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RUSH: Mike in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Hi. Great to have you, sir. How are you doing?

CALLER: I am very good. Glad to be talking to you.

RUSH: Good.

CALLER: Absolutely. I am proud to have a 19-year-old who is voting for the first time in a few days, and it was ironic that the caller from a neighboring town that obviously didn’t offend your feelings ’cause you’re telling us what you say is true, that she had some of the same things that she had to get some clarification on truth and black-and-white issues, and one of the black-and-white issues that I was hoping you could expand about a little more is how is the GOP establishment supporting the new efforts of conservatives in this coming election like the gentleman in Florida, or governor of Pennsylvania. We have a big governor effort to get Scott Wagner in the office. Can you kind of address that real quick as a summary of all the things you’ve been saying so that Millennials can hear that, some of the black and white? Is the GOP supporting conservatives, or is it more divisive —

RUSH: You know, it’s actually a good question. Keep the radio on and I’ll get to it right after we get to this break here at the bottom of the hour ’cause there’s no simple answer to that.


RUSH: Let’s start with a montage from Tuesday, yesterday, and last night. People at NBC, CNN, and Fox News.

TODD: Cleveland, Ohio; Ft. Wayne, Indiana; and Rush Limbaugh’s hometown of Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

AVLON: The Greatest Hits Arena Rock Tour and he’s appropriately ending, by the way in Cape Girardeau, Rush Limbaugh’s hometown.

HEMMER: (outdoor noise) The last stop on Monday night is really interesting: Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He won that district by 56 points in 2016. It’s pretty smart strategy.

DOOCY: That’s the home district of Rush Limbaugh.


HEMMER: Correct.

RUSH: That’s right. So the president is wrapping it up Monday night in Cape Girardeau, the last rally before the election. I think it’s at 9 o’clock on Monday. Is that…? I guess that’s local time, so it would be 10 o’clock eastern. This man is working harder… We had our caller here ask, “What’s the deal with Republicans trying to help conservatives?” And it’s a complicated answer. Folks, there are still a lot of establishment Republicans who don’t like conservatism.

That’s why there is something called the Freedom Caucus in the House, which is a caucus of conservative Republicans. (sigh) I mean, a great illusion here is Paul Ryan immediately standing up to oppose Trump on his birthright citizenship argument, the 14th Amendment. Ryan is wrong about this. The 14th Amendment… I’ve explained this for two days in a row. The 14th Amendment was never intended… I could get you the original words of the guy (and I’ve already done it) who wrote the amendment.

He specifically says it’s not even for Native Americans because they live under a different jurisdiction, the reservation system. He clearly spells out that foreigners and people here as embassy representatives are not subject to the 14th Amendment. Are you trying to tell me…? The way to look at this is when the 14th Amendment was written in the 1860s, that the people who wrote it intended for the children of illegal immigrants in the 1990s and 2000s to become citizens of the United States? There’s no way under the sun.

That’s not what was written, and the guy who wrote it specified just the exact opposite. Yet the Republican Speaker of the House was one of the first to stand up and mock Donald Trump about it. So, folks, there isn’t a lot of Republican unity, and I’m sad to tell you… I can’t prove this, but I’m sad to think… I think there are still… Well, that’s not a matter of thinking. I know it, and it’s certainly true of the Never Trumper so-called conservative media. They are hoping for a Republican wipeout because that’s the closest thing they can get to a Trump wipeout.

There are a lot of people on our side who will not be upset at all if Nancy Pelosi is the new Speaker of the House. Anything — anything — that stands in for or represents a rejection of Donald Trump will make them happy, and there are a lot of elected… I saw a couple of elected Republicans from Florida today on CNN, happily, gleefully bashing Trump! And the way he’s talking about the caravan and what his plans for the wall are and so forth. So the caller’s instincts are right.

I mean, there isn’t unity on the Republican side. It’s such a shame. I cannot… I can’t relate to the kind of hatred and anger that there are people on our side, who have — who end up, because of that, endorsing the agenda of the left. I just can’t find a way to make that compute. But I think that’s the poison of hatred. I think that’s what it does.

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