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RUSH: All right. It’s Politico, which is saying that Kyrsten Sinema has beaten Martha McSally in Arizona, and the vote margin is 31,000, interestingly, which is the same margin that DeSantis is up over Gillum here, 31,000. That’s after, you know, some late arriving ballots and so forth. You know the governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, won his race by 300,000 votes. They’re both Republican. So how do you explain Ducey getting 300,000 more votes or 270,000 more votes than McSally or somewhere in there?

Maybe 310,000, whatever it is. How do you explain this? And the vote totals are pretty similar. I mean, some people may have sat out a Senate race. Maybe on a ballot, I don’t know Senate race… You know, Broward County, in Broward County there’s a lot of people did not vote for the Senate because the ballot was so confusing. Have you heard this? And the Democrats put the ballot together.

They run the county, they put the ballot together, and, apparently, the Senate race and some others were so confusing on the ballot that if you didn’t look at it in advance and look at the sample ballot they send, a lot of people didn’t vote for Senate. Well, now, is that not an invitation to go fill some of those in by people who run the show down there? So fascinating stuff. But this Arizona thing, folks, is eye-opening to me simply because of the contrast between these two women.


RUSH: Arizona is a puzzlement. Well, it’s not; that’s the problem. It’s not a puzzlement whatsoever to me. Here’s the situation, and let me first set it up by describing Arizona as the state of Barry Goldwater. Folks, it wasn’t that long ago…

You know, I really… This is painful to remember this stuff. It wasn’t that long ago, 30 years, when I moved to California in 1984. Ronaldus Magnus was just getting to… He’s set to run for reelection. I moved in October of 1984 to Sacramento and his second term campaign was underway, of course. Republicans… You wouldn’t say they owned the state of California, but they had held the office of governor for years.

Remember the names Pete Wilson and George Deukmejian? Republicans were a major, major factor in the state of California. That’s just 30 years ago. In one generation, California is now gone, literally gone. There doesn’t seem any way that Republicans will ever be in a majority situation out there. Things can change, I understand. But this has been systemic. And one of the reasons for this, one of the reasons is demographics and finally just the cumulative effect of years and years of illegal immigration.

When was Simpson-Mazzoli? Simpson-Mazzoli was the granting of amnesty to nearly three million illegal immigrants. That was 1986. Simpson-Mazzoli was the names of the two sponsors of the bill, one in the House, one in the Senate, but it was basically Ted Kennedy’s bill. And Reagan signed it, because it was considered the Republicans had to do this to show their big-heartedness. The Republicans had to show that they were, you know, not at all discriminatory against minorities, blah, blah, same garbage.

And they promised this would be it. After this grant of amnesty, we would tighten the border security and we would make sure that we would get a handle on all these illegals. And of course it was as big a lie as “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” It was as big a lie as “If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan.” It was as big a lie as, (impression) “I never had sex with that woman, not a single time, ever.”

California 30 years ago was a reliable Republican state with Republican influences in the state, in terms of economics, state legislation. I remember when I got there in 1984, that… he left was just intensifying things like climate change. It was just starting. Back then it was the spotted owl and forestation was the big focus on militant environmentalism. You couldn’t cut down any trees because the spotted owl. You couldn’t do anything.

You couldn’t… They tried to put the timber industry out of business.

You couldn’t cut down a single tree where a spotted owl might spend 10 minutes on it. Now, it was mainly up in Humboldt County in Northern California. But it was back that we were laughing at ’em. Were laughing at these kooks! These left-wing liberal kooks! The name of the group back then was called Earth First, and they would put nails and spikes in trees that were to be harvested so that may be the trees were harvested, those spikes and nails would become like shrapnel and injure the people in the business of cutting down the trees.

But of course the beauty of a tree is what you can do with it. Piano, house. And for every tree we cut down, we replant five. It’s been policy both government and private sector. Anyway, 30 years ago Arizona’s the same way. The state of Barry Goldwater, the home state, if you will, of the conservative forebear of American electoral politics. Well, Arizona, I don’t know if it’s gone yet, but, boy, is it close. Arizona has been known as a Republican state but, yeah, what kind of Republican state?

