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RUSH: I don’t read the New York Times much. I just don’t. There’s nothing in it that surprises me. I don’t need to read the New York Times for examples of liberal media and how they operate. People send me stuff from the New York Times, “You need to see this.” No, I don’t need to see it.

But there are rare times when I do consult the New York Times, and getting close to elections is one of those times. They have a reporter out there by the name of Jonathan… Just having a mental block. I was just… He used to be at The Politico, and he still sends me advance copies of his stories, and his story that… (interruption) No, and the version I had didn’t print his name. It’ll come to me here in a fleeting, fleeting moment.

Trump’s Nationalism Is Breaking Point for Some Suburban Voters, Risking GOP Coalition.” What this story is about is about how there’s a bunch of John Kasichs out there in wealthy Republican, upper-middle class suburbs of major cities who hate and despise Trump because Trump is a “nationalist.” “Trump’s Nationalism Is Breaking Point for Some Suburban Voters, Risking GOP Coalition —

“Two years ago, the presidential election hinged in large part on a rightward shift among working-class whites who deserted Democrats. Tuesday’s House election may turn on an equally significant and opposite force: a generational break with the Republican Party among educated, wealthier whites — especially women — who like the party’s pro-business policies but recoil from President Trump’s divisive language on race and gender.”

So you see, they love what’s happening with the economy. But they hate Trump’s tweets. They hate Trump’s tweets. Trump’s tweets are why the Republicans are gonna lose the House, essentially. “Rather than seeking to coax voters like these [rich suburbanites] back into the Republican coalition, Mr. Trump appears to have all but written them off, spending the final days of the campaign delivering a scorching message about preoccupations like birthright citizenship and a migrant ‘invasion’ from Mexico that these voters see through as alarmist.”

Jonathan Martin is the guy here. “In Republican-leaning districts that include diverse populations or abut cities that do — from bulwarks of Sunbelt conservatism like Houston and Orange County, Calif., to the well-manicured bedroom communities outside Philadelphia and Minneapolis — the party is in danger of losing its House majority next week because Mr. Trump’s racially-tinged nationalism has alienated these voters who once made up a dependable constituency.”

Now, wait. Stick with me on this, because the piece de resistance is coming up. So what we’re being told here is you have these wealthy — and, by the way, he went to wealthy suburbs. He went to River Oaks in Houston. River Oaks is… Take the richest neighborhood in your town and multiply it by two, and that’s River Oaks outside Houston, and that’s where he went. He’s talking to people in River Oaks and similar circumstances in Orange County, California, and outside Philadelphia, main line Philadelphia.

“One of those disenchanted voters is J. Mark Metts, a 60-year-old partner at one of this [Houston]’s prestigious law firms.” Oh, so he’s a lawyer. A lawyer. What are the odds a lawyer was ever gonna be a Trump supporters anyway? I continue. “Mr. Metts had never voted for a Democratic presidential candidate until 2016.” Wait just a minute. We’re interviewing a guy who voted against Trump in 2016, is still against Trump, and that’s the news?

Now, if this guy had voted for Trump in 2016 and was now not voting Trump, that would be news! But this guy has been a turncoat since 2016. This guy voted for Hillary! Well, he voted for somebody who wasn’t Trump in 2016. So, again, “One of those disenchanted voters is J. Mark Metts, a 60-year-old partner at one of this city’s prestigious law firms. Mr. Metts had never voted for a Democratic presidential candidate until 2016.

“Now he and some of his neighbors in the moneyed River Oaks enclave of Houston are about to oppose a Republican once again, to register their disapproval of President Trump. ‘With Congress not really standing up to Trump, this election is becoming a referendum,’ Mr. Metts said, explaining why he would no longer support the re-election of Representative John Culberson, an eight-term Republican.” The fact that this guy has hated Trump for two years is not news.

What they’re trying to say is this guy’s turning against the Republican Party. He’s turning against people he’s always supported just to send a message to Trump. This is not a classic kind of voter. This is somebody who’s motivated, inspired by his hatred and disgust for Trump, and it’s being written about to make it look like this is something new! But the guy voted against Trump in 2016 and wants to do it again, and the only way to do it since Trump isn’t on the ballot is to vote against his congressman.

