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Oct 30, 2018


National Review: Can Trump End Birthright Citizenship by Executive Order? – Andy McCarthy
AP: Trump: End Birthright Citizenship for Some US-Born Babies
CNBC: Trump’s Attack on Birthright Citizenship is His Latest Attempt to Rile Up the GOP Base
CBS: ‘Midterm Election Nonsense’; Emanuel Slams Trump Plan To End Birthright Citizenship
UKDM: Second Migrant Caravan Storms Into Mexico: ‘Violent’ Group from Central America Carrying Bombs and Guns Defies a Huge Police Presence to Cross the Border from Guatemala as Trump Deploys 5,200 Troops
GreatNewsforAmerica.com: Red Wave Coming in the House and Senate – Gerard Francis Lameiro
FOXNews: Alabama McDonald’s Gunman Killed by Armed Dad, Who is Injured in Shootout
Townhall: Is This Worse Than ’68? – Pat Buchanan
NewsBusters: Civility 101: James Cromwell Says ‘There Will Be Blood’ if Dems Lose Midterms
Daily Caller: Tom Steyer Runs Facebook Ad Comparing President Trump To Saddam Hussein
Washington Post: Trump Mocks Democratic Megadonor Tom Steyer, the Target of a Pipe Bomb, as ‘Stumbling Lunatic’
The Hill: Flake: Elected Officials Must Check Trump on ‘Out of Bounds’ Rhetoric
CNN: Florida Sen. Bill Nelson Compares Current US Political Climate to Rwanda Before Genocide
Washington Examiner: Hillary Clinton Quips ‘They All Look Alike’ After Interviewer Mixes Up Cory Booker and Eric Holder
New York Times: To Rally Voters, Democrats Focus on Health Care as Their Closing Argument
NewsBusters: Tapper Lets Panelist Ioffe Claim Trump ‘Radicalized’ ‘More People than ISIS’


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