Well, it’s been known as Bush-McCain Republican state, meaning pretty moderate Republican, (impression), ‘Certainly not conservative, not at all. It’d be too extreme for us.” So they’ve gone moderate Republican, RINO. And Senator McCain, as you know, was a big proponent of amnesty. Senator McCain, Senator McCain Republican, it was his state. Senator McCain ran the Republican Party out there in Arizona, which he was the victor. Nothing odd about it.

I’m just saying that this is the kind of Republicanism we’ve had. It has not been a combative Republican, has not been conservative. It basically tried to find a peaceful way to coincide with the left, which is not possible. But McCain… Remember the media, the left-wing media that McCain thought was his base? He thought that the left-wing media was gonna be on his side if he ever got the presidential nomination.

So here we are. I’m really jumping forward, but I just want to destruct history of just 30 years ago, that’s a generation. California and Arizona were solidly, not just Republican, but conservative. Now, we skip forward to 2018. We’ve got a Senate contest between a woman named Kyrsten Sinema, who is a Marxist. You can’t deny that to some people she’s attractive. It matters. But she’s a Marxist. She is an unapologetic Marxist and leftist. She even has hippie culture identities.

She’s openly stated that she’s not very proud of Arizona, doesn’t particularly like the people there. Her opponent, Martha McSally — just as a citizen — is the epitome of what you would want in your neighborhood, in your church, in your state, your county. I mean, if you’re looking at public achievements, public accomplishments and so forth, McSally is it. She is what decades ago was the objective of politics, to find and produce quality moral, high value citizens to represent the best of America.

She was it. She’s the most decorated, the first… I don’t know… Highly decorated first female fighter pilot, I believe, in the Air Force. So you have that pedigree, which is unassailable, up against a hippie-dippie Marxist who is just all over the place intellectually and emotionally, and this candidate loses handily. This should have been a wipeout. McSally should have wiped the floor with this candidate, any candidate like Sinema.

Except for today. Now, one thing about McSally. She’s a moderate Republican. If you look at the governor’s race there, Doug Ducey, the governor in Arizona, Republican, got in the final count still out there 250,000 more votes than Martha McSally. How does that happen? How do 250,000 Republicans who vote for Doug Ducey not also vote for the Republican Senate candidate? I don’t know who they voted for. I’m not saying they crossed over and voted for Sinema, but they didn’t vote for McSally.

How do you explain that? I don’t know, but there has to be, there has to be an explanation. I think the answer is found in moderate versus conservative. That’s just me. But put very simply that this woman, Kyrsten Sinema, could win in Arizona against one of the most impeccably attractive candidates has got a lot of people shell-shocked. The real reason it’s happening is the same thing’s happening in California.

There is a porous border, and people, illegal immigrants, have been flooding into Arizona and all of the southwest for the last 30 years, even after Simpson-Mazzoli. There has not been serious effort to shut it down. In fact, the Republican leader in the state of Arizona, Senator McCain, was all for amnesty, comprehensive immigration reform granting 11 million — minimum 11 million — more illegals, amnesty for their crimes of being here illegally. The Bush administration, George W., same thing, same.

This is what it has wrought. The demographics of the country are changing drastically. It’s not all Mexican immigration. But Mexico is facilitating… They’re doing everything they can to facilitate whoever is walking and driving through their country to get here illegally. Now, if you start addressing these facts like I’m doing here, you start talking about this, the historical of California, the history of Arizona, and you point out why these massive changes occurred.

And, by the way, we’re not talking about people arriving here who wish to assimilate and become part of the unique American culture. That is not what is happening. Legal immigration’s where that happens. But illegal immigration is not about that at all. It’s about something else entirely. You know, we’re different, folks, than European country. The American left wants America to be like Europe.

