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RUSH: I have to admit, folks, that they’re starting to wear me out. They’re starting is to wear me out with the politicizing of virtually everything that happens in this country. The Drive-By Media and the Democrat Party are politicizing everything so that everything that happens is the fault of some Republican somewhere or some conservative somewhere. I don’t want to hear it anymore. I have to; don’t misunderstand. But I’m getting fed up with it.

I don’t want to hear about it; I don’t want to read about it. It’s so damn predictable. No matter what happens… And before some of you start saying, “What about you?” I don’t do anything but react here. That’s what we on the right do. We get up every day, events happen, and we listen to the media blame us. We listen to the media and we watch the media blame us or politicize everything, requiring us to speak up in defense and thereby acknowledge their silly premise that they put forth.

Does anybody remember…? Everybody talks about the guy that shot up the baseball practice, a Bernie Sanders supporter. Everybody talks about that as an example of how the Democrats never hold their own people accountable for the actions of their supporters. Nobody blamed Bernie Sanders for that. The Drive-By Media certainly didn’t — and, if anything, the Drive-By Media sort of tried to say the guy had a reason for being mentally upset because of everything the Republicans are doing and Trump is doing. No matter what…

But the piece de resistance to all of this… I think the one incident that demonstrates the truth of this… Does anybody remember the movie house or the movie theater shooting in Colorado? Brian Ross at ABC News, the first instinct the guy has as a reporter — the investigative ace reporter for ABC News. What does he do? When they release the name of the shooter, Brian Ross the tries to find out if the guy happens to be a member of the Tea Party.

His first instinct as a Drive-By Media reporter — and he wasn’t alone. He was just the first guy to do it. But they’re all thinking it, and they’re all hoping it. And that’s the thing that just rubs me raw. They’re hoping that when these things happen they — the media and the Democrats — can tie this to their political opponents, which happen to be us, Republicans and conservatives. So there’s Brian Ross. He finds out that the name of the shooter is also on a roster of Colorado Tea Party members.

So Brian Ross, without knowing a damn thing about it, goes on the air on ABC and says that this shooter could well be a Tea Partier. “We’re still running it down. We’re still tracking it down, but there is a man by the name of X,” whatever this guy’s name was, “on the Colorado roster of Tea Party members.” That was the first report. You know the power of first impressions. So what are we to do when something like that happens?

Well, my natural instinct is to rise up in defense of something clearly irresponsible, and that, to me… You may be able to come up with a better example, but that, to me, is an example that explains all of these others. Because what it shows is that whenever there is any kind of violence, any kind of uprising, any kind of chaos, the first instinct that the Drive-By Media has — and when I say Drive-By Media, it may as well be saying the Democrat Party.

The first instinct they have is to try to find a way to link whoever committed the bad deed to the Republican Party or the so-called conservative movement. And, of course, now it’s blame Trump. Everything — everything at all, whatever it is, blame Donald Trump. Blame me. Blame you. Blame anybody that supported Donald Trump. And, frankly, I’m worn out with this reaction. I have had it! I am fed up with it!

It’s been this way for years. There were shoot-ups during the Obama administration, there were mass murders, and at no time did the Drive-By Media ever try to link any of it to Obama. And yet people have forgotten. Was it inflammatory to say that Republicans were gonna be responsible for millions of deaths if Obamacare was not passed into law? Anybody remember that? I sure as hell do because I was fed up with it then!

We are trying to oppose a government takeover of one of the great industries in America, better than anywhere else in the world. We’re trying to prevent a bunch of incompetents — a bunch of government bureaucrats and left-wing politicians — from taking over the American health care system. Meanwhile, Obama is lying to everybody about it, claiming that if they like their doctor, if they like their plan, they get to keep them — and that their premiums are gonna be reduced by $2,500 a year.

Lie after lie after lie — not called out, not reported — and then the Republicans come along and try to oppose it on substantive grounds, and the Democrats and the media start running around talking about how the Republicans are gonna be responsible for the deaths of millions of people! You want to tell me if that’s inflammatory or not. How many years have average, ordinary Americans had to listen to this (like you and I have) where every time something happens, the Democrats politicize it?

Literally everything! That’s why none of this stuff ever gets fixed. It’s why none of this stuff is ever gonna get resolved until this politicization of everything stops. In other words, you have some guy who’s been mentally ill for 10, 15 years and then decides to take action. And all of a sudden, it’s the fault of a political party or it’s the fault of a president. It’s so predictable, ’cause they hate the president; they’ll do anything they can to get rid of him.

They spent two years trying to get rid of him. They failed to get rid of him. They’re fit to be tied over their failure. They’re ratcheting up this anger. We’re getting so far away from the notion that whoever did it is the person that did it. We’re getting to the point where in this country (because we politicize everything), nobody’s responsible for what they do. Whatever anybody does is because of the politics of the Republican Party or the conservative movement, as far as the Drive-By Media is concerned.

It’s not because somebody is mentally ill, disturbed. Who knows what’s been going on in their lives? The media doesn’t care about that except to the extent they can link it to Trump. Well, I, for one, am fed up with it. I am sick of this reaction to every freaking event. Even the weather! We can’t even get away from it with the weather. Extreme weather happens? It’s our fault! It’s the problem of the Republicans or Trump because we don’t sign on to this asinine man-made global warming theory.

