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RUSH: Here is Dennis in Vero Beach, Florida. Welcome, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Thank you so much, Rush. This stuff about a blue wave is just silly. It wasn’t the blue wave. It was the usual tide that comes in every year and every big Democratic county. In Florida we have almost 70 counties, and Scott beat Nelson in 55 of those counties, on my rough count. They only won 10 counties.

You told us six years ago about the Santa Claus effect, and we lost 550,000 votes we fell behind in those three little counties. And then we made it up and managed to eke out a 30,000-vote win. How can we stop this in the future? It’s the same stuff year after year. It was the same stuff with Romney. You can overlay the map every year, every election. We can talk about waves, we can talk about immigration, everything else; it’s the same old stuff every county.

RUSH: Well, I’m not sure what you’re asking: How do we stop it? But what I hear you saying is that Republicans need 55 out of 70 counties to win or 55 out of 65 because the population centers are in those other 15 counties. And it’s the same in the national map. If you look county by county, this country is so red that you would think it’s Moscow. You would think this is communist Russia, it’s so red.

The pockets of blue that give Democrats a majority are in urban metropolitan areas, New York and parts of New Jersey, of course, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami Dade County down here, even Palm Beach County, South Florida, East Coast. You go up to Seattle. Everything else is just bright red. And so it’s urban versus rural or urban versus suburban or what have you.

And the real thing here is you talk about in Florida for DeSantis to win or Rick Scott to win, they need to get many more votes from a much broader and wider swath of their states, whereas the Democrats really only have to secure two or three heavily populated areas. So what does it tell us? It tells us that in metropolitan city areas, Democrats have all the power. Why do people gravitate to those different places to live and why do people choose not to live there?

If you look at Texas, if you look at this map of Texas, it is stunning. I ought to take a screenshot of it and put it up there on the Dittocam. I think I will during the break at the top of the hour. Texas is scary to look at this way. It is 85% red except for Dallas and Houston and Corpus Christi and the entire border with Mexico is blue or light blue or gray.

Texas has always been a big Republican state. Thirty-eight electoral votes. But you can see how the Democrats are encroaching there. They think they won with Beto losing last night, because he got so close and because of all the money he raised. They’re now touting Beto as their presidential front-runner, bunch of Democrats, bunch of Hollywood leftists think, “This is the guy because he almost won.”

But if you look at Texas the way we’re describing here, every county — I don’t think there’s a single exception — every county of Texas, starting with El Paso that comes down and borders Mexico, is Democrat. Now, how many there in that area are here via illegal immigration and otherwise?

So it is a challenge, I mean, going forward. How long can this keep up? What’s the demographic distribution of where these people are, how young are the people in the metro areas versus in the suburban and rural? But here I must sadly, unfortunately stop because of the programming format time.


RUSH: Okay. On the Dittocam. Flip it. Let’s show you what Texas looks like electorally now. And, course, this will be at RushLimbaugh.com as well, but we put it up on the Dittocam for people watching the program on the Dittocam, they’re members at RushLimbaugh.com. And the program’s televised every day. You can watch this program on TV from RushLimbaugh.com or on our app on your iPad, on your phone.

There’s Texas. We haven’t lost Texas yet. The Democrats are not gonna stop until they take Texas. There’s 38 electoral votes. If they get Texas, they’ve got a lock on the presidency forever. California, New York, Illinois, Texas, that’s all they need.

Now, take a look at that, folks. You see Dallas, you see San Antonio, Houston, Corpus Christi, little specks of blue there in population centers in Texas. Fort Worth is not quite blue, but it’s not red, either, nor pink. But fully 75, 80% of that state county by county is red. But take a look at that border with Mexico, and you see two little sections of pink there near El Paso. And outside of that, it is solid blue.

That is one of the best graphics I could show you to illustrate the necessity of serious border control, however it’s done — a wall staffed about you numbers of people to keep people from coming in, however it’s done, that right there is one of the ways in which Texas is being taken over, invaded, infiltrated, whatever word you want to use.

