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RUSH: The Washington Free Beacon has a story: “Democratic Rep. Gregory Meeks said Tuesday that President Donald Trump’s remarks that he’s a ‘nationalist’ are reminiscent of the ‘kinds of words that came from people like Hitler.’ Trump proclaimed himself a ‘nationalist’ at a rally for Sen. Ted Cruz on Monday, saying it’s an ‘old-fashioned’ word. Trump slammed ‘globalists’ while identifying himself with a term he’s often painted as by critics. So “CNN’s Wolf Blitzer,” before the bomb showed up at CNN, “asked Meeks for his response. ‘It reminds me…’”

Well, let’s go to the sound bite. Here’s Meeks, audio sound bite No. 9. This is kind of a montage of people that have decided to climb on board this thing trying to paint Trump as a Nazi.

GREGORY MEEKS: You know, it reminds me of the kinds of words that came from people like Hitler, who thought that in Germany he was a nationalist.

NICOLLE WALLACE: Do you think he knows that some of the great nationalists of all time include Adolf Hitler?

PRESTON MITCHUM: We know that extreme nationalism is what catapulted Hitler, that it smells very Hitlerish.

HILARY ROSEN: Does he really not know the history of the word and how it’s been used, from Hitler?

NICHOLAS KRISTOF: They thought that Hitler was providing order in Germany. They were sympathetic to a guy who got trains running on time. In retrospect, that was a disaster that journalists and others had to blow the whistle on, and I’m sure it seemed partisan then.

RUSH: Really? When did journalists blow the whistle on that all that, Nico? That was Nicholas Kristof. When did journalists blow the whistle? When did journalists blow the whistle on Stalin? After 17 million people had been starved? When did journalists expose Hitler? It’s Barack Obama who promised to make trains run on time, by that meaning government will do it all. That’s not a Trump thing. Trump is telling people he’s gonna get government out of the way; the things government does are gonna become more efficient.

That he’s gonna enable people to be doing things to the best of their ability. But this whole business of Trump being a nationalist? This is so cheap. It’s sophistry. These people know better. This is a sign of how desperate they are, that Trump is Hitler. “Trump is adopting the language of Adolf Hitler!” I thought, by the way, he was a stooge of Vladimir Putin. What happened to that? But, folks, this is really… It is really childish, immature. I have to tell you, Nicolle Wallace is part of that montage.

She was in the communication shop for Bush 43, George W. Bush. “Do you think he knows that some of the great nationalists of all time included Adolf…?” I don’t know what happened to Nicolle Wallace, but whenever Sarah Palin came on the scene, Nicolle Wallace kind of couldn’t handle the Republicans anymore. It’s a shame too. She was so good. She was so bright. I just… Something is happening to people in that town when Trump shows up, and it’s just… It’s causing them to make fools of themselves.

Here’s what Trump said yesterday in the Oval Office. It’s Trump speaking with reporters during the Q&A. Wait, wait, no, no. Uhh. I may have gotten ahead of myself here. No. 8, 9… I think I’ve got myself out of order. Here it is. It’s No. 10. Here’s Trump in Washington, Oval Orifice, White House correspondent Jim Acosta, CNN. So this is before the bomb. He said,

“To follow up on your comments about being a nationalist, there is a concern that you are sending coded language or a dog whistle to some Americans out there” who are Nazis and that you’re signaling that you’re one of them, “that what you really mean is that you’re a white nationalist.” What do you say to that, Trump?

THE PRESIDENT: I never heard that theory about being a nationalist. I’ve heard ’em all. But I’m somebody that loves our country. I’m proud of our country. I am a nationalist. It’s a word that hasn’t been used too much. Some people use it, and I’m very proud of it, think it should be brought back. I’m somebody that wants to help other countries of the world, but I also have to take — we have to take care of our country. All I want our country is to be treated well, to be treated with respect. For many years, other countries that are allies of ours – so-called allies — they have not treated our country fairly. So in that sense I am absolutely a nationalist, and I’m proud of it.

RUSH: You know, this is so easy. This is so not a controversy. This is such a microcosm. This is such a teachable moment. This is exactly why the American left and the media have no idea who Donald Trump is, and they can’t even relate to it. Here’s a guy who does nothing but love America, and that is something they can’t relate to. Loving America, to them, is old-fashioned. It’s a bygone era. In this era of globalism, loving your country is fine, but it’s so old-fashioned, and it’s just passe. It’s so foreign to these people. There really isn’t even any common ground with them on that. Donald Trump… Let me share with you a tweet.

My brother, David, tweeted on this yesterday and it’s probably a good way to say it. He said, “Trump believes in a strong, exceptional America. He’s not a political scientist. He doesn’t speak in code.” He doesn’t offer dog whistles. He doesn’t even know what the stuff is! “When he says, ‘I’m a nationalist,’ he’s not winking at Neo-Nazis.” He’s not winking at white supremacists. “He’s saying, ‘I’m a patriot & you PC people can’t make me quit using the word ‘nationalist.’” He’s just a guy who loves America. He’s a nationalist versus a globalist. He’s gonna Make America Great Again.

He believes America deserves to be great. He believes America leads the world when it’s great. But these people are… They’re supposedly the intellectuals? They’re the broad-minded people? They’re so small-minded and tiny minded that they can’t get past their hatred rooted in partisanship, and all they have is knee-jerk reactions. So Trump says he’s a nationalist, they immediately hear a dog whistle. “Yeah, Trump’s talking to the people in Charlottesville!” That’s what they’re thinking, that Trump is winking at the people in Charlottesville and the Nazis, saying, “You go, guys? You go!”

That’s honestly what they think. And if they don’t honestly think that, then they’re doing a double disservice because they’re trying to make people that follow them believe they do think that. If they do think that, they’re the ones have intellectual problems. If they do think… If they cannot understand the simplicity of “I love America! I want America to be the best it can be. America the best it can be makes the world the best it could be.”

If they don’t understand that, if that doesn’t compute with them, then they have no business being in positions of power in this country because they’re not gonna accurately represent us or this nation’s interests, ’cause this is not complicated. It is such a cheap, lazy reaction to say, “See? See? Trump! Hitler! Nationalist! Dog whistle!” There’s no basis in fact for it. They’re still engaged in trying to convince people to hate Trump the way they do. I’m just gonna tell you people, you’re going to have to learn this.

If you don’t learn to understand this, you’re gonna forever be yipping at the guy’s ankles. He loves America, thinks America is great and can be greater – and a great America is great for everybody in it, and a great America is made great by great citizens and that there’s nothing wrong with loving America. There’s nothing wrong with thinking America is exceptional. An exceptional America solves the problems of the world. An exceptional America creates an economy that is capable of providing prosperity for hundreds of millions of people. There isn’t another form of government that can even come close.

Socialism can’t.

Communism can’t.

By definition, it can’t.

Socialism-communism produce wealth for the leaders by stealing it from the people that create it, and that’s your Obamas and your Hillarys and pick any Democrat running for president in 2020 and a bunch of them running for reelection this time around. But do you people not understand how absolutely chintzy-lazy it is to say that a guy who’s simply trying to describe how he loves the country is a freaking Nazi? You really think people are gonna sign up with that and agree with that when there is not a scintilla of evidence? You guys are closer to Hitler and Nazism. Nazism, National Socialism is a leftist movement. You guys have much more in common with Adolf Hitler than Donald Trump ever could hope to have!

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