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RUSH: I have something here. I’m not sure I believe this. A story here from CNBC, and the headline is: “Medicaid Enrollment Declines for the First Time in More than a Decade as Strong U.S. Economy Boosts Income for Poor Americans.” Again, this is CNBC. So this is not your Trump-loving media. Now, Medicaid is a right that everybody has to have to survive, right? Even illegals. Medicaid… People are talking, (impression) “We can’t have a country without Medicaid.” Do you know the difference between Medicaid and Medicare?

Medicaid is for the… (interruption) No, no, no, no. Medicare is for our beloved seasoned citizens, of which I guess I’m now a (jeez) (laughing) esteemed member. Medicaid is for the poor. And I thought it was falling apart. I thought there’s nothing we could do. That more and more people have to be added. It’s gonna blow up states’ budgets. And then all of a sudden we have a story here: “Medicaid Enrollment Declines for the First Time in More than a Decade as Strong U.S. Economy Boosts Income for Poor Americans —

“Medicaid enrollment fell for the first time since 2007, declining by about 0.6 percent in fiscal year 2018…” This from the Kaiser Family Foundation report. “‘States largely attribute the enrollment slowdown to a strengthening economy, resulting in fewer new low-income people qualifying for Medicaid,’ said Kaiser,” and the lead sentence of the story: “The booming U.S. economy appears to be reducing dependence on federal health insurance for the poor.”

Exactly as the theory has always told us would happen! Exactly as the American left and the Democrat Party have regularly, routinely opposed. You know what it is? It’s just another… There are a lot of these. By itself, it’s probably a minor thing, but you add it to… This is another significant reversal, a positive change that is part of many positive changes resulting from the policies of having a legitimately Republican conservative oriented president implementing conservative oriented policies specifically related to the economy.

It’s amazing! I mean, it’s incredible. Things that never even had a chance to be tested because previous Republican presidents haven’t had, I don’t know, the chutzpah, whatever, to actually implement these things because it’s safer to buy into the whole welfare state mentality. And it’s much easier to get credit for caring and being compassionate by simply agreeing with the notion that government should and could take care of every need and every want. And that’s just been an irresistible tug.

I mean, there hasn’t been a… Nobody has targeted Medicaid here. Nobody has said as a policy priority that we are going to reduce Medicaid enrollment. Nobody has said that. It’s just happened. And it has happened at the same time as a booming economy is happening. It’s just more evidence… I think these are the kinds of things that in some cases the people around the country either they’re consciously aware of, maybe subconsciously aware of, but these bits of evidence of a roaring economy… There’s a reason for Republican enthusiasm.

There’s a reason why Republicans are outvoting Democrats in early voting. There’s a reason for all of this upsetting of the applecart that’s going on. There’s a reason why conventional wisdom is taking it on the chin again, at least up to this point. And the reason is results. The reason is reality. And it’s a great thing.

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