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RUSH: Londonderry, New Hampshire, this is Patty.  Great to have you with us.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush!  This is just a thrill to talk to you.  I’m so excited.  I wanted to talk about my older two Millennial kids about how they were brainwashed through the education system.

RUSH:  All right.  How old are they now?

CALLER:  They’re 30 and 28, and then my youngest is a freshman in college.  Luckily, I started listening to you. I was always a Republican but never paid attention to politics.  And February before the election I was going through the radio and I happened upon your show, and I thought, “I agree with everything he says,” and since then my son and me — and my husband, who was a Democrat and now converted — listen to you every day.

So I was telling my oldest who went to graduate school for journalism about how we started listening to you and I knew that he was leaning liberal, and he said that he was taught in graduate school that you were just an entertainer and used techniques to convince your audience.  I, of course, know that that’s not true, but I feel like it’s gonna be hard to get through to him.  And then my daughter, who is also Millennial, was in graduate school as well.

And not only was she brainwashed by listening to the late-night comedians every single day, I never realized they were brainwashing her on social media. But I didn’t know much about global warming, and one day I said to my daughter, “Did you know that Rush said that climate change might not be a real thing?” and she said, “Wow. My professors give me assignments based on climate change.  Why would they do that if it’s not real?”  So I was just wondering… I feel like it’s like hopeless to convince them and they become angry if we even talk about politics at all and —

RUSH: (sigh) You know, I often put myself in positions like yours, imagining: If I had kids and this happened, how would I deal with it? I talk to parents all the time who seem to have lost control of what their kids believe.  They’ve lost control of the values that they were raised with and they’ve lost control of whatever the politics of the household were.  But then there’s some families where that hasn’t happened.  I know a bunch of families — with four kids, five kids — and they have all remained immune to the onslaught that they have faced in school.

I can sympathize with your plight.  You’re up against it.  You’re the parent.  You know, you’re always wrong.  The professors… Like your daughter said, “Why would they teach us this if it weren’t true?”  So you have to come back and describe who the professors are, that they’re actually a bunch of propagandists. I imagine that wouldn’t fly why your daughter, so it’s a challenging thing. But it’s gonna have to happen somewhere, somehow.


RUSH: The last caller was the mother of Millennials.  I have long thought about this.  I don’t have children, and I don’t talk about it much, folks, but, I mean, if I were asked questions about it, I might answer them. But I’ve just always thought of myself as too selfish.  I have wanted the freedom to give this career everything I had.  If I had to move to Outer Slobovia, if I had to work for two years at minimum wage, I didn’t want distracting pressures.

As such, I thought that my parenting might not be all that hot.  I’ve never been one of these people compelled to have kids and drop my seed all over the country anyway.  I don’t have that kind of an ego.  As such, you know, I’ve missed some experiences that many of you have had, and all I can do is try to relate to them.  And one of those is malcontent, renegade, disloyal, off-the-reservation crumb crunchers.

If I had kids that went away to school and came back communists, I would be loaded for bear. I hear parents talk about things that happen at their schools that I would no more put up with, but they do, ’cause they’re afraid to confront anybody at the school for fear that the recriminations will be taken out on their kids!  I’ll give you one of the best examples I have ever heard — and I’m sure that this is nothing compared to some of our own. But it’s a history class that isn’t history.

It’s current events taught by a female professor — this is in high school — and all it was was a daily rip into George W. Bush.  When it came time for history tests, the teacher gave the students the answers.  She hadn’t taught history at all! It was a daily running commentary.  It was MSNBC in the classroom.  It was CNN in the classroom.  The kids loved it because they never had to learn anything! She gave them the answers for the tests so that they would ace them so that she would look good as a professor.

They would come home, the kids would come home, and they would tell their parents this is going on in the class, and the parents said, “Oh, my God.  This is horrible.”  But they were afraid to out the teacher for fear the teacher would give their kid an F.  One of the patients went to the principle anyway, and what happened?  They took it out on the kids anyway.  Okay, well, the teacher got reprimanded. They didn’t know what student complained. But it didn’t change anything.

