of experiences. There is no way under the sun this makes any sense whatsoever! We may as well not have a border if this is something that people want to advocate for permitting and allowing.

We may as well erase the border and say to the world, “Come on in.” Because that’s, in essence, the impact of this, if it’s not stopped, if it’s not dealt with. The people of the world do not have an entitlement to the United States taxpayers’ back pocket, but the Democrat Party assumes or seems to think that they do. The Democrat Party is calculating that there are more people who want to get into the American taxpayers’ back pocket than there are American taxpayers.

And so the Democrat Party is siding with the people around the world who have nothing, who think that because the United States has a lot, they should just be able to come in and get whatever they want, almost as an entitlement. We have a political party pushing this! We have a political party promoting this! This political party ought to be nowhere near winning anything in the next elections. There is not a single reason to vote for these people under any rubric of common sense.

Take a look at the things they advocate.

Take a look at the people they try to destroy.

Take a look at the things they are promoting.

It defies common sense to support this!

And, frankly, I don’t think they have as much support as the media narratives would indicate.


RUSH: Go do your own poll wherever you hang around.

“Do you think we ought to basically eliminate the border and let anybody who wants to come in, in?” I can guarantee you less than 10% of the people are gonna say “yes,” and yet take a look at the Drive-By news media every day, and you would get the impression there’s a lot of Americans and a lot of people that support this idea. “These are such poor people! They’re thirsty and hungry. We have so much; they have so little. Whew! We must let them in.”

That is not a position that’s gonna win elections. If it were, we would have had amnesty back in 2002. If that was the position of a majority of the American people, Donald Trump would have never gotten the Republican nomination. If the people of this country wanted mobs of 7,000 or 8,000 to be admitted into the country no questions asked, to be granted asylum, Trump would have never gotten the nomination. He certainly would not have been elected president.

So you tell me what’s changed in two years to make the American people think we goofed up. “You know what? Trump was wrong! We don’t need a wall. This proves it. We just need to let these people in. That’s the way to stop the chaos. They want in be with let ’em in. We should feed them, we should house them. They have nothing. We’re poor. They’re coming from decrepit countries. Let them.”

That’s not the majority opinion of the United States. The media is gonna try to make people who think that way look like they’re mean-spirited, cold-hearted, heartless, and all this. But it’s not the case. That’s not an accurate description of the American people. So none of this, to me, makes any common sense whatsoever, that Trump is in trouble because he wants to build a wall, that he’s in trouble and the Republicans are because they want to secure the border.

Yet the meida, reliably, very subtly at this point, sympathizing with the people on the, quote-unquote, “caravan” trying to find a way to make Trump look like the bad guy here. And that’s just not where the American people are. One other thing about this… (interruption) No, we’ll get to the final Louie Gohmert bite here in just a second. But look at this. This is a CNBC story from just this morning. The headline: “Growing Caravan of Migrants Headed to the U.S. Pushes Deeper into Mexico.”

Let me give you a pull quote from this story: “Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador suggested Sunday that the United States, Canada and Mexico work out a joint plan for funding development in the poor areas of Central America and southern Mexico.” Yeah. Isn’t the timing of this interesting? We gotta have a commission! We need to put together a trilateral commission to “fund,” quote-unquote, the development of poor areas of Central America and Southern Mexico so that these people don’t want to come north.

Translation: “Mexico and all of Central America are outhouse countries, so Canada and the U.S. need to give up billions of dollars so our corrupt little political parties can steal it and live in opulent haciendas while our people live in cardboard boxes on the outskirts of our major cities as we encourage them to go to the United States.” There’s no question what this is about.


RUSH: Here’s the final Louie Gohmert bite. Again, Bill Hemmer. “We’re concerned these migrants may be victimized by human smugglers or others who will exploit them. We’re also concerned…” This is Pompeo saying this. “We’re concerned about violence provoked by some members of this group.”

GOHMERT: All of these people trying to force their way in, it’s called an invasion. And thank God we have a president that will stand up to an invasion like this. But under our Constitution, a governor can call out military troops to stop an invasion. And I’ve heard people on TV, so-called experts say, “Well, you can’t use the military because posse comitatus.” That normally prevents the military from being used against its own citizens. It has nothing to do with using the military to stop an invasion from another country. So there’s nothing unconstitutional or illegal about the president doing what Woodrow Wilson did, put tens of thousands of people on the border and make sure nobody forces their way in.

RUSH: It’s a no-brainer, folks. It is a no-brainer. The president can do that and has committed to it. You da… He may not send the military into Mexico, as Congressman Gohmert says there, but there’s no law says you can’t. This isn’t… What if 7,000 Russians were about to force their way into the U.K.? What if 7,000 Russians were about to force their way through the southern border to try to affect the midterm elections?

Ha! What if we could make that case? What do you think the people would be demanding Trump do? Stand aside and let the 7,000 Russians in so they can hack our computers and make sure the Republicans win the midterms? It’s a joke, folks. It’s a joke. You never know who’s listening. I’m just asking you: What if it’s 7,000 Russian communist pinkos trying to get in? It’s an invasion either way you look at.

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