And then they go on to point out, yes, because this guy just doesn’t like the way Trump talks about immigration, and he doesn’t like the way Trump talks about the caravan. He just doesn’t like this this. He’s peddling fear and he… Oh, it references the ad. “The president amplified his fear-peddling Wednesday night with an online video that is being widely condemned as racist…” Speaking of which, can I give you some details about that ad that are not in it?

You know this this this killer, this Bustamante or Brustamante or Bascalone or whatever his name is? Bracamontes. Let me tell you who this guy is. He shot a black guy in the face five times. This is the guy who’s in the ad who drops all the F-bombs and wishes he killed even more cops, and this is what the left and the Republicans in Houston say, “This is just beyond the pale! Ew! It makes me so nervous. I just wish my president weren’t doing this! Ewww.

“It’s this nationalism stuff! I can’t… I can’t… I just hate Trump so much.” By the way, you know what flips suburban women from Democrat to Republican that old Jonathan Martin here doesn’t talk about? What issue is it that flips…? At least according to polling data and the examination of voting stats, what is it that flips suburban white women from Democrat to Republican? Immigration! Immigration is the issue that flips. Have you heard all the talk about all the left surprised at how many suburban women voted for Trump?

It’s immigration that made that happen, and that’s one of the reasons why Trump is harping on it, canceling out some of this lunatic stuff that’s going on in the suburbs. Anyway, this guy in this ad, Luis Bracamontes, shot a black guy. This is not in the ad, but I just want you to who he is. He shot a black guy in the face five times during his cop-killing spree. The black guy survived. The black guy that was shot in the face survived. He testified in court.

The shooter, Bracamontes, spewed the N-word at the black cop that he shot, called him a monkey and yelled at blacks on the jury that black lives don’t matter. All of this is unmentioned by Trump’s critics. They didn’t even put this in the ad. This is who the left is defending! So again in that ad that we played for you twice 15, 10 minutes ago, convicted killer Luis Bracamontes — who’s dropping the F-bomb in the ad, unhappy he didn’t kill more, wanted to kill more — shot a black guy in the face five times during his cop killing spree.

The black guy survived and testified in court. Bracamontes spewed the N-word at the cop, called him a monkey and yelled at blacks on the jury that black lives don’t matter. This is an illegal immigrant. This is somebody that typifies the kind of people that Trump doesn’t want to let in the country, and I guess we’re just supposed to stand aside and let ’em in if they’re part of a caravan. Of course, Trump critics don’t mention any of this.

By the way, grab sound bite 20. Jonathan Martin here was on CNN just moments ago and — da-da-da-da. Let’s just… I’ll analyze this after I hear it.

MARTIN: What the president so loves is also going to be a major factor in the downfall of the House majority if the Republicans do lose it and that is this election has been all Trump, all the time. The latest year and a half in Washington and really around the country has been, you know, Trump time. He is the product, and he relishes that. But the problem with that is that 60% of the country doesn’t like the product and a lot of them happen to live in competitive House races. So whether it’s talking about the tax cuts, the relative stability abroad or any other sort of positive indicators, that is less important now than Trump. Like, Trump is the message, for good or for bad, not policy or substance. It’s striking if you talk to voters out there, it doesn’t matter the race. Sooner or later, that conversation, it’s going to Trump.

RUSH: So these… I don’t get these people. Once again, it’s not about substance. It never was about substance; right? People that voted for Trump, it was never about substance. This is where… You know, Jonathan, you people… It wouldn’t take long to find out who Trump voters are. You don’t have to sit there in disdain of them every day. You don’t have to spend every day holding them in contempt. Find out who they are. It’s not hard. They voted on issues!

