The Kavanaugh Hearings Taught America a Lesson About How Democrats Lie

by Rush Limbaugh - Nov 5,2018

RUSH: I want to start, interestingly enough, with the Kavanaugh hearings and I’m gonna tell you why. Then we’re gonna get to this clown on Saturday Night Live who made fun of and laughed at a Republican candidate, a military man who lost his eye in combat.

They’re joking about it, laughing about it on Saturday Night Live on Saturday night with no apology forthcoming. And there won’t be. I doubt. The guy was not a rogue performer. Everything in that show is scripted. They do two live rehearsals on Saturday night before the air version. So everything that happens on Saturday Night Live is intended to happen. The real thing to note about that incident, though, on Saturday Night Live is what it says about the Millennial culture in America today, and it’s not necessarily good.

But we’ll get to that in due course. When this campaign feverishly heated up… (chuckles) When has it not been feverish? But when it feverishly heated up a month ago, six weeks, what were we told? We were told that Christine Blasey Ford reluctantly came forward with the news that Brett Kavanaugh had attempted to — not attempted, had — sexually abused her. She couldn’t tell anybody where it happened. She couldn’t tell anybody specifically when.

She had no evidence whatsoever, and then four people who she claimed were there all said they weren’t. But that didn’t stop the Democrat Party or the Drive-By Media from accepting everything she said as gospel. Hollywood actresses made videos, “We believe her,” and all of that. The Democrats then promised if Kavanaugh got confirmed, that they were not stopping investigation. They were gonna continue to look into this and impeach Kavanaugh because this will not stand.

If President Trump at one of his rallies had not reminded everybody what I just said, ’cause the Drive-Bys were not reporting what I just told you. The Drive-Bys were not reporting she had no evidence. The Drive-Bys were not reporting that all four “witnesses” she named could not confirm because they said they weren’t there. If it weren’t for Trump doing that in a rally where they then accused him of mocking her, who knows where that would have gone?

But Trump took the wind out of Christine Blasey Ford sails and the whole movement. So as Mollie Hemingway asked in a piece last week: Where is it now? Kavanaugh was a heathen. Kavanaugh had no business being on the court. Kavanaugh was such a rotten guy that it was worth destroying his past, it was worth destroying his future, it was worth destroying his career, it was worth destroying his life, it was worth destroying his family because the guy had no business being on the court.

He was a real reprobate. Well, what has happened to all that? Why aren’t they still going after Kavanaugh? I thought Kavanaugh was gonna gin up all the suburban female vote for Democrats in the midterms. That’s what the Democrats had planned. That’s what the media had planned. Now you can’t find a story on Kavanaugh except, except more and more evidence that it never happened.

A bunch of these women that Avenatti brought forward claiming that Kavanaugh had participated in setting up gang rapes are admitting they made it up! Two women have admitted they made it all up. Yet you go back to the heat of the moment, how many of your friends believed it? I had a guy I play golf with say, “Don’t you think Kavanaugh’s guilty? They wouldn’t have people say this kind of stuff if he wasn’t.”

“Come on. There’s no evidence.”

“Yeah, I think he’s guilty!” He’s a Republican, by the way. “He’s guilty. I think he’s probably done more than this.”

I’m blowing my mind out there listening to this stuff. It’s a lesson as to how people believe this garbage. There was never anything to it. The whole thing was manufactured like every other media-Democrat issue in this campaign — made up and manufactured. They were running… The Democrats were running on impeaching Kavanaugh, and where is that now? Isn’t it odd that all the elected leftist Democrats and the Drive-Bys have just stopped talking about it? They’ve stopped promising to do more investigations.

They’ve stopped talking about it in general. It doesn’t mean they’re not gonna try to get rid of the guy if they win the mechanisms to do so. But it won’t be because he’s guilty. It will be because they just don’t want him there. It will be like they’re continuing to get rid of Trump simply ’cause they don’t like the way the election results turned out. Well, there’s a little bit of added news here, folks. The Christine Blasey Ford report is released, and it spells trouble for her.

“On Saturday[,] Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley released the committee’s report on her allegations and what did it find? There is ‘no evidence to support the allegations'” made by Christine Blasey Ford. And yet look at what happened. All she had to do was be brought forward by Dianne Feinstein and the rest of the Democrats, and they were able to bring that confirmation hearing to a screeching halt with the assistance of the Drive-By Media over something for which there is and was no evidence.

“Chairman @ChuckGrassley releases 414-page report on the allegations made against Justice Kavanaugh during the confirmation process. [sic] Conclusion: no evidence to support the allegations.” Not just the allegations made by Blasey Ford, the allegations made by anybody. There isn’t any evidence, there never was, and yet look what happened. Everybody instinctively knew this was BS, but they still brought those hearings to a dead, screeching halt and demanded a new FBI investigation for which no evidence could be found because there wasn’t any evidence.

