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Nov 12, 2018


NBC: Step Right Up: The Recount Circus Has Come Back To Florida
CBS: ‘You Better Count Every Vote’, Candidates Speak Out As Recount Begins
GateWayPundit: Broward County Elections Officials Block View as Ballots are Bundled and Bagged in Davie, Florida Voting Center
Daily Caller: Media Dismisses Florida Election Misconduct As Conservative Conspiracy Theory
Townhall: Report: FL Airport Shut Down Over ‘Suspicious Package’ That Ended Up Being Provisional Ballots?
HotAir: That Time The Democrats Objected To Rejecting A Vote From A Non-Citizen
AP: Mishaps, Protests and Litigation Overshadow Florida Recount
AP: Death Toll Rises in California Wildfire, Matching Deadliest
East Bay Times: Camp Fire Death Toll Grows to 29, Matching 1933 Blaze as State’s Deadliest
ClimateDepot: Gov. Brown Blames Climate ‘Deniers’ for Worsening Wildfires – Scientific Evidence Refutes Him: ‘Less Fire Today Than Centuries Ago’ – Wildfires are Not Due to ‘Climate Change’
Daily Caller: Media Dismisses Florida Election Misconduct As Conservative Conspiracy Theory
Politico: Arizona Election Results 2018
LauraLoomer.us: Provisional Ballot Boxes Left Inside AVIS Rental Car At Fort Lauderdale Airport
National Review: Fire Brenda Snipes
Daily Caller: Gillum, Nelson Lawyers Fight To Include Non-Citizen’s Vote In Florida
RealClearPolitics: Macron Misses the Mark on Nationalism
Axios: Democrats Load “Subpoena Cannon” with 85+ Trump Targets
FOXNews: ‘He’s Factually Inaccurate’: Army Vet Slams Macron’s ‘Nationalism’ Dig at Pres. Trump
Wall Street Journal: Who Lost The House? John McCain – Jason Lewis
Townhall: Democrat Kyrsten Sinema Continues Her Hate For Arizona, Says the State is the ‘Meth Lab’ of Democracy


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