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RUSH: A guy named Roberto Suro, a USC journalism professor, wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post about the migrant caravans from Central America.

He blasted President Trump for “demagoguery” on poor Hondurans. He slammed Republican candidates for demonizing immigrants.

But the professor’s real targets were Democrats. He trashed them for being silent about immigration on the campaign trail. The professor says Democrats are AWOL, and they need to speak up.

He singled out Pelosi for not responding strongly enough when President Trump promised an executive order on birthright citizenship.

So professor, let me school you.

This close to the election, your Democrat buddies can’t risk doing what you want them to do. They can’t risk reminding voters that they support open borders, sanctuary cities, anchor babies, and caravans of illegal immigrants forcing through our borders!

Whenever voters learn the truth about what Democrats really want for this country, Democrats lose. It’s that simple. And they don’t want to lose, so they have to lie. And people like you have to put up with it, and get mad about it.

Which pleases us to no end.

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