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RUSH: Okay, so the Drive-Bys are out there chastising anybody and everybody who would dare comment on who could possibly be behind this before the facts are known, while they continue to blame Donald Trump from the executive suite of CNN. Jeff Zucker is blaming Donald Trump all over the place. John Brennan blaming Donald Trump all over the place, at the same time telling the rest of us, “It’s irresponsible to be suggesting that you know who’s behind this before the facts are in.” Meanwhile, look at this. I have a…

I should’ve sent the screenshot over to the Dittocam. I can’t do two things at once here. Let me just read this. It’s not a big deal. I took a screenshot here of CNN. They’ve been running this all morning, the chyron graphic at the bottom, whatever else is on the screen, “Ten Packages Sent to Trump Targets,” and then it lists the names. Obamas, Clintons, Biden, Holder, Waters, Brennan, Soros, De Niro, CNN. Trump targets! CNN’s preaching we’re not to be talking about who did this because we don’t have the facts, and yet you think this is not telling us who they think did it?

“Ten Packages Sent to Trump Targets”? So, Trump has targeted these people, and somebody out there is following Trump’s instructions and sending the bombs! I have to point this out. There’s not a single bomb that’s gone off yet. There’s not a single bomb that’s even had a false alarm yet. There’s no smoke that’s come out of any bomb. I was talking about this to Mr. Snerdley earlier today. You know, folks, to put together bombs like this, yet made to look like they came from a cabin in the movie Deliverance.

Let’s be honest. That’s what they’re trying to portray. These bombs were made by some banjo-strumming Trump voter in the jungles of Georgia who has Deliverance on a 24-hour loop. And they were supposed to be lucky that the average Trump voter is so stupid that you can’t make a bomb that will go off. It takes a lot of expertise to make a bomb like this that looks like an idiot did it, but you know isn’t going to go off. The whole thing would be blown to smithereens if one of these bombs went off. They’re not designed to go off.

Not one of them has.

I understand at MSNBC they’re feeling left out. They have not received a bomb. And they clearly think that they are one of Trump’s targets. Guess what I’m also starting to hear in the Drive-By Media this morning? You tell me if this doesn’t provide some clues. The Drive-By Media is saying that this whole sordid tale, ever since the bomb story broke yesterday, that the Drive-Bys have detected a reduction in enthusiasm on the part of Republican voters. Yes, my friends, Republican voter enthusiasm has been curtailed here.

The Drive-Bys are saying they just sense it. They get a feeling out there that this whole episode has sort of tamped down all of your enthusiasm to show up and vote. Now, how could anybody know that? Fact, if you look at the latest polls that Ronna McDaniels sent out from the RNC, some of these are incredible. Let’s see. (summarizing) In North Dakota Republican up 16. In Missouri, Josh Hawley has pulled ahead of Claire McCaskill by seven points. That’s outside the margin of error. That is huge. In Nevada, Heller is up six. Ted Cruz is up five.

That’s a fall. That’s a drop from… He was up plus seven. Indiana: Braun plus four. West Virginia Morrissey is up plus two. And then she closes with, “Let’s keep this momentum going.” Now, this tweet came last night at 9:30, and that was after a full day of dampening enthusiasm, the bomb story. Now, why would the Drive-Bys be saying this? Do any of you have this impression? Do those of you who have Twitter feeds, Facebook feeds, Snapchat, insta-chat feeds, whatever, do you sense that there is a waning of enthusiasm on your side of the aisle?

The fact that the Drive-Bys are speculating about this, doesn’t that kind of give a little bit of a clue here? Wouldn’t that be a wished-for outcome? Wouldn’t that be something you would hope for? Look at what else is not on the news out there hardly at all. We had to dig, dig, dig deep to find news on the caravan today. And now there are competing stories about the caravan. Lots of people getting sick on the caravan. Lot of people getting disease.

A lot of people getting exhausted, lot of people peeling off. One caravan story has ’em now up to 14,000 people on their way to the United States. Another caravan story has the number at 3700. But regardless, stories of this mob walking up through Mexico to get here, they are not front and center. The Kavanaugh aftermath story, that story is vamonos. And the bombs just keep on being discovered. We’re up now I think to 10 of ’em.