So some parents do take action.  Some don’t.  But that’s probably very common in classrooms all over the country where you have activists who go to the college to become teachers. They come out, they get their classes — history, whatever it is — and then they start propagandizing, because they’re filled with hate themselves. The teachers are angry. As human beings they’ve been taught anger, they’ve been taught outrage, they’ve been taught community organizing.

That’s who has gone into education.  It’s sort of like what’s happened to Catholic Church, although that’s a different kind of infiltration that’s taken place there.  In public education, you have a bunch of leftists who have gone in there for the express purpose of poisoning the minds of young kids while they’re away from their parents.  Now, as I say, if I had kids and that had happened, I wouldn’t give a rat’s rear end what happened to the kid.

I would take it up with the schooled and I would not stop until I got a satisfactory explanation for what was gonna happen, because my kid’s there to learn history, not what this stupid teacher thinks about George W. Bush.  I’ll take care of that at home.  But, man, there’s fear! I understand parental fear, fear of the authorities in school, fear of the authorities on the school board.  So I hear these stories that kids come home and they believe all this crazy stuff.

Especially if it is in direct opposition to the way you’ve raised your kids.  You know, that’s your job as a parent.  It’s your prerogative.  Now, not every parent takes that seriously.  Some parents couldn’t care less. They send the kid away and the more they’re out of the home, the better. The less time the kids need parents spending time with them, the better.  But parents who take seriously raising their kids and inculcating certain values, including political, and then send them away to school and have ’em unwound and deluded and so forth?

It’s not their right to do that.

That’s not what they’re there for!

But it happens.  Your kid comes home, and it’s happened to you. You’ve done your best. You’ve done everything you can to raise your kid.  And I’m not talking conservative values.  I’m just talking about the morality that you have, the variation of decency and humanity that you have that you tried to raise your kids with and your kids come home and you find out that what you’ve attempted to teach them is being unwound and unraveled.

You don’t know what to do about it because kids are kids and they rebel, and kids for the most part think their parents are oddballs and kooks. Like they never want to go to movies with them. “Mom, don’t. If you’re gonna take me to school, drop me off two blocks away so they won’t see you drop me off or any of that.  In fact, give me my own car so I won’t have to worry about you driving,” that kind of thing.  I’ve often thought if I were in that situation, I wouldn’t have any trouble at all taking this young skull full of mush of mine and wiping that propaganda out of their heads.

But then they go back to school the next day and the same thing happens over and over again.  So then I ask myself, “Well, how come it doesn’t work on every kid?  Why do some kids remain immune to the efforts to propagandize ’em and why the others fall for it?”  Now, our last caller from Londonderry, New Hampshire, said something key.  She said one of her sons went to graduate journalism school.  Now, I’m here to tell you: If you have a kid that’s gonna go to journalism school, you are going to lose them.

The whole point of journalism is to promote left-wing and liberal individualism disguised as something else.  It always has been.  Today, journalism is not taught concomitant with history, and I don’t know how you can do that. I don’t know how you can teach good journalism skills without providing an historical perspective.  But it isn’t done.  History is rewritten.  It’s revised.  Elements of the past that liberals hate, disagree with? Those things are demonized as part of journalism school.  But I was reading something the other day where a prominent journalist in tech got into a little cat fight with another journalist in tech — tech reporting, technology journalism.

And one of the two women explained her role as a journalist. And I’d heard this before. There are other words for this, but this is exactly what it is. “To afflict the comfortable and to comfort the afflicted.” Now, there are many ways that you can explain that. Speaking truth to power. But what it means is that journalists are there to make sure that anybody with any power over anybody else doesn’t get away with it, is investigated, is destroyed, is what have you. It’s a quest to sort of equalize power.

The whole idea of afflicting the comfortable, meaning there’s something obviously we need to find out. If somebody’s successful, if somebody is happy, somebody’s succeeding, we’ve got to find out how they’ve cheated. We’ve got to find out how they’re using people. And that is what, in a modified, generic sense, journalism was.

But now leftists in power are nothing but comforted. They are not investigated. They are not exposed. They are not suspected. And everybody on the right is, whether they are successful or not. So journalism is no longer about afflicting the comfortable in any way, shape, manner or form if we’re talking about other Democrats or leftists or what have you. It’s about promoting them and comforting them while afflicting those who aren’t leftists or Democrats or what have you.

