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RUSH: State of Maryland. The Democrat Party has chosen the state of Maryland and the attorney general in Maryland to ask a federal judge — now, get this — to ask a federal judge to name Rod Rosenstein as deputy attorney general, not Matt Whitaker. Trump has named Matt Whitaker. He’s legal. He has been vetted by the Senate advice and consent. He can serve on an interim basis if he hasn’t been advised. He can serve 210 days. There’s no question, despite what you hear about the constitutionality of Matt Whitaker as the acting attorney general until Trump wants to pick somebody.

I’ll tell you what this is about. It’s purely and simply about one thing, and that’s the Mueller investigation and the Democrats’ paranoia that Trump is gonna fire Mueller and Rosenstein and everybody that has anything to do with it. And they don’t want the Mueller investigation shut down, they don’t want Mueller fired, because they believe Mueller has the goods on Trump or somebody colluding with the Russians.

They’re hell bent on this. And they think Trump chose Whitaker as a guy that’s gonna go in there and get rid of Mueller. Now, asking the Maryland AG to go to a federal judge and asking a federal judge to rule that Rosenstein should be deputy attorney general instead of whoever Trump decides to put in there, what about separation of powers? There isn’t a scenario on earth where our Constitution prevails, where our Constitution matters, that a federal judge anywhere, a federal district court judge anywhere can tell Donald Trump who to appoint and put in any position, deputy AG or anything else.

And yet that is what Maryland is attempting to do. They’ve decided to go to the state of Maryland just like they went to the state of Washington, state of Hawaii to try to arrest and stay Trump’s travel ban orders, they have chosen Maryland here, proximity to D.C. It’s just… I don’t know. You run out of superlatives to describe these people: outrageous, unbelievable. But it’s all about Mueller and the Mueller investigation.

In terms of conflicts, Rosenstein has so many more conflicts than Whitaker. Rosenstein wrote the memo recommending Comey be fired! Which everybody seems to have forgotten. And Rosenstein signed off on two of this applications for the FISA warrant to spy on Trump using the phony bought-and-paid-for by Hillary Clinton Steele dossier! Rosenstein doesn’t have any credibility here any more than Whitaker does. In fact, he’s got less. But they want Rosenstein in there because they’re confident Rosenstein will not fire Mueller or end his investigation. That’s all this is about, folks.

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