Now, that’s a microcosm for the whole country. The whole country, if you look at the continental 48, the vast majority of it’s gonna be red until you get to population centers where it’s solid the blue. And solid blue is where Santa Claus is. Big, liberal cities and states where they give away everything. That’s where Santa Claus is.

Santa Claus isn’t out in these rural areas. Santa Claus is in the big cities. And those blue areas used to be directly tied to union strongholds. That’s not so much the case anymore, but the voting and the political attitudes that accompanied unions back in the days are still there. Now that’s been replaced by education, academe, if you will, with, of course, liberal governments, mayorships, mayoralties and governorships and so forth.

But it’s not just Texas. Look. I don’t want to depress you. But I get hammered. I get bombarded with stuff by fatalists all the time. You people have no idea the fortitude it requires to sit here and be the — it’s like I’m a Hoover vacuum cleaner. People send me the pessimism that they’re feeling each and every day. Here’s a sample.

The Democrats have totally flipped Virginia. It’s gone. The Democrats are one election away from totally flipping North Carolina. If you live in Raleigh-Durham you essentially live in New York City now. If you’re Republican and you live in Raleigh-Durham you may as well live in Manhattan because your political life is no different.

Scott Walker lost his race for governor, third term in Wisconsin. That was a Trump stronghold during the election, but without Walker there, who knows. Florida, the people talk about Florida, “Hey, it’s great, did you see DeSantis, oh, man how great that is.” And it is. And how about Rick Scott? Rick Scott is up by 30,000 votes over this guy Nelson that’s got that smile stapled on his face. How does he do that? Those high cheekbones. He must have had a meeting with Elizabeth Warren where they compared high cheekbones and his have been stapled up there. One-tenth, two-tenths all of percentage point, and there’s a recount being demanded by Nelson.

Now, I’ve heard the pundits say, “Man, this is big, this is big, the Republicans hold Florida, that’s big going into the presidency.” And it is. Because a presidential race, when you have the governorship in a state, is a leg up. And the Republicans, Mike DeWine won in Ohio. It’s bye-bye, sayonara for Kasich. Mike DeWine’s the new governor there. But in Florida, yeah, it’s a win, but if you want to be a pessimist, fatalist, you can look at it and say there’s a tenth of a percentage point away from being totally blue.

Gillum came 80,000 votes short, whatever. Rick Scott’s ahead of by 30-some-odd thousand votes. Well, here’s a good one. The race has been called in Kentucky House race 6. So that’s a Republican hold or pickup. And let’s see. But here’s the problem with all of this. It’s not just — when I say one election away in North Carolina, meaning another election cycle, not one particular race. But what’s happening, these people are fleeing the prisons of their homes in the Northeast. They hate the high taxes, they hate this, they hate that; so they’re leaving New York and New Jersey, they’re moving to Florida, they’re moving to North Carolina, they’re moving to Texas, they’re moving to Kentucky, no-income-tax states.

But what are they bringing with them? They’re bringing their deadbeat, loser socialism with them. They’re bringing their left-wing attitudes with them. And they are corrupting what used to be solid red states. So they leave places that they can’t stand anymore because their own politics has made places unlivable, and yet where they move to, they’re in the process of recreating the same circumstances. And it’s happening right in front of our face.

And there’s one person standing in the way! This is the point. And while this is a complimentary thing to say, this isn’t good! The one person standing in the way of all of this happening is Donald Trump. God bless him. One of the points I tried to make in my introduction of him on Monday night in Missouri, Cape Girardeau. One guy. Nine of his 11 candidates won.

Meanwhile, a bunch of linguini-spined Republicans gave up in late 2017 and throughout 2018, figuring that Trump was an albatross, that Trump was gonna destroy the party and that they didn’t want to be around when it happened, and they didn’t want to be in the House with the Democrats running it, and they made it happen. I mean, the irony of this is just breathtaking. A bunch of people leave thinking Trump is destroying the party. They’re the ones that end up doing that. Trump’s the guy who’s the one person standing in the way of the Republican Party being swept aside.