So we end up being responsible for deaths in Puerto Rico, and then when we stand up and defend ourselves again, and then all of a sudden we’re attacked and we’re assaulted for being anti-woman, anti-black, anti-minority, what have you. Because they politicize literally everything! And you know what? I have gotten to the point, I can’t tune it out. It’s my job, man, to pay attention to it. It’s my job, man, to come here and tell you what I think about it. How many people are fed up with this now?

Hey, Democrats and media? I got a clue for you. Neither of these events that you are hyping are gonna change significantly the midterm elections, as much as you would like them to, and as much as you’re trying to make them change the midterm elections. You must be worried about how the midterms are going if you’re trying to ratchet these two things up to try to get people to somehow vote against Donald Trump.

You must not believe, like Nate Silver says, that 85% chance you’re gonna take the House. No. You have to take these two sad, unfortunate events and build them up into somehow they are Donald Trump’s fault and this is why you should vote against Republicans in the midterms. I can tell you right now… I do not know it from exact, hands-on knowledge. I’m just telling you, my gut is there are millions of Americans who once this stuff starts, they tune it out.

They’re fed up with being blamed. They’re fed up with the people they love and support being blamed. They’re fed up with their country being blamed. So they just tune it out. You think about all of the mass shootings of cops back in the Obama — and those were supported! You had to support those! You had to support Black Lives Matter! They weren’t condemned! There weren’t any consequences for that!

Protesters could roll into Ferguson, Missouri and literally tear up a town on a lie. They create a lie about the shooter in that case. Mike Brown (I forget what the first name was) had held up a convenience store and so forth. Whatever it was, they just totally make it up, turn it inside out, all for the express purpose of blaming Donald Trump. Now, it gets to the point that if the media wonders why they’re in such ill disrepute right now, it’s because of this!

Nobody believes what you say! Nobody trusts what you’re saying. It’s so obviously politically charged. It’s so obvious that your passion about this is what you can do with it politically. The guy that shot up the synagogue in Pittsburgh, Squirrel Hill section of Pittsburgh… I know this place well. I lived there. Not Squirrel Hill, but I know where it is. The guy that shot this place up hated Donald Trump. Donald Trump was too big a Jewish supporter.

His daughter converted to Judaism before marrying Kushner. He moved the American embassy to Jerusalem. This guy thinks Trump is part of the sellout to worldwide Jewish people, and yet the media is blaming Trump. They’re saying (sputtering), “Well, Ivanka and all that? That’s just a disguise! You know, they just did that to cover up Trump’s real anti-Semitism.” Donald Trump’s maybe one of the best friends Israel and Israeli Jews have had in the Oval Office in I don’t know how long.

Remember the case of… Who was it? David Koch. David Koch of the Koch brothers. They’re a Wichita energy firm and family. David Koch and his wife, Julia, donated $25 million to some New York Hospital. The nurses association and other organizations at the hospital told the hospital not to accept the donation because David Koch is nothing more than a yellow-bellied, white-privileged racist, and the only reason for his donation was to cover his racism and hide it so people didn’t really see it.

This is who the left is. So they even reject acts of charity as ill motivated. Why does somebody think that way? What would make those nurses think that way? I submit to you that it is the Drive-By Media. I submit to you that it is their union leaders and maybe instructors and teachers they had in school, where not even legitimate acts of charity are allowed because they’re not real. They’re really from racists and bigots who are trying to mask and cover up their racism and bigotry, and so the money should not be accepted.

And if it were accepted, it should be returned. Americans, Republicans, conservatives have been blamed for the deaths of millions of Americans in I-don’t-know-how-many ways, starting with opposition to Obamacare, probably starting before that. Americans are going to be responsible for the deaths of millions around the world because we won’t sign on to the concept of man-made climate change. It’s gotten so radical, it’s gotten so extreme, it’s gotten so off the charts. The fact of the matter is the base of the Democrat Party?

You’d be hard-pressed to find more virulent anti-Semites than in the Democrats’ base. Code Pink, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, Antifa (the “anti-fascist” group). They are all virulent anti-Semites. Code Pink even went so far as to try to help Iran smuggle guns past the Israeli blockade into Gaza! They called it the Gaza flotilla. You can look it up. Now, what’s Code Pink’s motive? Code Pink simply hates America. Whatever America does, if it has an ally that aligns with Israel, Code Pink is gonna be oppose it.

So they end up being anti-Semitic, anti-Israel. Code Pink, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, Antifa. That’s the Democrat voter base! It’s never talked about, never pointed out. So we get up every day and we look at things and people that we admire or like under unending attack and assault. Everything is being politicized for the express purpose of advancing the Democrat Party and left-wing agenda, and so we arise to defend.

And as we stand and rise to defend, they come at us and accuse us of aggressively being whatever it is they want to convince people that we’re being. So, see, we’re just supposed to shut up. When Obama’s IRS starts savagely mistreating conservative groups, we’re just supposed to sit there and take it. When Obama’s attorney general, Holder, decides he’s not gonna prosecute the New Black Panther Party for obstructing polling places in Philadelphia?

We’re just supposed to understand that this is to make amends for all of the racism and transgression of the past. Eric Holder says, “We kick ’em!” Obama says, “They bring a knife; we bring a gun!” Bernie Sanders supporters shooting up Republican baseball practice? Nobody goes after Bernie Sanders. In fact, the Democrats, the Drive-By Media tried to defend the shooter, claiming that his insanity was reasonable, given that Donald Trump was president!

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