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RUSH: Anybody getting nervous out there? Are any of you starting to get knots in your stomach or you’re starting to get a little bit worried? You watch the news and, “Oh, no,” or you go, “”Yay! Right on,” or you don’t know how to react to it.

We’re getting down, as they say at Christmastime, the nut-cracking time here, folks. We’re getting very much closer to the election. And how many of you start getting little knots in your stomach? How many of you are confident? How many of you don’t know what to make of any of this? If any of you are going through that, just to let to let you know I’m doing the exact same thing. I cannot watch… I cannot watch the news without becoming infuriated.

I cannot turn on any network without becoming literally infuriated over what I know to be misstatements and lies, misdirection. It’s as frustrating as it’s ever been, and there is one guy pushing back against it, one guy: Donald Trump. And now there are so many so-called Republicans, RINOs, Never Trumpers that are joining the Democrat cacophony against Trump. Republican members of Congress from Florida… I’m not even gonna bother mentioning their names, are all over CNN today ripping Trump for what he’s saying about the caravan.

“There’s nothing to fear with the caravan. You people are just a bunch of racists and xenophobes if you’re worried about the caravan. There’s nothing to see here. Nobody’s coming for you. There isn’t anything going on. You’ve got no reason to be worried.” As though it’s all made up. But it isn’t made up. The caravan has its origins in a leftist radical group I believe in Honduras, one of the countries down there, and I’m just gonna tell you what this is.

We’re gonna find out what this caravan really is after the midterm elections on Tuesday. If the Republicans hold the House, the odds are the caravan will stop and turn around and head back to where it came from. If the Democrats win the House… (interruption) Do you agree with me on this, Mr. Snerdley? If the Democrats win the House the caravan will keep coming and the borders will magically open. Democrats, happy as they can be over winning the House, will go down there to meet them with voter registration forms and who knows whatever else.

“Here, sign up for our food stamp program.” Democrats of the United States will say, “Let’s help you get settled. Where do you want to live? San Francisco? Easy! Sanctuary city. Here’s a bus headed right to San Francisco in just a couple of hours. Let me help you find your way to it.” But if the Republicans hold the House…. Folks, it’s a multifaceted stunt, is what it is, and Trump is calling them out on it.

The Drive-By Media is a little nervous today because Fox News has a new poll out, and it shows that Trump’s approval rating in battleground states is enormous compared to what the Drive-Bys want you to believe. In North Dakota, Trump’s approval rating, 61%. In Tennessee, 58%. In Missouri, 54%. In Arizona, Trump approval, 52%. Indiana, 50%. The reason Drive-Bys are worried is because they are the ones making this election about Trump!

If you didn’t know better and you’re paying attention to Drive-By Media, you’d think the midterm elections are a referendum on Trump. That’s what the Democrats want these midterm elections to be. I mean, that’s been obvious from the get-go. The Democrats’ modus operandi has always been to create this illusion that all of America regrets its vote for Trump, that all of America is embarrassed, that all of America wishes it could have its vote back, and this is the first election where they can correct their mistake.

That has been the narrative.

That has been the meme.

So the Drive-Bys are treating the midterms like a presidential election. I don’t remember them having done this before. Now, the Republicans have, in a sense. The brilliance of the ’94 elections when the Republicans won the House for the first time in 40 years was to nationalize the races. What that meant was campaign on the congressman or congresswoman’s impact on national issues more so than local things, like getting post offices built or retirement villages built, bringing home the bacon to the local district.

The Republicans succeeded in nationalizing campaigns, getting voters in congressional districts to think about what their election or their vote would mean for a national agenda or America at large. I think the Drive-Bys are trying to do a version of the same. So the news in the Fox News poll that the president’s approval numbers in all these battleground states is sky-high, is not comforting. Not comforting. ‘Cause let me give you some numbers here.

Sixty million people voted for Donald Trump. What was it? Sixty-two million people voted for Donald Trump. So here come the Drive-Bys trying to make the midterms about Donald Trump, a referendum on Trump, a midterm presidential referendum, essentially. Now, the turnout for the midterm elections. If it’s close to the historical number, the turnout will be somewhere around 90 million people. Ninety million people will vote in the midterms. Despite…

You know, you might think that turnout here is gonna be through the roof because as far as the news is concerned, that’s the only news there is: The midterms. But there’s a lot of people out there that are not tuned into this. There’s a lot… Do you realize the Hallmark Channel out-rated CNN last week? The Hallmark Channel! Absolutely right. And they don’t feature any white male terrorists. So we know Don Lemon’s not watching. The Hallmark Channel.

