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Oct 23, 2018


Washington Post: Trump and Republicans Settle on Fear — and Falsehoods — as a Midterm Strategy
CNN: Trump Seizes on Right-Wing Media Reports to Suggest Migrant Caravan Has Been Infiltrated by ‘Unknown Middle Easterners’
Breitbart: Donald Trump Challenges Media to Bring Cameras and Investigate Caravan
FiveThirtyEight: Forecasting the Race for the House
Cook Political Report: Ten Rating Changes as Democrats’ Enthusiasm Edge Narrows and Fundraising Advantage Widens
HotAir: Blue Wave Collapsing? Early Voting Shows GOP Outpacing Dems In Key States
Washington Post: Battleground House Districts Remain Close in New Poll
Breitbart: Photo: Caravan Protesters Paint Swastika on American Flag, Burn It in the Street
CNSNews: Obama Campaigns in Las Vegas: ‘Remember Who Started’ Economic Growth
Cosmopolitan: People Think This $1,000 Fendi Scarf Looks Just Like a Vagina
TownHall: Pelosi: Oh, We’ll Use Subpoena Power To Get What We Want From Trump
The Week Magazine: How the Mueller Fairy Tale Ends – Matthew Walther
CNN: Acosta: Trump Rallies Depressing Part of Job
Wall Street Journal: The Real Reason They Hate Trump – David Gelernter
The Hill: Cook shifts 8 House Races Toward Dems
Daily Wire: Crowd Size Matters: Check Out Obama’s Empty Seats Vs. Trump’s Overflow Crowds
Politico: Why Trump is talking nonstop about the migrant caravan
Breitbart: Feds Draft Plan to Discard Obama’s Transgender Ideology
TVNewser: Jim Acosta: ‘Having the President Whip People Up at Rally After Rally Is the Most Depressing Thing I’ve Seen as a Journalist’


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