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RUSH: The Drive-By Media, as part and parcel of the explosive-device story, have a narrative going that this whole bomb business has really dampened your Republican enthusiasm to show up and vote.

You really… It’s like overnight, the Drive-Bys have been able to detect that Republican voter turnout and enthusiasm has really, really been tamped down because of it. I just think you should know that’s what they’re saying, and I think I know why they’re saying it.

They’re saying it because they’re not covering anything to do with the midterms anymore, and they’re not covering the caravan. They’re not covering Kavanaugh. They’re not covering any of the news stories that angered Republicans and got them invigorated. They’ve gone wall-to-wall with bombs, and the way they’re covering the bomb story is that Trump did it! “Trump’s responsible for it, ’cause they’re all Trump targets,” and they’re trying to make you feel guilty and responsible and lose your enthusiasm.

That’s the game being played today.


RUSH: And look at it. There they are again. CNN: “Manhunt for Serial Bomber Going After Trump’s Targets.” I tell you, I don’t know about you, folks, but seeing CNN continue to refer to this as “going after Trump’s targets”? I mean, that really dampens my enthusiasm to vote Republican. How about you? All it does is fire me up! That’s what these people don’t understand, and I guess we’re very lucky that they don’t get it.

They still are living in the bubble and under the old belief systems, and I guess you can’t blame ’em because they worked for decades  on how to dispirit Republican voters, how to turn down Republican turnout, how to destroy Republican candidates. And they’re still going about it in the same old way despite the fact that they have yet to succeed using any of their proven techniques on Donald Trump. They continue to try them over and over and over, and I think…

I don’t want to say this too loud, but CNN and some of these other Drive-By news outlets are doing more to pump up Republican enthusiasm than they apparently have any idea. Because very simply, CNN and the rest of the media are making everybody mad! They’re literally ticking people off! They have become obsessive. They are… They’re not right. There’s something about these people; they’ve gone over the edge. They’re sick, they’re angry, and they are really unaware of how they are overplaying what I think is already a bad hand.

And the fascinating thing is that while they overplay this bad hand, they think that they’re winning! So they tell themselves, “Yes, the bomb story has served to weaken Republican enthusiasm. There seems to be less excitement on the Republican side.” Based on what, do you think?

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