Robert De Niro’s restaurant got one. Biden has gotten two. Did you know that, Mr. Snerdley? (interruption) The front-runner gets two bombs. (laughing) I’m sorry. We condemn the use of bombs as political tools on this program. We never have been in favor of it, and I just want to reinforce here that we condemn the use of bombs. We condemn violence in politics. There’s no place for it, and there literally is no place for placing claim when nobody knows who actually is responsible for this. Back to my point.

It takes some expertise here to manufacture bombs like this. If it’s true that they’re not intended to go off, and if it’s true that they’re meant to look crude and made by people that starred in the movie Deliverance, it takes bomb-making skill to put together bombs like that. I mean, these bombs, mail bombs have timers on ’em. Folks, there… A mail bomb, any bomb expert knows you don’t put a timer on a mail bomb. A mail bomb is designed to go off when it’s opened. You put a timer on there strictly for visual effect because every bomb on TV has a timer.

Remember, we are a TV society. What we see on TV we tend to believe. Therefore bombs are featured in many TV shows and movies. And every bomb has a countdown timer on it. So these do too. Except they’re not active. They’re not turned on. They’re not counting down. And they’re not connected to anything. They’re just there for show. The stamps have not been canceled. I mean, as though they would have progressed through some sort of standard procedure at the post office. But why might the Drive-Bys think that Republican momentum has stopped?

Why might they think that there has been a slowdown? Well, it’s possible that they see the shift in soap opera narrative coverage every day from the invasion, the caravan, Kavanaugh, the economy, the Trump rallies, all of that stuff is gone. None of that stuff is being reported or talked about at all. And those were the things that were stoking the talk of Republican enthusiasm, not to mention all the polls and not to mention the stories on the flittering away blue wave. All of those stories are gone now!

Every story that dealt with the midterms… And those stories had shifted toward Republican momentum… All those stories are gone now, and pretty much every story has to do with either Khashoggi and the Turks and the Saudis or the bombs and how Trump’s gotta do learn to shut up, Trump’s gotta… He’s gotta stop stoking emotion like this. I mean, they’re blaming Trump for this from beginning to end.

But if you’re in the Drive-By Media and all those other stories, the caravan, slash, invasion, the Kavanaugh aftermath, the economy, which is a fabulous story, and the Trump rallies, if they are not news and the only thing that is news is the bombs, these mailed devices, they’ve taken all of that other stuff off the radar so the Drive-Bys reporting this stuff may feel like that the touchable for the midterm elections, particularly… Why only on the Republican side, by the way?

Why only Republican enthusiasm? It must be because that’s where the enthusiasm was. I mean, if there is a significant sea change in voter enthusiasm and the Drive-Bys are gonna report that it’s Republican enthusiasm that is tamping down, then it must have been Republican enthusiasm that was very high and ratcheting up. So now they’re saying enthusiasm has waned. It’s Republican enthusiasm. So they are in their media capitals.

They’re in New York and they’re in Washington, they’re in Los Angeles. They’re reporting this stuff. And in their world, the midterms are off the radar. In their world, anything to do with the midterms and… Well, not off the radar. It’s a very important point. The enthusiasm on the Republican side they see as having vanished. Why? Because there aren’t any stories about it. Well, yeah, they determine what stories are covered and what stories are not.

They determine what’s reported and what’s not. Now, at what point will the mailed device story from the southern jungles of Georgia fade? (interruption) Why are you laughing in there? Come on. You know as well as I do! I know these people like I know every square inch, my friends, my glorious naked body, I know what they think I know what they’re thinking I know what they’re hoping I know what they think of the average Trump voter I know what they think of the average American.

The average American may as well be a costar in Deliverance. And that’s who probably, in their minds, put together these bombs and sent them around and so forth. Trump targets. Don’t forget, CNN calling them Trump targets! You think that’s not blaming Trump? While out of the other side of their mouth they condemn anybody for blaming anybody in this until we know the facts? (interruption) So, Mr. Snerdley, let me just ask you. Do you think somebody is getting away with playing a big joke on America with this? Do you think this is…?