This is not to put down the Hallmark Channel. The point is there are a lot of people that don’t pay attention. Oh, the Drive-Bys. There’s a link on Drudge. The Drive-Bys are saying, (impression) “Young people are committed to voting this time like they’ve never seen!” We hear that every election. Every election, the young people, the Millennials are finally fed up. They’ve had it. They’re gonna be coming out in droves. And it doesn’t happen. They may. We don’t know.

But it hasn’t happened up ’til now. My point is, if this is a referendum on Trump and the Drive-Bys want it to be, well, then you people that voted for Trump better show up, because 60 to 61, 62, whatever, million people voted for Donald Trump. If every one of you showed up and voted, the Democrats wouldn’t have a prayer, if the turnout remains 90 million. These are big ifs. I’m not predicting that. I’m just trying to show you what the Drive-Bys and the Democrat Party have built.

And throwing the gummy in the works here is these Trump approval numbers in these states. You know, these people in these states, the Drive-Bys say, “North Dakota? Come on. Fracking? Oil? Screw that. Tennessee? It’s a bunch of you hayseed hicks who drink Jack Daniels. Missouri?” Oh, speaking of Missouri, guess who has become a 100% supporter of Trump on the border? Claire McCaskill! Yes indeed! I even saw her on TV today.

Hey, she was telling everybody how supportive of the president she’s been, that she totally supports him on the border and this caravan business and she said (summarized), “Half the time I voted for him. I voted with him. I mean, half the time I voted with him.” Claire McCaskill, her Republican opponent is Josh Hawley. She’s feeling the heat. Now, what does this tell you? The story’s in the Washington Free Beacon.

“McCaskill: ‘I Support the President 100%’ to Secure the Border — she said this to Dana Bash at CNN “in an interview released on Wednesday.” Claire McCaskill “supports President Donald Trump ‘100%’ to do what it takes to secure the border. ‘The impression he’s giving Missourians, that somehow the Democrats are in favor of our border being overrun. I am not. I support the president 100% doing what he needs to do to secure the border,’ McCaskill said.”

That is not gonna sit well with the Pelosi-Crazy Bernie wing of the Democrat Party. Because they are ratcheting it up now. Crazy Bernie is out there suggesting that Donald Trump is the most racist, the most bigoted, the most sexist, the most homophobic president in history. This is the Democrats’ effort to lower the rhetoric, by the way. This is how they promote civility, Bernie Sanders is showing how you lower the temperature, turn down the temperature and the rhetoric.

Trump the most racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted president in history. Can you imagine what they’re saying in the closed corridors the Democrat Party after hearing Claire McCaskill? Now, what does that tell you? Claire McCaskill thinks she’s in trouble, and she’s… Hey, hey! Can I ask you another thing? All week we have been hearing how the synagogue shootings and the pipe bomber destroyed Republican momentum, kinda just ruined all that Republican energy on the Kavanaugh caravan side of things.

Well, if that’s true, why is Claire McCaskill shouting for anybody to hear it on CNN that, hey, she supports the president a 100%? It must be that in Missouri energy has not falling by the wayside when it comes to the caravan and Kavanaugh. This smacks of some desperation. “McCaskill sparked a fierce backlash from a Democratic legislator in her home state after listing her as an example of a ‘crazy Democrat.'” Democrat. Have you heard about this? McCaskill say she not “crazy” like Elizabeth Warren; she’s not “crazy” like Ocasio-Cortez. She mentioned a couple other Democrats, and she include Missouri Democrat state senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal.

So this babe is firing back and McCaskill calling her “Dixie Claire” and a P.O.S., Dixie Claire and a P.O.S. A state Democrat senator in Missouri is calling Claire McCaskill a P.O.S. How many people in our audience do you think know what that…? (interruption) Do you know what it is, Dawn? Snerdley knows what it is. How many people…? It would be piece of excrement. So a state Democrat female is actually calling…

Because Claire McCaskill’s doing everything she can to distance herself from the base of her own party! Less than a week before the midterms! Again, we circle back to these five states. Battleground states all, where Trump’s approval, 61%, 58%, 42%, 52%, 50% in Indiana. The Drive-By Media has conducted a poll here. This is a story from The Politico, and the headline of this: “Majority Blames Both Trump and Media for Dividing Country

“A new Politico/Morning Consult poll conducted over the past fractious, violent week shows a majority of voters think that President Donald Trump has done more to divide the country than unite it since he took office last year — but that the national news media are even worse. Just 3 in 10 voters, 30%, said Trump has done more to unite the country, compared with 56 percent who said he’s done more to divide it. Even more voters, 64%, said the media have done more to divide the country, while only 17% say they have done more to unite” the country.

