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RUSH: Here’s what’s got ’em all scared, folks. Headline: Ruth “Buzzi” Ginsburg Admitted to Hospital After Fracturing Three Ribs in a Fall.” Leftists are actually calling the hospital offering their own ribs and their own organs if she needs them to keep going. I’m not kidding.


RUSH:  All right, breaking news.  Ruth “Buzzi” Ginsburg “admitted to the hospital after fracturing three ribs in a fall.”  She was taken to George Washington Hospital this morning.  “According to a court spokesman, Ginsburg has fractured three ribs in the fall.  Tests show she fractured three ribs on the left side.”  Now, Ruth Ginsburg has survived several fights with cancer.  She had heart surgery in 2014, according to CNBC.  She has beaten pancreatic and colon cancer.  Those are… Beating pancreatic cancer is a big deal.

Pancreatic cancer — colon cancer, too — are two of the deadliest forms, and you remember… They had shortly around the nomination of Gorsuch and then after that Kavanaugh, remember the left put out this video of the “RBG Workout,” the Ruth “Buzzi” Ginsburg… It looked like… Ah, I’m having a mental block on what you call it.  You shadow box out there, you kickbox. Anyway, they had her out there doing that stuff, and they said when they put it out that mere mortals couldn’t hope to keep up with her.

That, you and me, we wouldn’t be able to last a minute doing the Ruth Bader Ginsburg workout.  (laughing) They had about two seconds of it, two seconds of video where it looked like she was, ah, shadow boxing.  You know, women are fascinated by boxing, I have found.  They sit there and they go through the motions.  That’s what she was doing.  And now, apparently, young people, people under 30, are offering RBG their own ribs on social media and whatever organs that she might need.

I am not making this up.  This is a McClatchy News story.

There’s a tweet out there:  “I love how every person under the age of 30 on Twitter is currently offering Ruth [‘Buzzi’] Ginsburg their ribs and any other internal organ that she might need.”


Well, they know.  I mean, they know what’s up.


RUSH: Ted in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Great to have you with us, sir.  How are you doing?

CALLER:  I’m doing great, Mr. Limbaugh.  Love your talent.  I’m so grateful to have you as the Big Voice on the Right.  I was just looking at the headlines and I see “Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 85, Hospitalized After Breaking Three Ribs in a Fall in Her Office.”  In light of what we saw during the Kavanaugh hearings, what kind of a meltdown can we expect from Democrats and the liberal media if, in fact, she is done, and President Donald Trump gets to nominate a third Supreme Court justice?

RUSH:  Well, with… (chuckles) If this all happens after next January, with more senators than Trump has had and with enough, maybe, that Collins and Murkowski’s objection to whoever wouldn’t matter.  Now, here’s the thing about this.  There are people… I don’t know if you’ve heard this or not, Ted.  But there are people so panicked about this on the left. Millennials, under 30 — she’s at George Washington university Medical Center — that they are calling the hospital and offering their own ribs, if needs.  They are offering whatever of their own internal organs that RBG might need.

I am not making this up.  Why?  Because they know.  For all this talk about the Republicans got swamped on Tuesday (chuckles) not quite.  When you look at the left and their reliance on the judiciary as their election-loss insurance — when they can pollute and corrupt the judiciary with a bunch of liberal activists disguised as judges — well, that’s how they maintain the implementation of liberalism in our society and culture even when they lose elections.

They do it via courts and court cases.  And right now, Kavanaugh and Gorsuch added to Thomas and Alito, and maybe Roberts? They’re on the vernal now. If one of the libs retires… The thing about Ruth “Buzzi” is she is not gonna quit.  Ruth “Buzzi” has vowed to not leave the Supreme Court while Trump is president.  So I think she will do everything she can to hang on.  Now, I don’t want to get into… What is she, 82, 83, 85?  How old is she? She’s over 80, I know, and it’s just… Falls are not good, you know?  They’re just not good. (interruption) She’s 85.

That’s why when you… When people hit 65, 66, and falling can mean other things.  We hope it’s not the case when her.  But she has no intention of abdicating as it were.  But to answer your question: If such time happens, there will be a total meltdown.  There will be a meltdown before Trump names a replacement.  And we all think we know who the replacement’s gonna be: Amy Coney Barrett.  But if it’s not, whoever it is, if the next appointment is in the mold of Kavanaugh or Gorsuch, you are never going to know that the Democrats won the House.

It’ll be forgotten, because it’s absolutely meaningless in this.  There’s nothing any Democrat in the House can do that’ll have any effect on whoever Trump nominates to the Supreme Court.  They expanded the Republican majority there.  The nuclear option is gone. The Democrats did away with it.  They are stuck.  They are really stuck, and this is gonna sober them up like nothing ever has.  Whenever this happens, whenever the next appointment is made, you watch.

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