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RUSH: I tell you, folks, for a bunch of people who think that they’re on the verge of a realignment kind of victory, I’m seeing all kinds of panic. Maybe it’s not panic, but I’m seeing all kinds of anger — I mean, from the people who think that they’re gonna win! The people who think that they’re gonna win big! You turn on TV; they’re mad! They’re mad about the economic numbers and they’re trying to say that Trump is blowing it by not campaigning on the economy! What are they talking about? …

What do you mean, “Trump isn’t campaigning on…?” I just saw some dingbat on CNN say that Republicans are mad that Trump is not campaigning on the economy, and that if they lose the House, the Republicans are gonna blame Trump for ignoring the economy. What? Trump talks about his economic achievements every day at his rallies, with the Drive-By Media. Sarah Sanders puts it out there. What are they talking about? “Well, you know, the president, he can’t stop talking about the caravan. He can’t stop talking about firing guns at the caravan.”

These people, I tell you, they are livid that Trump is doing things right. I just saw another dingbat on CNN say, “Well, let me tell you the way to deal it is great economic news. I was just out in Iowa and I was just out with Kamala Harris, and Kamala…” This was a news reporter, and the news reporter is saying that Kamala Harris was giving us all the guidance on how to do this? “Yeah, yeah! There’s a lot of people working.

“But what Trump doesn’t tell you is that they’re working two and three jobs and barely making ends met.” What? Wages are up 3.1%. There isn’t a single negative in the economic news today, in the jobs news. Not a single one, and yet the Drive-By Media are making things up. I got a tweet here from Howard Fineman. You want to hear this? How old is Howard Fineman now? (interruption) Well, he has been up there a long time. I mean, he’s outlasted Newsweek. That’s one thing in his favor. He used to work there. “No one…”

Here’s the Fineman tweet: “No one outside of @tedcruz’s camp in #Texas thinks he’s well ahead.” The polling data in Texas has Cruz up five to seven points. In the governor’s race, Greg Abbott, the incumbent, is up 16. How in the world can Greg Abbott be up 16, the Republican incumbent, and Ted Cruz be up five? “Well, Rush that’s easily answerable: People hate Ted Cruz.” “What do you mean, they hate Ted?” “Well, a lot of Republicans that voted for Trump don’t like Ted Cruz because Cruz was anti-Trump.”

They buried the hatchet. What is this? It’s a bunch of wishful thinking. Listen to the rest of the tweet. “No one outside of @tedcruz’s camp in #Texas thinks he’s well ahead. If @BetoORourke pulls of the…” By the way, speaking of Project Veritas again. Do you know what they’ve uncovered? Beto O’Rourke apparently… Did he marry…? Is his wife’s father…? His father-in-law has all kinds of money?

Somebody in Beto’s… Anyway, a whole bunch of money. Beto has raised a bunch of money, remember, and he’s not sharing it with other Democrats, remember? You know who he is sharing it with? The caravan! Beto O’Rourke campaign money has been traced to the caravan! Yes! Coming up from Honduras and Guatemala, and El Salvador. (sigh) See, I can’t even finish a tweet without being sidetracked by…

This is what happens when you know too much. You know, I have too good a memory. I know too much. I say a sentence, and it reminds me of 10 other things I know that are related to it. But I will now employ discipline. I will read this tweet again and I will not interrupt myself in three… two… one… “No one outside of @tedcruz’s camp in #Texas thinks he’s well ahead.

“If @BetoORourke pulls of the upset, he’ll be the story of the night and arguably the year; proof of a generational paradigm shift in American politics; and suddenly a front runner for the Democratic #2020 ticket.” You talk about empty suit? It is Mr. Beto O’Rourke. But look what they’ve got invested here. “If he beats Ted Cruz…” This tells you how much they hate Cruz. These people on the left just despise Cruz.

If the guy running against Cruz beats Cruz, that’s the story of the year. That’s a “paradigm shift in American politics.” This is how much they hate conservatives, folks. This is how much they hate and despise conservatives. Here’s the economic news — and I tell you, you know, watching the Democrats squirm today. CNN did a whole report on this and never once mentioned Trump’s name — not once — and they claim that Trump is not running on the economy, that he’s out there bashing the immigrants and bashing people of color.