The reason I’m bringing this up is for those of you who haven’t voted, this is a teachable moment. This is your Democrat Party today. You can’t believe any of the allegations they make against any of their political enemies. They make it up. They do not tell the truth about who they are. They mask that. They camouflage that. But they lie about their opponents. Here’s another little excerpt from the chairman’s report:

“‘This was a serious and thorough investigation that left no stone unturned in our pursuit of the facts,” Grassley said. ‘In the end, there was no credible evidence to support the allegations against the nominee.'” “Committee investigators spoke with 45 individuals and took 25 written statements relating to the various allegations made in the course of the #SCOTUS confirmation process.” 45 people, 25 written statements. “In neither the committee’s investigation nor in the supplemental background investigation conducted by the FBI was there ANY evidence to substantiate or corroborate any of the allegations.”

Do you realize a man’s entire life and family, his past, his present, his future were nearly ruined over a bunch of lies, things that never happened? Why have the Democrats on that committee not put out a competing investigative report to counter all of this? They can’t because there never was anything to this. And again, I’m not trying to relive old news. I’m doing nothing but trying to inform and educate people who may have thought there was something to it and who may still think there was something to it, but that Kavanaugh got away with it because of powerful friends somewhere.

Folks, there was never anything to it. There was never anything to the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill stuff. There was never anything to the Robert Bork allegations which were really, I mean, not even based on criminal intent or behavior. There never is. This stuff just gets made up as October Surprises. The Clinton-paid-for dossier that was designed to prove that Donald Trump colluded with Russia, not true! None of that! In two years, it’s been two years, and what do we have? I heard Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over the weekend saying, “Well, if we win, we’re gonna go after Trump on the — wait for it — dadelut dadelut dadelut — emoluments clause.

You know what that is? She said, “Yeah. Yeah. President Trump hasn’t shut down his businesses, so he’s still profiting from his businesses while serving in office. That’s a violation of the emol…” The emoluments clause? After two years of all this? You’ve tried to ruin Donald Trump. You’ve tried to ruin his family. You’ve tried to damage this country to no end, and the emoluments clause after two years…? We have a special counsel investigation.

Who knows how many people are gonna be ruined by that, and all of this is made up. They put spies in the campaign. The reason this stuff is important is everything I’m describing to you and more, the Democrats and the media have used to justify Democrats winning the midterm elections — everything — and all of it is made up. None of it is true. There was no Trump collusion with Russia. There was Hillary collusion with Russia.

There was no Trump rigging an election. There was Hillary rigging an election against Bernie Sanders in the Democrat primaries. There was no sexual abuse or harassment or gang rape by Brett Kavanaugh. The caravan’s even starting to fall apart, because it didn’t get here in time. Why is the caravan falling apart? Can somebody explain to me? If the caravan is such a just endeavor and it is so important…? You know, you can tell that this is getting to them.

Did you guys see Obama’s rally over the weekend? Folks, in 90 seconds Obama lost it. He’s out there waving his arms around, he’s sweating profusely, and in those 90 seconds… He spoke for longer than that but I’m telling you, there’s a 90-second segment where he just loses it, and you can tell how frustrated he is over everything that’s happened since he left office. (impression) “I don’t care about Hillary’s email. What? Big deal! Hillary’s email? No big deal. The economy? Remember who started that. Remember who got the economy going.

“Uh, uh, 9,000 poor people trying to crash the border? Who cares! They’re poor people. Why are we so afraid of poor people?” He’s waving his arms all around out of control. It’s all been getting to them for these past two years. They are beside themselves with their inability to stop it. They simply refuse to accept the results of the 2016 election. They’ve spent the last two years trying to get rid of Donald Trump and anything and everything associated with him, and this is their next shot at it.

The midterm elections are tomorrow. So you’ve got the caravan now. You noticed the media seizing on every report. The numbers in the caravan are dwindling while they ignore the other caravans that are forming and headed this way. Why is the caravan dispersing? Where are they going? “They’re getting sick, Rush.” Oh. “Uh, and they’re very tired, Rush. It’s a very long walk and it’s very hot.” There’s another reason why the caravan’s falling apart.

The reason the caravan’s falling apart is because there’s less and less confidence the Democrats are gonna win big tomorrow. That’s why the caravan’s falling apart, because the caravan is another left-wing production, worldwide with American influence, the Democrat Party left-wing media complicit production. And it hasn’t worked.


RUSH: Just to wrap this up, the Senate Judiciary Committee report on Blasey Ford and her allegations, there’s seven takeaways here, primarily from the Grassley Kavanaugh’s accusers. And I’m gonna tell you, this Monica McLean knows where all the bodies are buried. Monica McLean is the former FBI employee, the friend of Blasey Ford who supposedly did the polygraph test that they, of course, would not reveal the results of. She’s in this up to her neck, according to the report from…

And there’s a bunch of other things that have had happened in the past two years that are also completely trumped up, manufactured Democrat operations the media is complicit with. The story on Monica McLean:

“According to media reports, ‘former FBI employee Monica McLean, whom Dr. Ford allegedly coached in a polygraph exam years earlier, and others contacted her to suggest she “clarify” her account.’ Grassley stressed that ‘Committee investigators continue to pursue this lead to determine whether McLean or others tampered with a critical witness,'” i.e., Blasey Ford.

And then they talk about Swetnick and Avenatti and how those women that Avenatti has brought forward have all now said that they made it up. Well, not all of them, but a good number of these women that Avenatti brought forward have admitted they made it up and they just said it because they just said it. They got all caught up in the moment; they thought it’d help the movement. It’s instructive because this is what we’re up against. We do not want this running the country.

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