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Nov 9, 2018


UKDM: Trump Blasts ‘Dishonesty’ in Florida Counties Where Democratic Officials Are ‘Finding Votes Out of Nowhere’ to Help Bill Nelson Overturn His Loss to Republican Rick Scott – and Tells Georgia Democrat Fighting Loss in Governor’s Race to ‘Move On’
Daily Wire: Rubio: Here’s More Evidence Of Potential Voting Law Violations In Broward County, FL
FOX13: Governor Rick Scott Warns ‘Rampant Fraud’ Possible in Broward, Palm Beach Counties
WPTV: Governor Rick Scott Claims Election Fraud, Orders Law Enforcement Investigation
New York Post: Florida Teacher Finds ‘Provisional Ballot Box’ in Storage Area
NBC: Gillum Statement Stokes Intrigue as Florida Vote Margin Tightens
ABC15: Kyrsten Sinema Takes Slight Lead in Senate Race Over Martha McSally
Daily Wire: Broward County Supervisor Of Elections Has A Sketchy History
Breitbart: ‘No Empathy’: Vox’s Matt Yglesias Defends ‘Terrorizing’ Tucker Carlson’s Family
Washington Times: Antifa Expands Its Hit List as Political Violence Escalates
Alyssa Milano Offers Ruth Bader Ginsberg Her Ribs, ‘Kidney and a Lung’
Reuters: Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg Released from Hospital
Florida Sun-Sentinel: Teacher Reports Finding Ballot Box Left Behind at Broward Polling Place
Miami Herald: On the Hunt for New Votes, Democrats Find a Trickle in the Blue County of Miami-Dade
UK Guardian: Dutch Man, 69, Starts Legal Fight to Identify as 20 Years Younger
PJ Media: Sen. Bill Nelson Hires Perkins Coie/Trump Dossier Attorney Marc Elias to Handle Florida Recount
Breitbart: Leftists Blame ‘White Women’ for Red State Midterm Losses
UK Guardian: Half of White Women Continue to Vote Republican. What’s Wrong with Them? – Moira Donegan
Washington Examiner: Why Little Boys Don’t Become Men that Women Want to Marry
FOX & Friends: Op-ed: Democrats Hold the House, But Not The Power
WIVB: Former NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Will Not Face Charges


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