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RUSH: Here’s Tony in Tampa, as we head back to the phones. Welcome, sir. Great to have you here with us.

CALLER: Yeah. Thank you, Rush. Let me ask you something, Rush. Where was the media when that little king — when that messiah, their savior, their little tin god, Obama — was up to his eyeballs in hardcore anti-Semites like Al Sharpton in and out of the White House over a hundred times? For over twenty years, Obama sat in that hardcore, racist, anti-Semitic church — Jeremiah Wright’s church — and there’s that photograph of Obama yukking it up with that world class Jew-hater, Louis Farrakhan. Where were you then, media?

RUSH: What’d they say to you when you asked them that?

CALLER: (chuckles) You know, what do you think they’re gonna say, Rush? What do you think they’re gonna say, man? They didn’t say a damn word.

RUSH: That’s right, and they’re never going to. They’re never going to. They’re not… Obama was their guy! Obama was who they think they are: Bright, intelligent, well spoken, highly educated, reasonable academic, intellectual. Look, in the leftist world, the only African-Americans who can do anything wrong are conservative African-Americans. They’re not gonna get on Obama for hanging around anti-Semites like Farrakhan or Reverend Jackson or Al Sharpton.

They’re busy promoting all those people! They feel sorry for ’em. When you get right down to brass tacks, they feel sorry for ’em. They think that because of the ancient history of America with slavery, discrimination, all that kind of thing, that really we can’t hold them accountable. They have excuses. You know, we gotta look the other way. I’m not exaggerating on that.

But the point still remains that Obama was chummy with Farrakhan — and Al Sharpton and the Reverend Jackson are as well. There was Farrakhan standing right next to ’em all at the Aretha Franklin funeral, and none of them seemed to not want to be the in photo with him. Many Drive-By news organizations cropped Farrakhan out of the photo when they sent it down their news wires. So they know.

But it’s… This is the point. We have a two-tiered justice system, and we clearly have a two-tiered political system. We have criminalized right-wing or conservative Republican politics and policy and at the same time exempted from any criticism or criminality most of the policies and politics of the left. But I understand your anger. It’s blatant hypocrisy, and they’re never held accountable for that.


RUSH: A minor correction. It was Bill Clinton standing next to Farrakhan at the Aretha Franklin funeral. The Obama-Farrakhan photo is a picture that a Nation of Islam photographer took back in 2005 and which he hid for 13 years at the request of the Congressional Black Caucus. Obama is standing next to Farrakhan and the Reverend Jackson and Al Sharpton.

They’re all smiling as big as they can. The CBC, the Congressional Black Caucasians, thought it would destroy Obama’s candidacy for the White House, so the photographer hid the photo ’til recently.


RUSH: I’m gonna take a flier. I have a gal from Thousand Oaks, California, on the phone named Rachel who wants to talk about something that just looks fascinating to me. So I’m gonna break format here and — rather than just engage in the usual monologue in the opening-hour segment — I’m gonna take her call. Rachel, I’m glad you called.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: Now, here’s what it says that you want to talk about. Make sure I got this right. You’re Jewish, correct?


RUSH: And you’re saying all of this liberalism that has creeped in — anti-Semitism on the left — is something you want to talk about, right? That’s fascinating to me.

CALLER: Yes. It’s been there all along. It requires… Well, it is anti-religion, but anti-Semitism is a very big part of that. Communism, at its interception, requires atheism.

RUSH: Okay, where is the anti-Semitism on the left in your view? Who has it? Who’s harboring it?

CALLER: It’s everywhere. You can look oversees. It’s very obvious from Corbin’s Labour Party. But even here, all the anti-Israel, “Israel is an apartheid state,” all of those things are just… I mean —

RUSH: Wait a minute. The reason this is fascinating to me is that most people associate anti-Semitism with the right — unfairly, don’t misunderstand. I don’t think it’s valid at all, but most people think that anti-Semitism lies on the right, ’cause everybody thinks that’s what Hitler was. Hitler was a leftist.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: Hitler was a National Socialist. But that’s where it stems from.


RUSH: But you even got… Would you say that Hollywood leftists who are anti-Israel would also be anti-Semitic?

CALLER: Yes. I would say that. I would say that because they can’t… (chuckles) Actually, a side note, I’ve worked in that field before. (chuckles) If you’re Jewish and you’re in Hollywood, it’s very difficult to even bring it up without some sort of side discussion in which you denounce Israel or something like that, where people bring it up. It’s very… Yeah. It’s really sad. I gotta tell you, I’ve come to a point where, like, I’ve begun to question my faith. It’s not…

I believe in God and everything like that still, but I’ve lost a sense of community because of this. I can’t go… I’ve not gone into a synagogue in years. And for many years after, I still consider myself Jewish, you know, but I’m starting to look elsewhere for faith because, you know, last time I was in a synagogue was at a Yom Kippur service in New Orleans, and the rabbi held up Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth and started to preach on that. And I just… I couldn’t take it anymore, you know? It’s not… Even my religion is compromised by it.

RUSH: Now, wait a minute. Let me… Was that rabbi conditioning…? Was he suggesting that the congregation, as Jews, had to sign on to the Algore climate change premise, that that was part of — not the Jewish faith, but that if you didn’t ascribe to it, that maybe you wouldn’t be welcome?

CALLER: No. I don’t think he was fostering an atmosphere where you wouldn’t be, but I think, you know —

RUSH: It’s just the politicization of everything, right?