And he’s engaging in xenophobia and all these other things, and it’s just not true. Really, the overall impression… I’m watching all these people who think that they’re on the verge of retaking their power. The Washington establishment is on the verge of getting it all back. The Washington establishment is on the verge of basically rendering Donald Trump irrelevant, and they’re mad. Unemployment is 3.7%, the lowest rate since 1967.

We have 3.1% wage growth, best in nine years. Hispanic unemployment hit a new record low of 4.4%. By the way, because of this, the Drive-Bys are now saying, “Well, no, it’s not the Hispanics voting against Trump or the Republicans that are the problem. It’s white suburban Republicans that hate Trump. That’s the problem.” Wait ’til you hear this theory in a minute. No industries lost jobs month to month in this most recent quarter.

Can I tell you that again? No industries lost jobs in this reporting period the last quarter. So major job increases, major wage growth, unemployment 3.7%, and 3.1% wage growth — the best in nine years. Democrats say, “That doesn’t mean anything. People are holding down two and three jobs.” It’s a crock! There were 250,000 new jobs created versus 190,000 expected by the experts, and 32,000 new jobs in manufacturing — more jobs in a sector Barack Obama said was not coming back.

There were 30,000 jobs in construction and 5,000 jobs in mining (a segment the Obama administration promised to wipe out, if you remember), 24,800 new jobs in transportation and warehousing. But wages soaring, increasing 3.1%? That says it all! That’s people getting increased disposable income — added to whatever they’re earning bonus-wise, and some people are. You add to all of this working and higher wages, you have the tax cut that’s added hundreds of dollars to paychecks.

We have just a perfect setup for a massive Christmas retail season. Now we just have to get through this election, maintain control of Congress so the Democrats don’t start chipping away it all of this, which they have vowed to do — and the first step they’re gonna take, they say, is raising taxes, eliminating the tax cut. They want to wipe this out. They’re making no bones about it. Can you imagine this kind of economic news and not being happy about it?

Can you imagine this kind of economic news and not trying to muscle in or horn in and take some credit for it? I know it’d be kind of tough because the Democrats haven’t been positive about anything. Our old buddy Jonathan Martin, New York Times, former Politico. This is a theme today. If you watch certain Drive-By news outlets, you’ll see a bunch of Republicans…

You remember that Trump ad we played yesterday that the left is calling the new version of the Willie Horton ad from 1988? Remember that ad. Where is that ad? I split the sound bites up into two stacks today. Let me see. Yeah, grab sound bite No. 27. Folks, again you’re not gonna be able to hear much of this. This is designed for TV. But we have the audio. It’s about 45 seconds. As I said yesterday, this is what pushing back against the liberal establishment looks like.

This is what pushing back looks like. This is what voting for Trump and having Trump do what you wanted him to do… This is what it looks like. It was never gonna be pretty. It was never gonna be clean, sanitary. It was never gonna be likable. I mean, these people are not going to willingly just stand by and let some outsider like Trump come in and take everything they’ve got, in terms of political power.

So this ran a couple days ago on the president’s Twitter page. It’s a new ad targeting the Democrat Party and illegal immigration. We have a judge in this ad named Steve White. We have a convicted killer named Luis Bracamontes and we have a Central American migrant named Jose Jose and a female translator. I’ll get this to you after.

JUDGE STEVE WHITE: (music/background noise) Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, please step out into the hallway.

BRACAMONTES: They’re f-(bleep)ing dead. I don’t f-(bleep)ing regret that. I will break out soon and I will kill more.

ON-SCREEN GRAPHIC: “Democrats Let Him into Our Country.”

BRACAMONTES: See, the only thing that I f-(bleep)ing regret is I f-(bleep)ing just killed two! I wish I f-(bleep)ing killed more of those motherf(bleep)ers! F(bleep) I’m gonna kill more cops soon.

ON-SCREEN GRAPHIC: “Democrats Let Him Stay.”

JOSE: Y pedir un pardon. (Caption: “I want to enter and ask for a pardon.”)

TRANSLATOR: (outdoor noise) He says he wants to apply for pardon for the felony he committed.

JOSE: Matan.

TRANSLATOR: Attempt of murder.

(sounds of caravan, illegals knocking down border fence)

ON-SCREEN GRAPHIC: “Who Else Would Democrats Let In? (still of smiling Bracamontes)

ON-SCREEN GRAPHIC: President Donald J. Trump and Republicans are MAKING AMERICA SAFE AGAIN.

