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RUSH: So I just checked the Drudge Report. Are you ready for this, Mr. Snerdley? The Cook Report says that the Democrats are gonna gain 30 to 40 seats. Democrats gain 30 to 40 seats. So what do they need, 23?

So 30 to 40 puts them, I mean, way, way up. (interruption) I don’t care. This is Charlie Cook putting his reputation all out there. Democrats gain 30 to 40 seats.


RUSH: Just to repeat, Charlie Cook of the infamous, famous, infallible, inestimable, essential, couldn’t do without it, Cook media report — well, that’s how intellectuals write about each other. You know, you have an intellectual columnist and he’s talk about another intellectual columnist, the estimable, the essential, the… Whatever the word is for, we couldn’t do without them. And so that’s how I was describing The Cook Report. Anyway, he says it’s all over, 30 to 40 seats Democrats pick up, 30 to 40. This nails it now.

So everywhere in the Drive-By Media, this is it. The Democrats have won the House. CNN, even before Charlie Cook, just using their own polling data, they’ve announced it twice in the past month. The Democrats win the House. Charlie Cook. We got Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight.com who says the Democrats have an 85% chance of taking back control of the House. So there you have it, folks.

It’s over, in terms of the House; Nancy Pelosi is on her way to becoming speaker. By the way, she has said what she’s gonna do. Pelosi’s already announced her agenda as the new speaker. She said “in new comments published Wednesday that climate change will become a front-and-center issue if” sorry, when “the Democrats take back the House,” and that’s gonna be Tuesday. So starting… Well, Democrats won’t be sworn in ’til January.

“In a lengthy interview published Wednesday by the [failing] New York Times, the California congresswoman said she would resurrect the defunct select committee on climate change if the Democrats win back the House in November. The GOP killed off the Democrat-funded special committee when they took control in 2011.”

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