(Interruption) Oh, getting away with it with liberals. All right. Well, getting away with it with liberals. So you believe that there are some liberals in the Drive-By Media who even if this is… What are they calling it? False flag, they’re saying I’m creating a false flag… Even if this is a liberal plot, you’re claiming that there are liberals in the media who don’t know that it’s a liberal plot? (interruption) Okay. So they’re gonna believe what they want to believe and whatever this is,is what they make it.

Okay. So but it has to fade at some point; right? (interruption) Don’t say, “Yes, so?” Yeah, don’t say it has… When will it fade? Tell me… (interruption) The caravan’s not gonna get to the southern border by Election Day. It can’t. Unless somebody sends a whole bunch of trucks down there, it can’t. When is this gonna fade? When is the mailed-device story gonna…? (interruption) You think it’s gonna fade when and if we find who did it or is doing it?

(interruption) You think…? We’re not gonna find the perp? You, you don’t think we’re gonna find the perp? (interruption) No time, so why…? (interruption) We will not find the perp before, say, the midterms? (interruption) Well, we won’t find the perp before the midterms. Well, if we don’t find the perp then the story is not gonna fade away. And if MSNBC does happen to get a bomb, they’re the only Trump target, quote, unquote, bombless right now.


RUSH: All right. Now, not only are the Drive-Bys suggesting that the bombs are suppressing Republican enthusiasm, I have here a story from Reuters, and they’re happy as they can be about it. The headline: “Americans’ Anger May Help Democrats in November 6th Vote.” This is a Reuters/Ipsos poll, and the best stuff here is at the bottom. It says here that the things that Democrat voters are the most angry about are children in “cages” and Kavanaugh ending abortion — and that that Democrat anger is off the charts.

It’s skyrocketing, and it’s relatively… Well, compared to Republican enthusiasm, the Democrat anger is overflowing. Children in cages and Kavanaugh ending abortion! Both of those are media constructs. We don’t have kids in cages. It’s not policy. And Kavanaugh and abortion, nobody knows what’s gonna happen. It’s ridiculous. But Reuters has this story: “American Anger May Help Democrats in Nov. 6 Vote,” and what are they mad at? Children in cages and Kavanaugh ending abortion.

I just don’t believe any of this. I think the Drive-Bys are still attempting to manufacture the scenarios they wish were actually happening in this country. I got an interesting email. “Mr. Limbaugh, you have made it abundantly clear that you condemn the use of bombs for political advantage in American politics. But will you condemn the use of fake mail bombs?” Now, that’s a toughie. I have just been challenged to condemn the use of fake bombs. Well, of course I will. That’s not a… That’s a no-brainer.

Of course, I will condemn the use of fake mail bombs as well. If they’re fake, if these are all fake bombs, we may not find that out ’til after the election because if these are fake bombs, then who would be behind them? Hmm? Who? What would the odds be? So I think you better prepare yourself for the fact that they’re fake bombs. By the way, this emailer is not the first person who has made that point. A lot of people are out there thinking these are fake bombs.

That’s why the expertise needed to manufacture a fake bomb like this that could be close enough to cause mass reporting on them being real… It’s a pretty good talent. So do you think one person’s behind this or is it a team of people? Would anybody say that what we have here is meddling in an election? You think this is…? The Drive-Bys clearly think this is meddling in an election, and they’re happy about it. The Drive-Bys clearly are happy to report that they think that this bomb business is making you Republican voters less excited, less enthusiastic.

That this bomb story has totally destroyed all of the energy you had. That’s what they’re reporting out there. Is that what the media’s trying to do with all this over-the-top coverage of this? “Trump targets.” “Bombs Received by Trump Targets.” If this is indeed election meddling depending on how it ends up here, this could be a pretty successful case of election meddling and we don’t even know if this is perps or a perp. We don’t know if it’s a Russian government agent or operation. We don’t know who is behind this.

Whoever it is doesn’t know how to spell “Florida.” Whoever it is is not sure how to spell Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz’s name. Now, the Drive-By Media, they don’t know, and right now they don’t care. They have a story they could only dream about, and they are running with it. Have you ever seen the media less interested in finding out who the perp is? If you watch this carefully, you don’t see a lot of curiosity about that, just the fact that they can do banner headlines. “Trump Targets Receive Bombs,” or whatever it is, is plenty enough for them.


