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RUSH: Yesterday we learned several Democrats were sent bombs. A bomb was sent to the Chappaqua home of Bill and Hillary Clinton, even though they’re rarely there together.

Eric Holder was sent a bomb. Barack Obama was sent a bomb. George Soros was sent a bomb. Two of the bombs had Debbie “Washerwoman” Schultz as a return address.

In the strongest possible terms, we here at the EIB and I personally condemn the use of bombs in politics. There’s no place for bombs in politics, my friends. And we all need to understand this. Or any other nonwar circumstance. I condemn mail bombs, pipe bombs, unexploded bombs, and F-bombs in politics. We must have compassion for anyone that received a bomb. And our primary objective should be protecting Democrats from bombs because so many people are sending them bombs.

And I have a compassionate solution. To ensure the safety of Democrats, the best thing you can do is to simply vote them out of office so they won’t be in a position to anger so many people and remove them from daily public political circumstance and threat.

Once again, I condemn all bombs in politics. Today, well-known Democrats are the targets. We must protect them. Vote them out of office for their own good and their own safety. That’s compassion.

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