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RUSH: And then there is this from Mediaite. Headline: “Trump: ‘Unfortunate’ that ‘Bomb Stuff’ Slowing Republican Momentum Going into Midterms.” Now, we talked about this yesterday. This was, I thought, a left-wing media narrative that had been created.

But apparently, Trump has signed on to it. “President Donald Trump on Friday complained about the pipe bombs being sent to prominent Democrats, lamenting that the scare has distracted from news about the midterms — and even slowed Republican momentum.’ Republicans are doing so well in early voting, and at the polls, and now this “Bomb” stuff happens and the momentum greatly slows – news not talking politics,’ Trump tweeted.

“‘Very unfortunate, what is going on. Republicans, go out and vote!’” That’s his tweet. I did my own little informal survey and I asked people if they’ve seen any signs of slowdown or loss of momentum or all that. Nobody has. You know what I think this is? Sadly… I wish it weren’t the case. I think Trump is half right here. I think it is a reflection of what’s in the news and what isn’t! And if there isn’t any news about the Republican early voting dwarfing Democrats, then the perception is that it isn’t happening or that it has stopped or it’s not newsworthy enough anymore.

So the bomb thing has come along. I mean, it dwarfed the caravan, that news stopped being reported, but more importantly all the news about the heavy Republican turnout dwarfing the Democrats, late Republicans pulling ahead. I’ve got a poll here today from Strategic… In the poll, Ron DeSantis has pulled ahead of Andrew Gillum by a point. It’s a respectable poll.

It’s a big deal, and so this is the kind of news that is not being widely reported and therefore people in Florida are not being told this. And it’s one of these sad realities that the daily reporting of the news does affect what people think; their perceptions of what’s going on. And I think that’s what Trump is talking about here. (summarizing) “Complains that bombs have slowed Republican momentum.” In fact, here’s… Now, as I say, it’s a Mediaite story. I don’t know who wrote this.

But listen to the next paragraph: “Trump’s tweet, while somewhat nonsensical, suggests the president might be falling for the false flag theory — being pushed on Fox News this week — that the bombs are a Democratic operation to get out the vote for the midterms. His tweet comes moments after police intercepted two more devices sent to” Cory Booker and James Clapper.

“Trump’s tweet, while somewhat nonsensical,” it would really help to know who wrote this, “suggests the president might be falling for the false flag theory — being pushed on Fox News this week — that the bombs are a Democratic operation to get out the vote…” If the bombs are a false flag operation, they’re designed to cover up any news of anything good that may be favorable to the Republicans and Trump for being reported.

If it’s a false flag operation, it’d be designed to, you know, make it appear like the Democrats are behind this. We’ll just have to let time unfold on this. It’s a little frustrating to try to get all this information coming in and not be able to share it with you ’cause I can’t confirm it myself and I don’t want to be out on a limb so we’re just gonna be patient. We’re just gonna wait and as I learn things that I can personally confirm and vouch for and would have no trouble explaining if somebody questioned me about, then I’ll pass it on to you.


RUSH: Jimmy in Omaha, Nebraska. We’re experimenting with a bunch of things today, folks. Bear with us. Jimmy in Omaha, how you doing, sir?

CALLER: Thanks for having me on, Rush. I want to run my theory by you and I just want to say in advance, I had this thought process in my mind even two years ago, I’d have to look in the mirror and say what’s wrong with you. But I’ve become so cynical toward the media and the radical left in this country that I’m just think this way nowadays, okay? But this, this whole thing with the package bombs to me reeks of deep state. And I truly believe… You’ve been talking about how you don’t think there’s gonna be a red wave or a blue wave, I’m sorry.

RUSH: Mmm-hmm.

CALLER: And I think these folks know that there’s no red… I think they know they’re in trouble with these elections. I’m honestly beginning to think that the Republicans are gonna gain seats in the House or they’re not nearly gonna lose as many as people are thinking they are. And I think it all goes back to like what Jordan keeps saying about that dossier and this whole cover-up. But if they don’t retake that House when the elections are over, I think the real investigation is gonna move forward, on that FISA document and that dossier.

