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RUSH: With the midterms around the corner, the New York Times is starting to hedge their bets. They’re preparing liberals for a possible letdown.

On Tuesday, a Times headline asked: What Could Hold Back a Democrat Blue Wave?

They listed a bunch of “sober reality checks” that might help Republicans reduce their losses, or maybe keep their House majority.

The biggest ”sober reality” to the New York Times? Life is pretty darn good in flyover country. The unemployment number is the lowest in 50 years. Consumer confidence is “spilling over,” says the Times, for both businesses and consumers. The economy is growing faster than it has in years.

You’d think they would be celebrating. But to the New York Times and the Democrats, a great economy is a “sober reality.” And a problem.

On top of that, the Times lists two more sober realities: voter reaction to the attack on Justice Kavanaugh, and thousands of migrants mobbing our southern border.

Bottom line: the only blue wave Democrats might see is the wave that causes their wipeout! At least that is their fear. So was there ever a really a blue wave in the first place or was it all manufactured and now reality is crashing ashore?

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