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RUSH: When a political party loses, they ask themselves why. Unfortunately, party leaders tend to avoid the truth.

Ohio Republican Jim Jordan isn’t following that path. In an open letter to his House colleagues, he didn’t mince words. Jordan said that if House Republicans had done things differently over the last two years, they’d still be in the majority.

He called out Congressional Republicans and their leaders for not delivering on their campaign promises. He slammed them for not helping President Trump shake things up in Washington. Which is what their voters wanted.

Jordan warned his colleagues that Democrats will use power to try to impeach President Trump and thwart him at every turn. Not to mention intimidate and punish any opposition. According to Jordan, elected Republicans’ job is to valiantly defend President Trump and aggressively fight the Democrats.

Will Republicans go back to business-as-usual, again, as the minority party? Or will they admit their colleague Jim Jordan nailed it?

It won’t take long before we know the answer the new congress is sworn in January and we should know by the end of the month, if not sooner.

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