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RUSH: Towner, North Dakota. This is Derek and great to have you. Hi, Derek. Welcome.

CALLER: Hi, Mr. Limbaugh. It’s an absolute honor to speak with you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir!

CALLER: I’m a 30-year-old Millennial. I have my own business. I am a devout Catholic. And I am a conservative. Now, that being said, I know that I am in the minority of my generation. Now, my two questions for you: What’s the future look like? And how outnumbered are we actually, Millennial conservatives?

RUSH: Millennial conservatives, you know, you probably are somewhat outnumbered if you’re gonna compare yourself to a universe of Millennials, universe that is college educated, you’re certainly gonna be outnumbered there. But the thing that a lot of young people don’t know and haven’t lived long enough to know it, is that their attitudes are gonna change as they grow older. You can’t help it, yours too. You can’t help it.

As you live longer, you experience more. And you keep learning. If your mind remains open, you’re gonna continue to learn and experience things. And you’ll modify certain beliefs that you have. So where you might be the minority now, it’s impossible to say that that’s gonna remain constant and static, because we don’t know what events are gonna take place and what effect they’re gonna have on people in terms of unifying what could be a cataclysmic event. It could be any series of small things.

CALLER: Yeah, but as of right now, I mean, what do you think? I mean, what is your opinion that if something like that doesn’t happen, where are we at? Do I have to look for my kids, Generation Z?

RUSH: Yeah, I know. Look. Hang on. Well, keep the radio on. I’m gonna have to answer this in the top of the next hour because we’re simply out of time right now. But don’t worry. I’m gonna address it when we get back.


RUSH: So our last caller, 30 years old, Millennial, devout Catholic, obviously a self-identified conservative, and he wanted to know what the future holds for him, people his age. And, you know, these are tough questions. I’ll tell you why. I’ll tell you why they’re tough, is because, on the one hand, I and a lot of people — I don’t have kids; I know a lot of people that do, who are scared to death of the future simply by watching the news, by watching the portrayal of people on the left, Democrats, and what they are doing to culture, to education and the fact that they have zero tolerance for anybody that doesn’t think like they do.

And that they now have control of much of pop culture, which is media, music, movies, TV shows, and so forth. And all the things that accompany that. And, on the other hand, here this is the United States of America. And it’s not going anywhere. There’s always gonna be an America. What kind of America it’s going to be is the question.

Now, we’ve been around, as founded, for over 200-some-odd years. And there are challenges every year. There are constant challenges to this country’s existence from within our own borders. And a lot of people try to address this reasonably, without being overly reactionary. And a lot of people think things are happening today that they haven’t seen happen in their lives, meaning the drift to the left by so many people.

And that drifting leftward incorporates a lot of people who are violent with their intolerance, and they’re making no bones about the fact that they don’t like America, as founded, and they don’t like anybody who’s had anything to do with being the majority in this country since the days of its founding and that those people have become targets and those people are held up as those responsible. They’re blamed for all of the so-called injustices that are being chronicled in America.

Pessimism is a natural thing. You have to fight it. I have to. Pessimism, I think, is a natural human emotion that doesn’t take much to trigger it. And pessimism can easily dominate optimism.

Naturally, optimism is something that even itself can be ridiculed. If you’re in the midst of a period of time or events where it seems hopeless or things are just trending in the worst direction and somebody comes along and is optimistic, they’re ridiculed for not being realistic. They’re ridiculed for not being able to see the truth of what’s happening.

I’ve found that pessimists want to be joined in their pessimism, and so optimism is not, in many cases, welcome. But I naturally tend toward optimism, and I have some quaint old beliefs that right and justice will triumph in the end. But there are more and more people that are losing faith in all of that because they see the cultural disintegration that’s taken place, and it’s being sponsored, it’s being promoted.

There’s a political party that has now as its political agenda the transforming of America away from what it was founded to be. And mystifyingly, that political party seems to be picking up a lot of advocates. It seems to be getting a lot of people voting for it, which has a lot of people scared because it doesn’t make sense.