But we are vastly different from Europe in a whole host of ways, and one of the big ones is we don’t have a singular nationality. We have a singular culture — or had. We were a melting pot united around a particular and specific culture, a freedom culture that was expressed in our founding documents, Declaration of Independence and Constitution. That is what brought people here. It was a distinct and unique American culture where the citizen was first and the government was second.

And we became a melting pot from people all over the world who brought their cultures here but they wanted to become Americans, to become part of this freedom culture that has its roots in the belief in limited government. The people coming into our country now do not share that culture nor they desire to become a part of it. They have their own culture, and they’re bringing it with them. They have their own language and they’re bringing it with them.

They have their own traditions and they’re bringing them and it’s setting up, and they’re Balkanizing. They’re not assimilating. Europe, of course, has individual the countries which are based on singular nationalities. Europe does not have a singular culture. But we do! And we always have had. And if that culture breaks down, if that distinct identity… It creates things like American exceptionalism.

If all of that breaks down, then so goes American culture with it, and that is precisely what is happening. This is not a racist statement. Even though people saying things like this, the first reaction left has is to accuse people speaking as I am right now of being racist. But it really goes to the point of can we have one country? Can we have one country that splits and dissects this great American culture into many others that end up competing?

That don’t have much in common and whose primary impact is to dilute and water down this the great American culture, which is exactly what is happening? It is what has happened in California. It is what has happened in Arizona. It is happening in Texas. North Carolina is one election cycle away from being essentially an entire state that you will not be able to distinguish from Manhattan politically and ideologically, and all of these places that I’m describing used to be majority dependable Republican.

See, if Texas goes, that’s 38 electoral votes, and combined with New York and California and Illinois. Well, you can see. It’s highly scary, and it’s happening right in front of our eyes. It’s been happening for 30 years. The McSally and Sinema race I think exposes or illustrates this. I know times change and you can’t stay locked in the past, but traditions are traditions, and right and wrong is right and wrong.

There are certain things which are timeless. I’m just telling you here, folks, that you don’t have to go back very far and someone like Kyrsten Sinema would not have had a prayer of winning anything in Arizona, and yet here she is victorious. It’s because the demographic shift. It’s because… Well, there’s a whole bunch of reasons. I’ve been through most of it here.


RUSH: Well, okay. Here’s another way to look at. Look at the Civil War. America at its most divided; correct? Well, some say so. Can’t find a time in American history where America’s more divided than the Civil War. But I would maintain to you that both the North and the South had similar cultures. There were disputes about two really big issues. One was slavery. The other one had to do with taxes and tariffs and trade and so forth. But slavery of the big one.

But aside from that, the culture, the way people lived, the values, throwing out slavery between North and South were pretty similar. Everybody spoke the same language. Everybody held the same aspirations and desires for their kids and for themselves, and there were time-honored traditions that everybody believed in, such as rugged individualism and hard work paying off. I’m not… No, no, no. Please don’t. I’m not trying to deemphasize the importance of slavery.

I’m trying to say is that we did not have competing cultures in the Civil War like we have now. Put another way, we didn’t have competing ideologies to the extent that we do now. We survived the Civil War because there was a side that was morally wrong and was defeated militarily to the point of surrender, and that defeat was acknowledged. Took a while, but it was accepted and acted. We don’t have that today.

We don’t have… The similarities that exist between the varying cultures in America are widening. They’re lessening. People are simply developing here to have less in common with more and more people. And that’s gonna happen when you have people arriving here illegally, unaccountably, who do not wish to assimilate and become, quote-unquote, “Americans.” It only makes sense, and we have a political party, the Democrats, encouraging that very thing!


RUSH: Well, yeah, the media is always a factor. The national media never told anybody what Kyrsten Sinema stands for. The national media never described her Marxism or her loopy hippie-ism in any way, and they dressed her up pretty good so she didn’t look like the hippie (heh heh) babe that she is. But these things could have been overcome. But we’re not unified on our side. That is the billing, big, unspoken truth in the room — the elephant, if you will.

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