RUSH: Look, folks, I’m not trying to dump on your parade, but in Florida it was a very, very big ballot, and Proposition 4 — Bill No. 4, whatever they call it — you know what it was? To reauthorize the felon vote. And it passed. And you know how many of them there are here? 1.4 million! Who, by virtue of yesterday’s vote on something down ballot, are now going to be able to vote in Florida in future elections — 1.4 million! Now, which party do convicted ex-cons vote for? It’s the Democrat Party. I wonder why that is.

Which of the two parties campaigns and runs against law enforcement and the prison system? Why, none other than your Democrat Party. So if those 1.4 million felons would have been able to vote yesterday, would DeSantis have beaten Gillum, and would Rick Scott have beaten what’s-his-face, staple face, Nelson? Now, I am not the… People are telling me, “Rush, come on! Pfft! Get with it, man! Florida’s gone! This is the last chance!” I’m sorry, I cannot look at it that way. Okay, so there’s 1.4 million new voters. As long as you have a shot at ’em…

I just can’t sit here and give up. If that were the attitude, you know, I would say, “Sayonara,” and you’d never hear from me again. If I think everything’s gone and lost, why even do this? But I just can’t avoid people with this kind of attitude, and when I tell ’em that I don’t appreciate the attitude, they say, “Rush, the numbers are the numbers.” I say, “Yeah, but you can still compete for them, and who knows what circumstances and events are gonna happen? It’s not unusual that we’re outnumbered. The Democrats don’t win every election. (Snort!)

“The evidence is right in front of our face that they don’t win every election!” (impression) “Yeah, but we don’t have another Trump!” “Who knows! We didn’t have Trump before he decided to show up.” You know, California’s is one of these “feeder” states, too. People have been fleeing California in droves because of left-wing policies! Exorbitantly high taxes. Massive social infrastructure failure. I mean, homelessness on the rise. Feces and other polluting elements like drug paraphernalia all over the streets in major cities in California.

So people have left. The cost of housing is such that many people who work in California can’t afford to live anywhere near where their offices are. So they have to commute for days. They spend money out the wazoo on gasoline or commuting or whatever. So guess what? They leave! And you know where a bunch of ’em have been going? Texas! And you know why a lot of people are going to Texas? And it’s not just Texas. A lot of people go to Idaho. But those are the retirees, in many cases. You remember when Rick Perry was the governor of Texas?

He was all over California recruiting businesses to move there. Guess what? Austin is Silicon Valley east. Austin, Texas, may as well be Silicon Valley, and (sigh) any number of other California businesses were recruited to Texas and other states because they wanted to flee. And what do they end up doing? Just like these Northeastern snowbirds that show up in North Carolina and Florida, they bring with them the identical way of voting that creates that circumstances that even they, someday, are gonna want to flee.

But with all these new arrivals, the local politicians say, “Oh, man, look! With this influx of population, look at our rising tax base! Look at all this!” Businesses come in and it’s, “We’re really going gangbusters! We got this business located here, and this business…” I mean, if you want to live in suburban San Francisco, go to Austin, Texas. The only thing different is the climate. At any rate… But all is not lost. Given all of this, we still have the presidency, and in fact you could… You know what? You could say that one of the reasons we have Trump is because of these otherwise wishy-washy Republicans.

Take a look at a Trump rally. One of the points that I tried to make… I did say there’s nobody anywhere — Republican or Democrat Party — who could do what Trump does at these rallies. There’s nobody who could draw those crowds. There’s nobody who could keep those crowds. There is nobody who can cause as many people to show up outside, unable to get in as there are inside. There’s nobody. Why do you think that is? It’s not ’cause Trump’s a movie star. It’s not because he’s a media celebrity.

It’s not because he’s somebody you just want to see. It’s because Trump connects with people! The people that show up at these rallies — and I have seen it. They believe that Donald Trump is with them, understands them, is looking out for ’em. They don’t think there’s anybody else who does, by evidence of the fact that there’s not a single other politician anywhere who could do a Trump rally, much less 35 of ’em. There isn’t anybody. And while they sit there and look at these rallies, they privately envy and are jealous.

But at the same time, they’re cursing Trump for doing it, for being able to, rather than trying to figure out ways to emulate it.

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