RUSH: I’ll tell you. Don’t misunderstand. You know, I’m a big self-responsibility person. I am so into it that I don’t ask for help enough, folks. I really don’t. I’ve been told by a number of people, “You know, you could really ease some stress if you just ask for help.” I look at everything as… Especially things I want, things I need, I look at ’em as totally my responsibility. Maybe too much; I don’t know. But I firmly believe in it. And so, therefore, whoever did this is the ultimate responsible person. No question about it.

But I’m not gonna sit here and tie my hands behind my back and the other half of my brain behind my back being preached to by a bunch of people lying to us and being phony about it because they’re not. They are trying to pass responsibility of this off to Donald Trump and then trying to get us to shut up in response and in opposition to it. We’re supposed to have sit here and say, “Oh, no, no, no, no, had no.

“Until we know the facts, we can’t comment” while they comment left and right and start ragging on Trump or his supporters or what have you, while we’re supposed to shirt and be polite and have good manners and not say anything about it. We’re doing what we always do! We’re minding our own business! We get up one day; we find the left is trying to sock the hell under the influence country, and we find ourselves in the need to defend it! And it’s happening again here.

Jim Acosta with a tweet: “Trump talked about the bombs sent to former public officials at his rally in Wisconsin. But once again he didn’t mention CNN. On top of all that he criticized the ‘media’ for coverage he doesn’t like. And, of course, he took no responsibility for his own rhetoric.” Well, Donald Trump Jr. responded to crybaby Jimmy Acosta with this tweet: Hey, Jimmy, “did you or your colleagues take any responsibility for your rhetoric in constantly calling my family Racists and Nazis for 2 years when my wife actually opened an exploding envelope of white powder intended for me?

“What about when it happend [sic] to my brother,” Jimmy? You know, you guys claim everybody else has to accept responsibility for their rhetoric, but you don’t want to have any responsibility for your rhetoric or your actions — and that is so damn right on. They demand that the media get a total exemption from what they say, from what they report. Because they’re journalists, because they get mentioned in the First Amendment, there can be no criticism of at what they do. And you damn well better not investigate them!

You better not found out how many illegitimate kids they have, how many DUIs they’ve got, how many drug arrests they have. You better not go there! They’re journalists; they’re above it all; they cannot be attacked; they cannot be criticized; they cannot be held accountable. And that’s what they all think. And when anybody does it, it’s outrageous. It is an assault on the Constitution. It’d be one thing if they were smart and contributed to things and helped people learn and understand. But they don’t.

They’re dumbing everything down that they cover.


RUSH: Here is in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania. You’re up first today, and it’s great to have you here with us.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s great to be speaking with you. I just have a few points to make here that I noticed when I saw the envelope on the news that it wasn’t postmarked on the envelope. And anything that goes through the mail, it automatically gets postmarked.

RUSH: Well, now, other people have mentioned that, but this was caught at… Now, wait a minute. The CNN… You’re right, the CNN did show up in their mailroom with no cancellation on the stamps. You’re right about that. Some of the others were caught and nabbed in the Drive-Bys centers where there might not have been postmarks. But on the CNN piece, yeah, you’re right.

CALLER: And also the six stamps that were placed on the envelope would not be enough to cover the cost to send it.

RUSH: Well, that’s what I say. They came from the swamps of Georgia as far as the Drive-Bys are concerned. Exactly.

CALLER: Okay. So, yeah, I just feel that they’re just throwing anything against the wall right now to see what sticks.

RUSH: In…? You mean Democrats are throwing eh against the wall to try to mess you the midterms or meddle with the election? Is that what you mean?

CALLER: Yeah, anything.

RUSH: Or just to get Trump?

CALLER: Yeah, anybody that is behind this. I mean, I have my suspicion who may be behind it. But at this point, I think that they are just in such chaos that they’re just seeing what will stick to make a total chaos out of the whole midterms.

RUSH: Well, if that’s true, then it would certainly indicate that they do not believe in a blue wave, at the very least. Anyway, I appreciate that, Sarah. Thank you. (interruption) No, I’m not gonna ask her who she thinks is behind it. I’m not going there, folks. You’re not gonna trick me. Not at all.