CALLER: Yes. Absolutely. That wouldn’t have happened in the entire time I grew up, the entire time I grew up as a kid. Maybe because I grew up in military synagogues. My dad was in the Air Force. But there was never… Politics never came in. Current events did, but not politics —

RUSH: Let me ask you this. Let me ask you this. In your opinion — and you said you’ve got some experience with the Hollywood types. In your appearance/opinion, can liberal Jews be anti-Semitic when it comes to Israel?


RUSH: When it comes to Israel.

CALLER: They probably wouldn’t say that they were, but yeah. I mean a lot of them —

RUSH: Oh, I know they wouldn’t say they were, but could it be —


RUSH: — said that they were? I mean, because one thing —

CALLER: I would say that yes, because a lot of them also would tell you that they don’t even believe in God, that they’re racially Jewish but they’re not religiously Jewish, which I also think is a load of… Well, you know. (giggles)

RUSH: Well, there’s all kinds of… Yeah, people justify their existence in all kinds of ways.

CALLER: Exactly. They’re willing to claim the victimhood but nothing else. (chuckles)

RUSH: Well, one of the reason I ask you that specific question was because many people do not understand how liberal Jews like the New York Times ownership and editorial board could be so anti-Israel when Israel is the Jewish state.


RUSH: And yet there’s so much anti-Israeli sentiment among Jewish people in America that predominantly liberal that people scratch their heads and don’t quite understand it.

CALLER: Well, because it’s anti-the religion. It’s not anti-the race. They still need the race in order to have racial politics, but it’s anti-the religion.

RUSH: It’s anti-the religion!

CALLER: Yeah. Because you can’t separate the Jewish state from the religion. I don’t think you can. And, you know, any time you’re Jewish and you’re in a conversation with a liberal and Israel comes up —

RUSH: Now, wait a second.

CALLER: — there’s always the disclaimer, “I’m Jewish, but I totally disagree with everything Israel is doing.” That comes up, and it’s really sad.

RUSH: But isn’t that more disagreeing with the politics that’s associated with Israel as opposed…? ‘Cause if they’re anti-the religion, that’s big. I mean, in the Jewish religion, you’ve got the reform and orthodox and other branches.

CALLER: Many different flavors. (chuckles)

RUSH: (chuckles) Yeah, but it —

CALLER: I used to feel that way, but I feel like with the push toward atheism — and you see they’re anti-Christian too. I don’t see them as necessarily being —

RUSH: Now, see, this —

CALLER: — anti-Islam, you know, but I do see it’s anti-God.

RUSH: That’s exactly right.

CALLER: I do see it being (crosstalk) God.

RUSH: This is where this is all headed.


RUSH: This is all headed toward atheism and anti-God. That’s exactly what is unifying the people on the left. Whatever they claim their religious views are, the trend is toward atheism and no God, or at least agnosticism because that removes any judgmentalism, right? It removes any limits on behavioral morality or anything else. If there’s no ultimate power that can mete out approval or disapproval for one’s acts, then one is totally free. Correct?

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: Well, I just… This event in Pittsburgh, given everything else that you say you are seeing — all the liberalism that’s creeped into Judaism and rising anti-Semitism. You’re right. Anti-Semitism is rising in Germany and nobody’s talking about it. It’s rising throughout Europe, and there aren’t very many people talking about it. So this event in Pittsburgh, did it add to any of the discomfort or unease you’re having about things in general?

CALLER: I don’t feel that there’s a million people out there targeting Jews in the way that they would want to go shoot up a synagogue. I think that this is… These are isolated incidents in this country because this country is so good to so many people. This guy is facing the death penalty. He certainly wouldn’t be facing the death penalty anywhere else. I mean, I don’t feel unsafe as a person who’s Jewish walking down the street because I’m Jewish, and I obviously don’t think Trump has anything to do with it. That’s absolutely ridiculous, and it’s not gonna make me not vote in the midterms or anything silly like that.

RUSH: I’m glad you said say that, because I tell you, there’s a lot of people that think that, and they’re predominantly… Thank you. Thank you so much, Rachel. I appreciate it. That’s Rachel from Thousand Oaks, California.


RUSH: Dan in Detroit. You’re next. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Dittos, Rush. I want to thank you for all do in defending Israel and American Jews on your program. I’m a Jewish conservative —

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: You’re welcome. You deserve the recognition. I’m a Jewish-American conservative here from Detroit. I’m a huge President Trump supporter, and the Republicans and their GOP pundits on TV should ask, “Why has the left embraced anti-Semitism?” Just look at the examples. Louis Farrakhan’s BDS (Boycott Divestment and Sanction) of Israel, what’s happening on college campuses, Hamas and Hezbollah — and, of course, the Iran deal. Every time Israel defends their people, their babies, their men and women and children from terrorist attacks, just look at what the media and the left say.

They blame Israel and not the terrorists.

Just look at the headlines and comments after a terrorist attack. I recognize this, Rush, this fake news of how they report on Israel for 30 years. Just yesterday, after the horrible Pittsburgh attacks? Yesterday, look at how they treated Israeli ambassador to America Ron Dermer thanking President Trump for the strongest comments he has ever heard against anti-Semitism. President Trump said at his rally Saturday night, “We will destroy those who try and destroy the Jewish people.” Look at how they tried to set up the rabbi. I believe it was on CNN, Alisyn Camerota.

RUSH: Oh, no, we played that bite.

CALLER: They invite the guy —

RUSH: We played —

CALLER: — and start asking him —

RUSH: I’m sorry, he can’t hear me. We played that sound bite. I have to interrupt because we’re coming up out of time. But the Iran illustration is… Here’s the United States assisting Iran getting a nuclear weapon with the support of the American left. The Israelis oppose it, obviously, with no support. I mean, it is. It’s mind-boggling to people paying attention.

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