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RUSH: As to the caravan, I have some thoughts on this caravan business. ‘Cause, folks, I’m serious. What are we supposed to do? We’re just supposed to stand aside and let them in? Anything other than that equals racism and bigotry and homophobia and anti-transgenderism and what have you, we’re just supposed to stand aside? That’s exactly right! And if we don’t, we’re the bad people, we’re the bad guys, we’ve got a caravan of whatever it is, 3,000, 7,000, I don’t know.

There’s either one on to two, or maybe four caravans that microcosm of daily illegal immigration, and we’re just supposed to stand aside. And we’re being lectured to by television anchors who tell us these aren’t bogeymen. They’re not coming to get you. They’re not going to kill you. They’re not going to scare you. You have nothing to be afraid of. There’s no fear here. There’s anger! Anger and fear are two different things.

There is anger that nobody seems to be willing to stand up for the U.S. border other than Donald Trump! We’re just supposed to stand aside and let Western civilization be watered down into nonexistence? Yes, exactly. That’s what this is. And if we refuse to stand aside, if we don’t acknowledge that our laws are unfair, if our immigration law, if we don’t acknowledge that it’s unfair and unjust and immoral, then we are somehow exhibiting white privilege, and we are discriminating.

Here’s what I think is going on. The global left headquartered in the United Nations and a number of other despotic places has run this exact same type of caravan of thousands ploy against western governments for years. This is exactly what’s been happening in Europe. You remember…? Stop and think, folks. You remember the videos, tons of videos that we saw showing Syrian military age men marching into Germany?

And the point was made that they are military age men and that they are abandoning their war-torn and poverty stricken lives, and they’re simply seeking a better life. But they were military age men. Not women. They were marching on Germany, were marching in other European nations. Wave after wave coming in inflatable boats to Italy. Do you remember this? Almost 100% of the western governments’ reaction has been paralysis.

In the case of Angela Merkel in Germany, the reaction was joy. Remember when she said, “Oh, this is great! We have a below-replacement birth level, and we need new workers.” So she was willing to let 800,000 a year into Germany. Anybody find it odd that she’s now said she’s not going to stand for reelection? She was happy! She wanted to welcome 800,000 of these caravaneers into the country.

Virtually all of the Western European governments have indeed stood aside, welcoming the refugees in. Poland was the lone exception, and do you remember what crap they got? I remember mentioning that Poland stood up and said, “We are not letting these people in and we’re not letting them corrupt our culture,” whatever it was the potential leaders said, and Poland was attacked all over the European Union. They were accused of not accepting and sharing the burden! I’ll never forget this.

So I think it was time for this time-tested caravan ploy to be run on Trump. So they did. I think these arrogant, condescending leftists who got away with what they got away with in these caravans in Europe thought they finally had a checkmate on Trump when it comes to illegal immigration. They thought that Trump only had two choices, and they thought either choice Trump made would badly damage him, and that was the intention.

The intention to present this massive caravan the media reports on and supports and the Democrat Party supports and Trump has two options and neither of them help him. Option No. 1: If Trump let the caravaneers in, helplessly complaining about our stupid laws, his voters… Can you imagine how demoralized? Can you imagine how demoralized Trump’s voters would be if he had decided, “You know what? I can’t stop this. I’ll let ’em in and blame our stupid laws and try to use their entry as a way to get the wall.”

Can you imagine how low the GOP turnout would be? Don’t think for a minute… Folks, do not think for a minute that that has not been one of the objectives here, was to force Trump to stand down and let these people in so as to end your support for Trump and usher in a Democrat Congress. This is the choice I think they thought Trump would take, because so many other countries have done the same. They have stood aside. They have let them in.

They’ve sought the choice or the option that make them look compassionate and sharing and understanding. The second choice that they thought Trump would be presented with is this: If Trump did not let the caravaneers in, then the left and the media and the Democrats believe they would have photo-op after photo-op after photo-op of women being manhandled or caged by the Department of Homeland Security, little children crying in dusty streets, oh, they couldn’t wait. Either option would be ideal.

Trump doesn’t like it them if and here come the staged demonstrations and the stage lack of water and the staged violence, and it’s all Trump’s fault! And this would energize a blue wave to the voting booth and discourage Republican voters. I can’t defend this. I can’t defend. And if you think otherwise, let me remind you my buddy in California on the golf course when this lying myth that Trump was separating families at the border popped up.

And this guy, friend of mine who knows all of this stuff inside out, knows exactly what was going on, said, “Rush, the photos. It looks bad.” I said, “What do you mean, the photos?” “Looks bad, Rush. Looks bad. Trump’s really screwing this up. It’s looking bad. You just can’t separate family.” “He’s not! And you know he’s not.” “I don’t care, Rush. The photos.” I got so frustrated. It was the 18th hole, and I almost walked off.

