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RUSH: The latest Labor Department report confirms what most of you already know. Wages are going up. Americans have experienced the biggest increase in take-home pay since 2008, when the Obama Regime put its boot on the neck of the U.S. economy.

Under President Trump, the tight labor market is now forcing companies to compete for workers. So they’re offering more money. In fact, wage increases are actually outpacing inflation. So people can finally start getting ahead.

Financial experts now predict that wage growth will likely rise above 3% annually. And that hasn’t happened in a long, long time.

Millions more people now have jobs than when Democrats were in power. Millions more people have bigger paychecks. Millions are keeping more of what they earn because of the Trump tax cuts. The economy is growing like gangbusters. Which is why consumer confidence is the highest it’s been in almost 20 years.

All of this is why the Democrats are gonna win the House?

Why in the world would anybody want to give Democrats the power to destroy all of that? Again! Just doesn’t make any sense to us, people who have sense.

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