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RUSH: It’s the same thing. If you let every illegal immigrant arriving on a given day, if you let them in, the word’s gonna spread to others and they’re gonna show up. There are some people out there saying, “Rush, the only humanitarian thing we can do is process these seven or 8,000. Look good to the world, make Trump look good to the world. Let these seven or 8,000 in and get rid of issue.” It isn’t gonna get rid of the issue!

If these seven to 8,000 — maybe 10,000 by the time they get here. If we let them in, officially conferring some kind of legal status on them. Folks, you can say good-bye to having a border. All it’s gonna do is send a signal to everywhere else in the world to show up, which is what’s already happening because we have a lax policy and because we haven’t been taking seriously border security. Yeah, ICE is on the move, and we’ve been deporting more people than ever.

But more people are coming and getting in, too, including MS-13 and other various degrees of ne’er-do-wells. But the idea, “It’s the only humanitarian thing to do, particularly leading up to the election, Rush. We have to show that we love people.” What is this we have to show people things? The idea that we have to prove that somehow we’re not cold-hearted is that myth. We aren’t cold-hearted. We are not mean-spirited. We’re probably the most tolerant, loving group of people in the country right now, American and conservatives and certain Republicans.

But we’ve got to do something to protect the sanctity of the borders of the country. Like I said yesterday: Send FEMA down there. If you really want to deal with this, rather than just having… Wait! You remember the scene from Blazing Saddles? How about we do this. How about we create the Donald J. Trump Thruway and Tollbooth and we build this little tollway somewhere out in the middle of the path and these people have to pay a little toll to get through it like happened in Blazing Saddles?

Of course, I’m joking here. Send FEMA down there. Send a bunch of trailers down there and process them and acknowledge that they showed up, acknowledge that they came. But don’t let them cross the border. If they cross the border, make them do that using force. Make them demonstrate what they are really about and who they are, ’cause I’m telling you again: This is not some organic, humanitarian thing that just decided to coalesce coincidentally on the same day and say:

“Hey! Instead of going to the afternoon supermarket, let’s go to the United States some 1,500 miles away,” and they start the trek. They’ve still got a thousand miles to cover on foot by Election Day in two weeks, which is not possible. So they have to be, at some point, being motorized or driven somewhere. Our asylum process is already overwhelmed. By the way, they don’t qualify for asylum anyway. They qualify for asylum in the first country that borders theirs, which is not us!

But let me tell you… Who…? Who was it that wrote the current legislation on this? Ted Kennedy, Dianne Feinstein? It might be Feinstein. There is… (sigh) I wish I could think of the actual name of the legislation. But the impact of it is that we have to show more consideration to people who come from Central America than from Mexico in our asylum and entry policy. It was originally intended to dissuade people from Mexico from wantonly attempting to immigrate or cross the border, but it’s had the exact opposite effect.

It has forced people that want to come into the United States to first go down to Guatemala or El Salvador or Honduras and start the trek from there, because current U.S. law makes it easier to get into the country if your trek starts south of Mexico. And that’s a lot of what’s going on here. But if you in any way permit this mob to enter the country after the trek, you may as well just send out engraved invitations to anybody else around the world and say, “Come on in!”

We just can’t do that, and I have no doubt that whoever is behind this is attempting to pressure border control, American political systems. It’s designed to make people, I think, put up their hands like some are say, “We can’t stop it, Rush. We cannot stop it. We just gotta let ’em in. We can’t stop it.” I think it’s almost a variation of Cloward-Priven or Piven, these two sociologists who believe that the way to really transform America — the way to really get this country right — is to destroy it by overwhelming the warfare state.

Just letting as many people as possible demanding and claiming benefits to the point they cannot be paid, there isn’t the money. Have the whole system collapse and then the left will be there to rebuild it in their image based on the disappointment and anger of the people who were left out. That is a strategic plan (it’s right alongside the Alinskyitis) for literally destroying the United States by overwhelming the social safety net apparatus.

And that’s, I think, another microcosm of what this mob is.

It’s a visual aid that shows America being overrun. It illustrates America is by itself in wealth and prosperity and that we owe it to the rest of the world to share it. It’s not fair share we have so much and they have so little, and they live so relatively close. Don’t doubt the politics of this for a minute, and they are not humanitarian. The politics of this are decidedly related and associated with an assault on America for the purposes of transforming it into the kind of country the Obamaites were seeking and failed to accomplish, thank goodness.


RUSH: East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, and Mickey. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Rush Limbaugh. It’s a pleasure, my friend. I feel like I’ve known you all my life.

RUSH: Well, thank you, sir. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Good man. God bless you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I’ve got a comment regarding all of these people heading up to the United States. I believe it’s a no-win situation for Trump. And what I think he should do is call upon the international community, go before the U.N. and say, “Look. We need assistance. We’ve got this humanitarian crisis about to happen. And we need to have some holding facilities in Mexico to care for these people, to allow them to begin the process of formally entering the United States on a legal basis.”

RUSH: Now, Mickey, wait just a second. You know as well as I do that Trump is never gonna do this. He’s never gonna ask anybody else in the world to come up and have holding centers built. We can do this ourselves. He’s never gonna ask people to do this.

CALLER: Well, we could do it ourselves, but the idea is get an involvement of the rest of the world. Say, “Hey, look we’ve got a situation here. You know, if you don’t want this sort of thing happening to you, you should take note of it and do what you can to help us resolve it here.”

RUSH: And what would be the benefit of this?

CALLER: Well, protecting their own borders in the future. If a similar situation occurs in France or —

RUSH: You want us to join… What nations do you want Trump to ask to help us protect our own borders?

CALLER: I would ask… Well, it’s not protecting our border. It’s alleviating a humanitarian crisis. Forget our borders. This is Mexico’s problem right now. This isn’t even the United States’ problem. They may be heading here. It could be Canada’s problem. They may (unintelligible) United States and go to Canada. Who knows! Maybe Alaska.

RUSH: You think Mexico is going to accept this as one of their problems?

CALLER: Well, it is a problem.

RUSH: No. Mexico is standing aside and letting ’em proceed and is even escorting them.

CALLER: I know, but once they get to the border and they can’t get in, it’s Mexico’s problem.

RUSH: Then if it’s Mexico’s problem and everybody understands this, then we should stand aside and wave at ’em from our side of the border and say “talk to the Mexicans. That’s where you are right now. We can’t let you in. It’s up to the Mexicans to feed and clothe you and get you your Porta-Potty.”

CALLER: Well, again, if you provide some sort of international humanitarian situation. I mean this has been done before in different countries, this is a humanitarian crisis. Help Mexico to deal with the situation that they have before them.

RUSH: All right. I just gonna tell you, if that happens, if we do this, we built a tent city out there, it’s gonna become permanent. They’re gonna be a permanent tent city administered by us and our allies on Mexican desert land that’s gonna be a magnet for others to join it. But the tent city is not gonna hold ’em. Their express… You think it’s not an immigration issue; it is. Their express purpose is to flood the United States. Their express purpose is to storm the border and flood in. They don’t want to be held in tent cities or humanitarian holding centers and especially in Mexico. These people don’t want to stay in Mexico. They’ve the chance to stay in Mexico about, oh, a hundred miles or so ago, and they just keep moving.

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