I was getting so damn mad, ’cause the guy knows, and yet even somebody that knew was being affected by it. So you can imagine how option No. 2: Pregnant women being manhandled or caged by DHS — and it’s not by them. DHS would not even be doing it. They would manufacture all this. Video of toddlers crying in dusty streets, probably have a couple of insects buzzing around their heads for good measure. So those were the two options.

That’s the two options that this caravan they thought presented Trump. And either option he took was gonna destroy him because either option was gonna demoralize you. They still do not know who Donald Trump is. And because of that, they did not anticipate what Trump would do. They continue to plug Trump into the same Washington establishment maze that they live in. They continue to treat Trump as your typical scared and cowed usual, run-of-the-mill elected Republican.

They never anticipated that Trump would send overwhelming military force to the border. They never factored that Trump would change the rules of engagement. Remember Trump saying he could build tent cities? However many tents it takes, we’ll build them on the Mexican side and we’ll put ’em in there — and then he doubled down and said, “In the face of the caravan, by the way, I’m gonna fix birthright citizenship.”

And the people running the caravan got gobsmacked, had no idea what hit them! This is the brilliance of Trump. And it’s unappreciated, I think. They thought they had him they thought this caravan… Don’t doubt for a minute this is a leftist ploy. They’ve tried it all over Western Europe, and it worked there. They never anticipated the vast approval for all of the above by the American people, not just Republicans, either.

They never anticipated the approval for the military being sent down there. They thought posse comitatus. They thought Trump would… Oh, they never just were able to anticipate what Trump did, and the things he did gobsmacked ’em. Using the U.S. military to actually protect the U.S. homeland by repelling an invasion? They thought, “No, the American people never support that. The American people will never…!”

They have no idea still who you who voted for Trump are or who he is. So they’ve stepped on a rake. And the rake bopped up, smacked ’em right between the eyes, right there in the forehead. And now what do we hear about the caravan? “Well, it meant get here ’til early December. Ah, nah, it might go to El Paso, might go El Paso… McAllen, that’s close. It might not make it all the way to Tiajuana.” It just doesn’t have the magic that it had.

Now we’re starting to get the stories of all of the violence and the criminality in the caravans. But Trump doubling down on birthright citizenship, sending the military. Western Europe didn’t do any of that.


RUSH: The Washington Times: “47% of Americans ‘Feel Like a Stranger in Their Own Country,‘ Cultural Alienation Survey Finds — The sense that the nation’s culture and way of life have dramatically changed is reflected in a [Public Religion Research Institute] ‘American Values’ survey that gauged both political opinions and ‘cultural alienation.’ It found that 47% of Americans now say that things have changed so much, they ‘feel like a stranger in their own country.’ …


Darren in Owings Mills, Maryland. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush.

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: It’s a pleasure to talk to you. Thank you. Mega dittos. Hey, about the commercial. I think the best commercial that Trump could come out with in reference to this caravan is what happened… Well, what has succeeded before by the Democrats. In 1980, when the Mariel Boatlift came to the Port of Miami with Fidel Castro, and Fidel Castro said he flushed the toilets of Cuba on the United States. And he released all the people he called “escorias,” scums onto the shores of Miami, and from that you got the super criminal.

Even Rudy Giuliani, when he was the U.S. associate AG, he said that murderers, rapists, child molesters, very dangerous individuals were coming along, coming across on the boat. There was a prison. I think it was the Isle of Pines that had about 2,000 prisoners, that the next week there was only 20 prisoners because all of them were deported on the boats that were coming to Miami. So, like I said, you had the crime go up.

You had a lot of rapes, a lot of abductions. Even two major motion pictures — or I would say one motion picture — Scarface, which depicted the mayhem and crime in Florida from these Cubans. As well as Miami Vice, the popular show, showed you how violent and how crazy and out of control Miami was due to the so-called nice immigrants that wanted to come over here and live a better life and just, you know, be free from the communist regime of Cuba. But in actuality what —

RUSH: Well, I think one of the problems with that is that’s something that happened in the 1980s. That’s 40, 30 years ago. And there’s stuff that’s far more recent that is relevant, such as the things I described going on in Western Europe. The Mariel Boatlift was an absolute disaster. And, you’re right, Castro did look at it as flushing Cuba’s toilet and sending people to Miami. But there were some different circumstances there, too, given the south Florida Miami population.

Not that they were embracing of the criminal element that was being sent across, but it’s not a bad reminder. I don’t know that I would do it myself in terms of making an ad out of it, because those were admitted by the guy who put ’em on the boats, criminals. And we don’t know that everybody in the caravan is part of the criminal element of the countries from which they’re coming. So you’d have to be real careful about that. I appreciate the call.

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