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RUSH: The incoming chairman of the House Judiciary Committee couldn’t contain himself. On a train — the New York-to-Washington Acela — Democrat congressman Jerry Nadler talked strategy on the phone and his call was overheard — actually, his calls.

In one call, he laid out plans to impeach Brett Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court. Plus go after the FBI for doing a “half-assed,” quote-unquote, job of investigating the fake accusations during the Democrat smear campaign. Nadler and his fellow Democrats want to take down Justice Kavanaugh for supposedly lying under oath.

President Trump will be in the Democrats’ crosshairs over Russian collusion, even though there wasn’t any!

I want every single liberal who voted for Democrats to remember these promises. Your elected Democrats have promised Brett Kavanaugh’s head on a pike. They have promised to humiliate and spank the FBI, and they’ve promised to take down President Trump via impeachment ’cause he stole the election from you and from Hillary.

You need to hold these Democrats accountable to you. When they fail — when they fail to pull all this off — you make them do, or try to do, what they promised to do. You make them keep going! Do not let them stop trying to get rid of Kavanaugh and Trump. Do you hear me? Keep going! Keep going! Do not let Nadler stop this crusade of his. It’s important.

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