Trump happens to be… He’s not the product. Trump is not the product. The issues existed. Trump came along; he’s the only guy that hit home with people on these issues. Now people are invested in Trump. I mean, there’s a lot of people that know full well they’ve gotta save and protect Trump because there’s nobody else out there that’s gonna continue to fight on these issues. So, again, 60% of the country hates Trump? The Rasmussen poll has him at 51% approval. Where is this 60% of the country hate Trump?


RUSH: We go to Manhattan Beach, California. This is Sam. It’s great to have you here with us, Sam. What’s shaking? What’s happening? What’s going on?

CALLER: Hey, Rush. I have a question for you.

RUSH: What’s that?

CALLER: My question is, there are still serious conservatives out there who oppose Trump and hope the Republicans lose on Tuesday. And I still don’t understand that. After two years when Trump has really executed a conservative agenda with tax cuts showing that they’re paying off and two great judges, conservative judges. Yet these people who have said they’re real conservatives still don’t like the guy. So –

RUSH: Yeah –

CALLER: It makes no sense.

RUSH: Let me explain this to you. Trump is showing they aren’t necessary to get it done. That’s the biggest ego slap ever delivered to ’em. These are the people who think that they are the intellectual energy behind all these so-called conservative issues. From tax cuts to economic proposals to foreign policy, North Korea, all of them, they are the brains. They are the movers and shakers. They hated Trump from the get-go because they think Trump’s not an intellectual.

He’s not polite. He doesn’t sound smart, doesn’t sound like he’s… He’s not a personality they can get behind. Now all of a sudden Trump comes along, who doesn’t even know who they are. He’s never read them. He’s never subscribed to the penny ante little publications they work for. He’s implementing everything they’ve given their lives for, and they have no credit, they have nothing to say about it. He’s basically rendered them irrelevant in many ways.

Let me give you… Here’s a sound bite from one of… It’s Dan Senor, who married Campbell Brown. This guy used to go the PR guy for the Green Zone, whatever. After we took over Iraq, he ran things for the guy that Bush sent over there to run Iraq, Dan Senor. He’s on CBS This Morning. Gayle King, questioned: “What do you make of Trump’s attack on Paul Ryan as it pertains to birthright issues?”

SENOR: There’s a very good chance that the Republicans are gonna lose the House. If they lose the House, they’re gonna lose districts in New York state, in New Jersey, in California, in suburban Virginia. And these districts, talking about a chaotic executive order to unearth the constitutional guarantee of a birthright citizenship does not play well. And Ryan was in one of those districts when he was giving the interview when he responded to what the president said. Ryan both believes it’s a mistake, and, B, he thinks it’s bad for the members whose seats he’s trying to save. Ryan’s in the middle of this 25-city tour right now trying to hang onto the Republican majority. I wake up every day… I don’t know about you guys, by like 8:30 I’m exhausted. Just so much going on. I thought to myself we’ve got five days left before midterms. If my math is right, that’s about 34 tweets.

RUSH: Hey, Dan, try showing up for three hours every day and talking about it. By 8:30 you’re finished with the day, you can call up your buddies and starting whining and moaning about Trump’s tweets. This guy’s complaining about Trump’s tweets wearing him out. So there you have an example.


RUSH: I want to go back to the Jonathan Martin piece in the New York Times. I just want to refocus here on the opening sentence here. “Two years ago, the presidential election hinged in large part on a rightward shift among working-class whites who deserted Democrats.” Now, keep in mind this is the New York Times. Let me read this to you again, and see if you can pick up something missing here.

Hint: What have the Democrats and the New York Times been saying for two years is what resulted in Trump winning the election? It’s not mentioned here. Here we go again. “Two years ago, the presidential election hinged in large part on a rightward shift among working-class whites who deserted Democrats.” Hmm? What’s that? It’s been… Like for two years, it’s been that the Russians and Trump colluded to steal the election from the Hildebeast.

Now all of a sudden, they casually report that it’s suburban voters who voted for Trump having abandoned the Democrats. But now, because Trump tweets, they’re moving back to the Democrat Party. But only because Trump lost ’em. The New York Times believes the Russians and collusion with Trump is why Trump won and Hillary lost, but now it’s suburban voters who abandoned Democrats?

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