RUSH: This is Pam in Omaha. Glad you waited. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Longtime listener, six-time caller, actually.

RUSH: Thank you. It’s great to have you back with us here.

CALLER: Oh, thank you very much. Listen, my husband and I were talking last night, and we came up with some really common sense (chuckles) points to make that kind of illustrate where we think these packages weren’t actually mailed. They’re common sense questions, and the first one to me is, how likely is it that someone could mail multiple packages to multiple places all over the country and have them show up miraculously at the same time — approximately the same day, approximately the exact same time? That’s not common sense. I mean, I just don’t see how that could work.

RUSH: Well, now, wait just a second. The De Niro package didn’t arrive until late yesterday or maybe this morning. The George Soros package arrived the day —


RUSH: — before CNN got theirs and Clinton and so forth.

CALLER: There is a whole group of them that did, like four or five of them showed up all exact same time.

RUSH: How do you know it wasn’t priority mail?

CALLER: No, it could have been. You looked at the packages anyway, obviously the first caller mentioned one of the questions I was gonna make: There wasn’t even enough postage on it for the post office to even accept it. The other thing is, these were oversized packages so you’re obviously not taking them in and paying for them — you know, having them weighed and paid and processed properly. You’d have to stick them in a post office box, right? Well, post office boxes don’t even have enough room (chuckles) to slip an oversize package into. That doesn’t make any sense to me, and I know some of these showed up at distribution centers. That makes sense. I get that. But some of them actually did show up at the residence. So you’re gonna —

RUSH: Okay. Well, what are you suggesting then? What are you suggesting happened?

CALLER: I think they’re a plant. I’m sorry, but I just do. I mean, postal workers are trained to look for things. This is stupid-looking packages. It’s cheesy. It’s a joke. It looks like a joke. Anybody can see that there’s something in there, and if you look at who they’re addressed to don’t you think that as they’re going through security —

RUSH: Now, wait a minute. This… I’m glad you brought this up. I wouldn’t… Now, I haven’t been trained. I don’t work the post office, so I haven’t been trained. But I’ve looked at these things, and knowing after the fact that they’re what they are, yeah, they look odd. But if I worked in the postal distribution center and this stuff was going through there, I might notice the postage incorrect and so forth. But that wouldn’t strike me, “Ooh, there’s a bomb in there!”


RUSH: No, no. I’m just saying, folks, that if I worked at a post office, how many packages and pieces of mail go through there each and every day? I don’t know how long they look at each package, but there was nothing that would have told me that there’s a bomb in there. Now, maybe postal workers are trained that if things are of this shape and size and so forth — I’m sure there’s some kind of training — that there might be a bomb. Something had to clue these people in to the fact that there was oddness here.

Some of these were delivered, like, to CNN. They got to the CNN mail room, even though John Brennan it doesn’t work there (he works at MSNBC) he had his name on one. I don’t even think they even had the right address CNN address. I don’t think… Where the CNN device was sent was not where CNN actually is. It was close, but it was not dead-center location. De Niro’s package was found at 4 o’clock this morning in yesterday’s mail. So De Niro’s package made it through the postal distribution center and ended up at his restaurant.

Ditto for the George Soros thing. Some of these people claim that these are hand-delivered or not delivered, but left under cover of darkness and didn’t go through the mail. All I’m saying is, the previous caller said, “These things are so obviously fake. The postage doesn’t work. The addresses…” That could all be true. But there have to be all kinds of pieces of mail every day with misspellings, incorrect ZIP codes, oddball postage, oddball…

I mean, people write things on the outside of envelopes all the time. Then you got your Santa Claus mail. All I’m saying is that I wouldn’t be able to spot that those packages contained bombs or explosive devices. And every time this stuff happens, I always wonder how those things are identified — before they’re opened! Isn’t that what we’ve been told here, these things were spotted for what they are before they were opened, in some cases?