And I think these people are terrified, the deep state. I mean, they cannot let that happen. And I think he’s package bombs are a means of disrupting these elections to the point where they can then say, between these crazy right, these nationalist right groups planting bombs and the Russians conspiring, we cannot legitimize the win in this election for the Republicans. And I think they’re gonna try to throw the whole thing into turmoil. I really do.

RUSH: So you think as we sit here today the deep state thinks they’re gonna lose? They’re not gonna win the House back? Democrats and the deep state think they’re not gonna win the House back, not gonna win the Senate back; so all of this is designed to create so much chaos that whatever the result is, if the Democrats and the deep state loses, they can say, “Election invalid! Too much was going on. We can’t… Our democracy can’t function this way.” and you really think that the deep state here set this guy up or he’s part of a flag operation designed to make it look like a Trump supporter’s gone nuts here and hates the left, when in fact they orchestrated it. You think that?

CALLER: Do you think that the FBI and the CIA and the Justice Department could have been corrupted to the extent they’ve been corrupted over the past four or five years? Like I said, Rush, three years ago I would have said I’m crazy. I can put nothing past them. Of course, when you think about what the repercussions could be for them if they don’t… I mean, you’re talking about some very high profile people being in a lot of trouble.

RUSH: Theoretically.

CALLER: Eventually gears of justice grind slowly, but you’d like to believe eventually some of these people are going to pay for what they’ve done.

RUSH: Well, wait a minute, though. Why isn’t that happening now? The Republicans run the House of Representatives now. Why do they have to win it again in order to conduct these investigations that Jim Jordan says are coming up?

CALLER: I think Trump will have more to do with pushing it forward once these elections are over. I think there are deep state people on the Republican side who helped slow roll this thing. I really do. I think Trump will be the one ramrodding it once these elections are over, if he gets the big win, because this will be a mandate about him. If they really… (unintelligible) —

RUSH: You… Let’s discuss it. You think Trump is essentially on the ballot in this election? There’s no wrong answer here. Don’t misunderstand my tone. I’m trying to learn what you think. You think that Trump is essentially on the ballot, that these midterm elections, in part, or maybe close in toto, are a referendum on Trump?

CALLER: No doubt about it. Look at the effect he’s having when he goes in and campaigns for people in these states that were supposed to be such trouble for the Republicans. I think he’s definitely… I think these people on the left think this is gonna be their big moment where they finally jam it to this guy and get all their investigations started. I think they think this is the beginning of the end for Trump —

RUSH: You know, I will share something with you. I was reading my tech blogs yesterday. Folks, I really appreciate you indulge me talking about this. It’s my hobby. Not keeping up with the bloggers, but keeping up with the tech, and to keep up with the tech, you have to read the stuff. And it’s all written by a bunch of young Millennial journalists, and ever since Election Day 2016, they have been in various stages of panic.

There was a reference in one of the tech blogs to a poll showing the blue wave was not going to happen, it was not nearly as big. And this particular blogger was in a mild panic about it, writing about, “You know what? We all have been thinking that what happened in 2016 was an odd confluence of events that gave us a one-off result that’s not really representative of America, that Donald Trump and these Republicans is not who we are.”

And then the guy says, “But if the Republicans hold the House of Representatives, we’re gonna have to come to grips with this is who we are and that we are not running the show in truth,” and it was… I wouldn’t say there was panic in it. I’m reading the written word. But it’s slowly dawning on some people… Because the last two years they have lived with the belief that what happened in 2016 was unusual, irregular, a one-off, that it shouldn’t have happened.

It was an odd confluence of events, a bad candidate with Hillary Clinton and so forth, overconfidence by people on the left but that people have been waiting every day for these two years to fix this mistake and the Democrats are gonna storm the ballot boxes on Tuesday in November and correct this mistake. Now they’re starting to begin to question, maybe this is not an oddity, maybe we’re not the majority. And it kind of dovetails with what you’re saying here. Do you believe, for example, that Trump voters and Republican voters right now are actually losing momentum to vote because of this bomb scare?

CALLER: No. Rush, can I share something with you here?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I went to the Trump rally —

RUSH: Have at it.

CALLER: I went to the Trump rally two weeks ago, it was in Council Bluffs right across the river, and I think the Mid-America Center seats for this event it was seating like 12,000. I’m not exaggerating. There had to have been 25,000 people outside there in that line. There were more women than there were men, there were African-Americans, and they were nice people.

