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RUSH: Here’s President Trump at the White House today as he convened a meeting, Black Leadership Conference, young black leaders from all over the country. This has not been done before in this manner, and he’s talking about the arrest and these bombs here.

THE PRESIDENT: I’d like to begin today’s remarks by providing an update on the packages and devices that have been mailed to high-profile figures throughout our country and a media organization. I am pleased to inform you that law enforcement has apprehended the suspect and taken him into custody.

CROWD: (screaming cheers)

THE PRESIDENT: Incredible job by law enforcement. We’ve carried out a far-reaching federal, state, and local investigation to find a person or persons responsible for these events. These terrorizing acts are despicable and have no place in our country.

RUSH: Now, I want to again remind you of Trump pacing. If you think Trump is not as on point as he should be or is selling out, just hang on. I want to remind you of Trump’s first reaction after Blasey Ford showed up at the Senate judiciary hearing. What did Trump say? (paraphrased) “I found her very incredible. I really hope that she continues to testify! I think if what happened to her happened and Kavanaugh may be toast!”

That’s what he said at the beginning, and he did it, kept himself on record as being proper and the proper way to look at it, which frees him up to express what he really thinks later on as things unfold. It’s the same thing here. So be cool for a while as this stuff all begins to shape out here. I want to remind everybody here again, nobody at CNN was targeted by this guy. Yeah, “CNN Sucks.”

You notice it’s not “MSNBC Sucks” or “the New York Times Sucks.” It’s “CNN Sucks.”

You notice that’s on there? But this guy did not send a bomb to anybody at CNN. He sent it to James Clapper. He sent it the wrong place. But nobody at CNN was targeted by this guy. Brennan doesn’t work there, and neither do any of the other people who were sent these, uh… Can I say, “Fake bombs”? I mean, they haven’t gone off. It may be a little bit on the edge calling them fake bombs. Here’s more Trump before we go to the break. He congratulates here the FBI and even the SDNY.

THE PRESIDENT: I’ve just concluded a briefing within the Department Of Justice following the apprehension of the suspect. I want to applaud the FBI, Secret Service, the Department of Justice, the U.S. attorney’s office or the Southern District of New York, the NYPD, and all law enforcement throughout the entire country. Incredible partners. These people have worked so hard. And to have done it so quickly. It’s a needle in a haystack. How do you do this so quickly? They’ve done an incredible, incredible job, and I want to congratulate them.

CROWD: (cheers)

THE PRESIDENT: When the bottom line is that Americans must unify and we must show the world that we are united together in peace and love and harmony as fellow American citizens.

RUSH: Right on.

THE PRESIDENT: There is no country like our country, and every day we are showing the world just how truly great we are.

RUSH: Donald Trump at the White House a little over an hour ago.


RUSH: A couple of observations about those two audio sound bites we played, Donald Trump at the White House today with, like, 350-400 young black leaders from various walks of life in the United States. Did you hear what happened when the president of the United States praised law enforcement? Thundering applause. A standing ovation in some parts of the room, but thundering applause. Nobody took a knee in there. Nobody started booing law enforcement among this group of young, conservative, black leaders.

Something else in the remarks made by President Trump. He was very gracious toward law enforcement. He was very gracious toward the work done to bring this vile, disgusting Make America Great Again Bomber to justice. And I think before the day is out you’re gonna see various panelists and pundits and commentators in the Drive-By Media over the edge, driven over the edge by Donald Trump today for two reasons.

One, they’re gonna consider him a total fraud, that he’s calling for unity. You wait. You wait. It’s gonna happen. Maybe before this program is over, there’s gonna be a panel on CNN or PMSNBC or some leftist on Fox who’s gonna call Trump a total fraud calling for unity when he is responsible for all of the chaos and division. They will say that Trump was unbelievably brazen for talking about this as if he’s not complicit!

They’ll rip him for acting like he had nothing to do with it!

Remember the old Limbaugh Theorem? The Limbaugh Theorem was the process by which Barack Obama actually got to pretend and portray himself as uninvolved in any policy that was going wrong or any mistakes that were being made. He positioned himself as an outsider tackling whoever was screwing it up. That’s the Limbaugh Theorem, the Obama Effect, acting like he’s not responsible. That’s what they are gonna accuse Trump of. You wait.


RUSH: Now, just to clarify, the Limbaugh Theorem, I explained, was the media never held Obama accountable for anything that was going on wrong, including his own policies. And Obama would never… He would always position himself as an outsider up against powerful interests that were standing in his way, and he was valiantly fighting them. Meanwhile, it was his policies that were screwing up, and I marveled at this and how the relationship between Obama and the media permitted him to go through his presidency unaccountable.

I mean, all those lies about Obamacare — keep your doctor, keep your plan, $2,500-per-premium decrease every year — that kind of thing. They never called him on it. Well, here’s Trump out there, and he’s acknowledging law enforcement, and they’re gonna call him a total fraud here by trying to say he’s for unity when he’s the guy (they’re gonna say) responsible for this nut in the van. And they’ll say that he is brazen, just unbelievably brazen for talking about this as if he’s not complicit in it! That he’s trying to stand above it.

They gave Obama the benefit of the doubt on anything but they’re gonna hold Trump to it. Mark my words.

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