This needs to be explained, because people are living under a false impression created by the Drive-By Media, and you know what it is? The false impression is that we were all unified during the eight years of Obama. Millennials across this country have been lied to by the media over and over, and they believe that we were united and that it was in utopian objectives and love and so forth; and Trump came along and Trump has just divided America horribly. They do not know because they’ve been lied to.

This country was divided.

Obama’s purpose was to divide this country.

The purpose of the American left remains division! It is how they get the chaos that they think they need in order to win elections.


RUSH: Lucy in Richmond, Virginia, as we get started on the phones. Hi, Lucy. Great to have you here with us today.

CALLER: Hi, Rush! Mega dittos! I’m so excited. I’m a longtime listening Rush Baby, and I just wanted to call in reference to how we’re feeling ahead of Election Day, and I do have a knot in my stomach.

RUSH: Yeah. I’m not surprised. It’s nervous-as-Nellie time out there now because nobody really knows what’s gonna happen.

CALLER: No. I’m in the 7th District of Virginia. It’s Dave Brat verses Abigail Spanberger, and he’s really in a dogfight. She’s wolf in sheep’s clothing. She never mentions her liberal policies and beliefs and just talks about that she’s been in law enforcement —

RUSH: Hey, none of these liberals are! Project Veritas — we have it coming up — is gonna expose Andrew Gillum. Andrew Gillum staffers are talking about how there’s no way we’re gonna tell people what we really gonna do if he wins. It’s all liberals. They never… They can’t afford to be honest of what they’re gonna do. Dave Brat. Now, Dave Brat is the guy who shockingly won against Eric Cantor way back when.


RUSH: Cantor, a Republican establishment candidate. And, yeah, I saw the other day where that race is tight.

CALLER: It is. So we’re just hoping and praying it goes in his direction. I’m a stay-at-home-mom conservative, which is rare around here. But it’ll come down to the kind of crazy women that have been going after him.

RUSH: Yeah. There’s a lot of enraged, angry women. I, frankly… It’s not that I have sympathy, but it really is, to see what’s been done to American women by the liberal educational and academic establishment. They’ve converted a bunch of women into literal angry banshees. They just… They will walk around with perpetual rage about men. In fact, all liberals have been converted into just raging masses of humanity, angry about any number of different things. Most of it’s been exaggerated or even lied about and made up.

Grab audio sound bite No. 23. Here is John King, CNN, again announcing that the Democrats have won the House…

KING: The CNN House map tilting in favor of the Democrats. More than enough opportunities for the Democrats there to gain at least the 23 seats they need to seize control of the House. But let’s switch over to the Senate map, because it is very different. When you look at the Senate map, for all this talk of a big Democratic year, we currently have the Republicans leading in the race ranking here, and we have some brand-new CNN polls releasing right now that show movement toward Republicans in two races critical to Senate control.

RUSH: But the House is gone, CNN says. This is the second time in a month now that CNN has announced that the Democrats will win or have won based on their polling for the House. But shockingly, shockingly disappointing numbers on the Senate side — which, of course, argues against any kind of a blue wave. If there was a blue wave, then, of course, the Democrats would be winning and seizing everything. So remember… You might say, “Rush, why would they…?

“Why would they not be telling the truth about the House and telling the truth about the Senate?” Well, the Senate, they rely on polling some… The polling on the Senate races is so dramatically in Republicans’ favor for at least holding the majority and gaining two or three seats, there’s no way to take that and fudge it one way or the other. In the House races, there are so many of them that are toss-ups — so many of them that really, really could go either way — that it would be impossible to monkey around with it.

But they’re doing it anyway on the side. (impression) “It’s practically over! Our polling data shows Democrats are well on the way to picking up at least enough seats — 23 — to get to a slight majority in the House of Representatives.” We’ll see. Time will tell. I still say it boils down to these 45 Republicans who are retiring, and even though there’s a lot of RINOs in there, that’s still a lot of Republican seats that are not incumbent. Those are 45 are pretty much open seats.

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