RUSH: CNN is still at it. “Manhunt for Serial Bomber Going After Trump’s Targets.” So there’s somebody out there that’s a Trump supporter and he is dutifully trying to blow up “targets” that Donald Trump mentioned. That’s what CNN is saying this is, all the while preaching to everybody to dial it back. “You don’t start talking about who did this until we know the facts!” But they, apparently, are free and clear to impugn anybody on the Trump side.

“Manhunt for Serial Bomber Going After Trump’s Targets.”

You people at CNN, you think you’re clever? You do not have the slightest idea how transparent you are and how easy it is to spot your pathetic and despicable lack of honesty and objectivity on this or anything else.


RUSH: CNN is now running a story ripping Trump for not mentioning or reaching out to the ex-presidents who have had bombs sent to them.

What a horrible guy!

Trump hasn’t reached out to the Clintons and he hasn’t reached out to Obama, and he hasn’t reached out to Robert De Niro. You know what’s interesting? These people think that at a time like this, we drop all opposition and Trump should forget everything these people have eversaid about him. I don’t think these people at CNN have the slightest but of understanding of the way Donald Trump sees things the past two years. The way Donald Trump sees it… And us. We saw and continue to see, by the way, an undisguised attempt at a coup.

For the past two years, elements of the Barack Obama administration, the FBI leadership and the intelligence community have spared no effort whatsoever at ruining Donald Trump! Not just getting him out of office, not just getting him out of the White House. They want to redo the election, they want to overturn the results, and if they have to destroy his family like they did Kavanaugh’s in the process, they will do it, and they have tried. They implanted spies in his campaign.

They had an FBI director named James Comey who was purposely willingfully lying and misleading Trump on the status of this whole investigation, what it was about. And now Donald Trump is just supposed to forget all of that! Donald Trump is supposed to set that aside. And that’s the way these people look at! Remember a bunch of these conservative economists and foreign policy specialists who during the campaign all signed letters opposing Trump.

(impression) “We sign our names to this letter today opposing in perpetuity the election of Donald J. Trump as president because he’s scum, because he’s a reprobate, because he’s impolite, he makes us look bad, and we don’t like him.” Fine. Trump gets elected. The same group of people, after about six months, starts complaining and whining that Trump hasn’t hired them for his administration. People say, “Well, you guys remember what you said about him?”

“Well, yeah, but that was just the campaign. You know, you’re supposed to forget about that. In Washington all that stuff’s forgotten once the election’s over.” Donald Trump doesn’t forget it, and Donald Trump hasn’t forgotten what the Clintons, Hillary Clinton specifically in that dossier and the Obama people for two years, and it’s still ongoing with the aid of CNN and the New York Times! They’re trying to ruin and destroy Trump and the Republican Party! And Trump’s just supposed to put all that aside and call Hillary and Bill and Barack and say, “Hey, guys doing okay after the bomb showed up?” Is that what he’s supposed to do?

That’s what they think.


RUSH: Let me show you something quickly to the Dittocam. Put it up there. This is Jeff Zeleny on CNN not long ago. Look at this: “CNN: Trump has no plans to claim any personal responsibility for inciting serial bomber.” Look at that! That’s Jeff Zeleny, formerly of the New York Times, CNN reporter. That’s the chyron graphic at the bottom: “Trump has no plans to claim any personal responsibility for inciting serial bomber.” What is all this that we’re supposed to tone this kind of talk down until we know the facts?

All day long they’ve been preaching to us, “It’s irresponsible. Rush Limbaugh is a powerful and influential media person. It’s irresponsible for Rush Limbaugh to be claiming that this might have been done by a Democrat before anybody knows. It’s totally inappropriate.” And then we get this? We get this all day long, “bombs sent to Trump targets,” and now, “Trump has no plans to claim any personal responsibility for inciting serial bomber”? What’d they do? Did they ask him?

“Mr. President, you gonna take the blame here? Mr. President, are you going to claim responsibility for this bomber?” So what do they know? What do they think they know? I mean, that’s taking a big risk. Trump is responsible for inciting the serial bomber, but he’s not going to claim any responsibility. What do they think they know at CNN about this? Well, you can connect the dots as well as I do. But they clearly… They can’t help themselves now. They think they’ve got Trump dead to rights. They think they’ve got something that happened — a scheme — that’s gonna make it look like they’ve got Trump dead to rights.

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