But I’m telling you there were a lot of these protesters and my instinct was I want to say something to these protesters. When I got down there, like me and many other people, we don’t want to start trouble with them. It’s like we don’t have the clinician to get in their faces and act like they do. And so many of these Trump supporters are not the kinds of people that are wearing it on their sleeves right now.

They’re just gonna go in and vote. How could you vote against the guy who’s doing such wonderful things for the country? I mean, he really is. And I think a lot of those people are just gonna go in there and they’re gonna vote ’cause they now realize that they got the momentum on their side but they’re not the kinds of people that are out there wearing it on their sleeves like these crazy, radical leftists are all doing.

RUSH: Well, it is standard, old conventional wisdom thinking that people’s voting impulses or energy or desires ebb and flow like this. I mean the idea that this week of bomb scare stories can dampen enthusiasm… I don’t think that describes the average Trump voter. I think the average Trump voter is immune to all of that, and I think more than the average Trump voter. I don’t think they have to be told how important the election is.

I don’t think they have to be reminded to vote. I don’t think they need to be told the stakes! Yet there are people that continue to say, “You gotta hard drive turnout, Rush. You gotta tell people how important it is.” I think they already know. I don’t sense that there is a usual lessening of enthusiasm or gaining of enthusiasm based on the ebb and flow of news. I think people understand how important it is. It’s as important now as it was in 2016.

In fact, it may even be more important now that Trump is in office and policies have been enacted, the idea this stuff needs to continue may be more important. Like Trump said the one of his rallies, I think the rally in Houston. He was talking about how he produced, he’s got a track record now. He said, “Two years ago in the campaign, I was saying we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna be great again, we’re gonna stop this, we’re gonna make the trade deals better.

“But back then it was just words.” He said, “It was just words. But now, two years later, I’ve produced,” meaning it’s not just words, it’s real now, and I think Trump supporters understand this. I just think they’re immune to the attempts that are made elsewhere to dispirit them or to somehow weaken their enthusiasm. So we’ll see. It won’t be long here. Jimmy, I’m glad you called. Thanks for the extended time.


RUSH: I want to again go back here to President Trump. According to Mediaite, he says it is “‘Unfortunate’ That ‘Bomb Stuff’ Slowing Republican Momentum Going Into Midterms.”

Now, if you were here yesterday, you remember me bringing this up. And I had heard it speculated that this was happening on the Drive-By Media and on one Fox show I heard somebody at Fox (I don’t remember who it was) also suggesting that this bomb story had really dampened Republican enthusiasm. I don’t know what evidence was being cited. I think it was just the way people felt, and I think they felt that way because all of the news of the midterms went silent.

It was all shelved and broomed to make room for coverage for the bomb story, and when the news stops covering something, these people think, “Well, it’s not happening anymore. If we’re not covering it, it’s not happening.” So the sense was that momentum was being lost by Republicans. Republican voters… The story was that Republican voters were somehow losing their enthusiasm to I don’t know what. Early vote, register to vote? Well, it’s too late for that. But whatever it was. Now Trump has joined that parade.

“President Donald Trump on Friday complained about the pipe bombs being sent to prominent Democrats, lamenting that the scare has distracted from news about the midterms — and even slowed Republican momentum. ‘Republicans are doing so well in early voting, and at the polls, and now this “Bomb” stuff happens and the momentum greatly slows – news not talking politics,’ Trump tweeted. ‘Very unfortunate, what is going on. Republicans, go out and vote!'”

That was Trump’s tweet. Now, there are some who believe that this is another example of Trump pacing. Just like when he made his original statements about Christine Blasey Ford being credible and compelling and then later sort of lowered the boom on her at a rally, pointing out that she really had no evidence and no way to back up what she was alleging. So some people think that he’s doing the same thing here.

Basically tempering expectations with the bomber suppression statement, that Trump’s out there lowering expectations, setting people up so as to be able to say, “We overcame the bomber and we did great anyway.” And some people think this is very, very artful of Trump, that he’s getting really, really good at this, lowering expectations while he knows things are gonna go well, and then when they do go well he can go back and, “Look at what we had to overcome. Look at the obstacles. We did it. We came through and we triumphed.”

So we will see.

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