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RUSH: Another migrant caravan is traveling to our southern border from El Salvador. And a third caravan, this one from Guatemala, is also on its way.

Meanwhile, open-border activists are furious that President Trump plans to send the military to protect the border.

One of these groups is the National Immigration Law Center, which fought the President’s travel ban. They say if Trump sends in 5,000 U.S. troops, they’ll use every tool they can to stop him from supposedly undermining the Constitution and international law. They’re calling his plans to secure the border “race-driven cruelty.”

But here’s what is actually cruel: encouraging migrants to push into America, and spinning it as a racial issue. The real issue is the rule of law.

Speaking of which, international law doesn’t matter a hill of beans. It doesn’t supersede American law. As for the Constitution, President Trump has a Constitutional duty to protect the borders. And he takes it seriously. As this invasion force of caravans will soon learn. Trump’s setting up a tent city! Gonna put them all in there as they wait for asylum.

I hope he has Joe Arpaio run it!

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