RUSH: Okay. Let me… Were you able to make sense of that? Here’s a bit of the transcript of the ad. Judge Steve White opens, “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, please step out in the hallway.” Now the next voice is the convicted killer, Luis Bracamontes: “They’re f—ing dead. I don’t f—ing regret that. I’ll break out soon and I’ll kill more!” Then four seconds of music under an on-screen graphic that says, “Democrats let him into our country.”

So this ad has a convicted killer promising to do it again over a graphic saying, “Democrats let him in the country.” Then Luis Bracamonte, convicted killer is back. “See? The only thing that I f—ing regret is that I f—ing just killed two of ’em. I wish I f—ing… The only thing I wish I f—ing killed more of those motherf—ers. I’m gonna kill more cops soon.”

Five seconds of music under an on-screen graphic that says, “Democrats let him stay.” Eight seconds of sounds of caravan migrants tearing down barriers. Jose says, “I want to enter and ask for a pardon.” He says that in Spanish, and then the translator says, “Attempt of murder,” eight seconds of sounds of caravan, illegals knocking down border fence. So, anyway, that ad was reacted to yesterday by people claiming it’s the Willie Horton ad of 1988.

All kinds of Republican RINOs and moderates and Never Trumpers and Hate Trumpers are livid with that ad and have been ripping into Trump all night last night and all day today for running that ad. Here’s John Kasich. He was on Fredo Prime Time last night on CNN. Fredo said, “Your party’s dead quiet when it comes to opposing the president on his comments on immigration. They either say nothing or they say it quietly. So how do you not expect your party to become exactly this, the party of fear and loathing?”

KASICH: I saw today that, uh, Carlos Cabello from Florida condemned this latest ad where they were saying that Democrats were looking the other way or opening the border so this terrible guy could come in. At least, that’s what the chyrons were on the ad. It’s completely and totally inappropriate. At the end, we have to pick up the pieces after these campaigns.

CUOMO: Sure!

KASICH: And when your only objective is to win… See, there are ethical lines that you should not cross, and I think there have been ethical lines that have been crossed.

RUSH: So that’s classic and typical, and it’s what you’re hearing from many Republican moderates or RINOS, certainly Never Trumpers. Now, about the caravan, the ad is truthful like the Willie Horton ad was truthful. I have a question. You know, all these media types and liberals are pooh-poohing people’s reaction the caravan. We’ve got anywhere from 5,000 to 15,000, whatever the numbers are total. There’s four caravans; they’re headed this way.

They’re not gonna make it by next Tuesday, but they’re coming this way. They’re coming this way for a reason. They’re being paid to come or there is money behind it. There are left-wing activists down in Honduras and Guatemala funding this and encouraging them. What are we supposed to do? I mean, do you people in the media say, “They’re not bogeymen! They’re not gonna hurt you. They’re not gonna make you unsafe.”

What are we supposed to do? We’re just supposed…? What is all of America supposed to do? Is America just supposed to stand aside and let caravans like this enter? And this is a concentrated example of what goes on every day. We’re just supposed to stand aside, are we? It’s a law-and-order issue. What do people not get about this? There are people who are fed up that the rule of law has been whittled away to nothing.

What are we supposed to do, stand aside and let these people enter? Why? What purpose? What is the explanation? Because that’s the alternative. We either stop them and say, “No, you can’t come in. You’re violating American law,” or we let them in. Apparently, these other people want us to stand aside and let them in. Are we just supposed to do that? And we’re supposed to sit here and acknowledge the greatness of America because we can ignore our own laws and say:

“Look! We’re being nice; we’re letting people who are different come into the country”? What does this mean? What are we supposed to do? My point is, people who are standing up for the rule of law — who are standing up and trying to defend American culture — are somehow the culprits and the problem here! What are we supposed to do? We are told and we see evidence that a caravan of thousands and thousands and thousands of people are headed this away.

What are we supposed to do? We can’t call it “invasion,” you see. What should we call it? They don’t let us call it invasion. So any opposition to people who are coming expressly to violate the law — any opposition to that — is somehow called fear and loathing and xenophobia. This is classic how the left does this. What are we supposed to do? There’s only two alternatives here. You say, “No, you can’t come in; you gotta come in the legal way,” or you open the border and let ’em in — and if you say, “No, you can’t come in; come in the legal way only,” you’re the xenophobe, you’re the racist, you’re the mean guy?

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