Now, in the old days before journalism, and you have to go back a long way before it became so expressly tied with Democrat politics and liberalism, journalism really was a quest to destroy the powerful, under the premise that the powerful have obviously done something they don’t want anybody to know to get the power. And they continue to do things they don’t want anybody to know.

That’s why I always made the joke, if you’re a young journalist in — take your pick media market, small market America — and you want to get noticed by the big guys, do a profile on somebody in your town and destroy them or take an industry and destroy it, or try to. Take something powerful and big and successful and damage it. And today the enemy is anybody not on the left. They are the ones who must be damaged, destroyed, afflicted, or what have you.

And that’s what’s taught in journalism school and how to do it. The use of certain words, the use of certain phrases to describe certain kinds of people. It’s formulaic and they are cookie cutters. Journalism graduates largely think, feel, operate identically. That’s why you don’t need a memo to instruct them how to describe Dick Cheney. They got out of journalism school hating people like Dick Cheney or Donald Trump. Take your pick.

So if you have a kid going to journalism school, and if it’s graduate journalism school, you’re gonna lose ’em forever and you’re never gonna get ’em back, ever.


RUSH: This is Ralph in Islamorada, Florida. It’s great to have you. This is where they shot the show Bloodlines on the — I don’t know if they shot it. Well, they did. They shot some of it down there. I use to pronounce this Islamorada before I was publicly, humiliatingly corrected. I even almost did just now, but it’s Islamorada. And it’s Ralph. Great to have you here, sir. How are you doing?

CALLER: Mr. Limbaugh, thank you for taking my call, I really appreciate it.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: Something real quick on parenting. You consider us listeners your children. You are awesome. To my other point, I’m talking to my 13-year-old daughter a couple days ago about voting and she brought up, “Yeah, we all voted Democrat in school.” I said, “What?” And I asked her what she used as a resource to determine her choices.

She said, “Well, we watch CNN, MSNBC, and something called smart vote online [sic].” I said, you don’t listen — and I did bring up Rush Limbaugh first and One America is another great news organization who does a tremendous job, and she goes, no. I said, “You gotta be kidding me.” I was blown away, Rush. I couldn’t believe it. Could not believe it.

RUSH: Wait. Wait, wait, wait. You were really surprised that your daughter’s school did not expose her to anything other than liberal news organizations?

RUSH: Well, I’m not surprised that they tried to push it on her, I’m surprised that she chose to take the bait that they’re putting out there. Especially when we’re in the car, I’m listening to you, she’s listening with me. I’m always watching One America or Fox, even Fox lately has been getting kind of iffy, and listening to you mostly. I was just blown away that her whole ticket was Democratic. And I said, “You can’t go by those resources only. Use various resources to determine.” I was just blown away how they are brainwashing our children.

RUSH: You said she’s 13. How did she react to you saying that to her?

CALLER: She goes, “Well, Trump lies a lot.” I said, “Lying about what? Give me a precise reason, give me a lie that he’s saying.” She brings up illegal immigration, health care. I said, “No. You listen to Rush for one week, you watch One America on TV for a week and then you tell me if your choices would still be the same.”

RUSH: Wait a minute, now. Wait, wait just a minute here. I want to make sure I’m hearing what I’m think I’m hearing. You have a 13-year-old daughter, and she came home from a voting exercise and tells you she voted Democrat, then gives you the sources. You asked her why, and she said, “Well, Trump lies all the time.” Is that something she said to you, did I hear you right there?

CALLER: That’s what they told her.

RUSH: That’s my point! Okay. So you’ve got a teacher telling your daughter and other students that the president of the United States lies all the time.


RUSH: Now, I’m trying to think. I’m sitting here trying to think. When I was 13, what is that, seventh grade, about that? I don’t remember that kind of thing being said by a teacher to me even in high school. Well, I take it back. I did have one history professor who happened to love Wendell Willkie and did tell us in class how she thinks or thought that he got screwed and shafted.

But that’s exactly what I’m talking about. You got a teacher telling a 13-year-old student, your daughter, that Trump lies all the time. That’s exactly the kind of thing that you have to find a way to contend. That’s the big thing about what your daughter told you, in addition to the sources, that the teacher said that Trump lies? And she comes home and tells you that as though it’s fact?

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