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Nov 2, 2018


CNSNews: 156,562,000: Record Employment for 12th Time Under Trump
Breitbart: October Surprise: U.S. Added More Than 1,000 Manufacturing Jobs a Day, Best Since 1998
CNSNews: Hispanic Unemployment Rate Dips to Record Low in October
Wall Street Journal: Wages Rise at Fastest Rate in Nearly a Decade as Hiring Jumps
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
Project Veritas: “Nobody Needs to Know” Beto Campaign Appears to Illegally Spend Funds on Supplies for Caravan Aliens, Campaign Manager Says “Don’t Worry”
Washington Post: Kamala Harris in Iowa: A Fuzzy Connection on Jobs
New York Times: Trump’s Nationalism Is Breaking Point for Some Suburban Voters, Risking G.O.P. Coalition
UKDM: Democrat-Supporting Women Strip Off for Photo Shoot Called ‘Grab Them By The Ballot’ in an Attempt to Persuade People to Vote Against Republicans
CNN: Trump Shocks with Racist New Ad Days Before Midterms
CNSNews: What the Liberal Media Actually Say About Trump, a.k.a. ‘Hitler, Madman, Dictator, Racist’
Washington Times: 47% of Americans ‘Feel Like a Stranger in Their Own Country,’ Cultural Alienation Survey Finds
ABC: San Francisco 49ers Cheerleader Takes a Knee Before Game Against Raiders in Santa Clara
National Review: Anonymous Mailers Question Hawley’s Conservative Bona Fides in Mo
The Hill: Manchin Says Birthright Citizenship ‘Worthy of Looking At’
The Hill: Ex-GOP Sen. Warner endorses Virginia Democrat over Dave Brat
CNSNews: Barbra Streisand ‘Thinking About’ Moving to Canada If Democrats Don’t Win House
GateWayPundit: Trump Gets 27,000 in 50° and Drizzle in a Cornfield – Obama Can’t Fill a High School Gym at Room Temp
Daily Wire: Caravan Migrants Sue Trump, Government
Breitbart: Trump Defends Military at Border: ‘We Have to Have a Wall of People’
New York Times: No One Wants to Campaign With Bill Clinton Anymore
Breitbart: 6-in-9 Swing District Voters: Keep Migrant Caravan out of the Country
PJ Media: Shady Dark Money Group’s Mailers Attack Josh Hawley from the Right, Benefiting Claire McCaskill
Breitbart: Dave Brat Calls out Democrat Abigail Spanberger for Defending MS-13
CNSNews: Pope Told Michael Moore That Capitalism Is a Sin?
Washington Examiner: Obama Harassed by Hecklers in FloridaThings I meant to get to at some point, but there’s never enough time.

“I’m gonna get into salient information about the Russian hack and what it was and wasn’t — and is and isn’t  – and all that.  It’s evergreen. It’s timeless. As long as we get to it in the next couple days, it’ll be fine.  I promise to make a serious effort to get to that tomorrow.”


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