Why would you want to tear this country apart? Why would you want to rip it to shreds? Why would you want to blame this country? Why would you want to open the borders of this country and let anybody in, especially those who are not going to assimilate, who are not going to try to become Americans and promote America for what it is? Why do you want to open the borders and let people in who may not like America either and have as their objective to change it or what have you.

And will that prevail? Is that ultimately gonna be our demise? And there’s just no way of knowing, except if you look toward the past, it hasn’t happened yet, despite a long trend line. If you want to judge where America’s going and what country it’s gonna be by virtue of election results, it looks bad. There is a map that is becoming increasingly blue, it’s become increasingly blue on our southern border and in all of our major population centers, the big cities. And there’s a genuine and true cultural divide where there is no overlap where people have things in common.

If I asked you to name something that unites all of us as Americans, what would you name? Where do we overlap with our political opponents? And I say political because part of the battle is that the Democrat Party and the American left are politicizing everything. They are politicizing leisure activity. They’re politicizing hobbies. They are politicizing things that have nothing to do with politics.

They’re turning every aspect of American life into a political issue and death fight and they are demanding acquiescence to it. They are demanding that you agree. They are demanding that you not even oppose. They’re simply demanding that you accept whatever it is they want, they demand, or they say. And it has people nonplussed, and it has some people angry because it’s not something we’ve seen before. The politicization of everything. Because the politicization of everything leads to the corruption of everything or of many things.

And so in the past there were institutions that we could always fall back on and rely on to have a backbone, to have no confusion about right or wrong. And it doesn’t seem like there are any or that they are deteriorating or that they are being watered down and diluted even to the point that some religions are compromising what their lifetime beliefs have been just to avoid being protested or to avoid being infiltrated or what have you, to the extent that they’re losing their own identity and the things that they stood for.

So it appears all around us that there is an attack, an assault on everything that we as Republicans or conservatives value and hold dear, and there doesn’t seem to be very much pushback against it all. Where it leads is just a never-ending struggle. And I think that fact is what really has people — what’s the word? — not despondent or depressed, but the fact that everything is gonna be hard, everything is gonna be a fight, even holding onto some of the greatest traditions and institutions which have defined the country, it’s gonna be an ongoing difficulty to hold on to them, that nothing is going to be easy.

Whereas it was perceived that certain things just defended themselves, certain traditions, institutions were rock solid and you didn’t question whether they were gonna be there, religion being one. He mentioned he was a devout Catholic. I mean, the Catholic Church is under assault. It has been for years. Nothing new about that. But now we have a pope who is a left-winger who is doing things and allowing things to happen in the Catholic Church that nobody ever thought would happen, and it’s gotta have people upset and wondering.

People keep waiting for the bottom to be hit. Because once we hit the bottom, there’s gonna be, it is theorized, a majority of Americans are gonna finally have had enough and stand up and say, that’s it, screw it, and start fighting back and stop taking it anymore. But that bottom hasn’t been hit because that reaction hasn’t happened, to whatever cultural depravity continues.

So he was 30, wondering what’s gonna happen to his generation. Whether he’s gonna be a minority for most of his life, he probably will be, as a young conservative Millennial, devout Catholic. In terms of the way America is portrayed in the media, the impression is always gonna be that he’s a minority. He’s gonna think of himself as a minority because of the way people like him are portrayed, mocked, laughed at, made fun of.

And it’s gonna require fortitude and a stiff spine to hold on to his values and maintain them and live them, because everything is in the process of being politicized for the purposes of reforming it or transforming it or changing it. But as far as where we’re headed, nobody can predict the future. And people who tell you they can without any caveats really don’t know what they’re talking about.

You’ve got to keep in mind that pessimism sells like nothing. Pessimism sells subscriptions to financial newsletters. Pessimism and the end of the world sells audience to newscasts and so forth. That’s why it’s always constant crisis, constant breaking news. But I don’t know, folks. This is not Pollyannish. I just have faith in America’s resilience and in the Constitution.

I think there’s always going to be a large, active, sizable population that defend it, protect it, stand up to it, and will eventually emerge victorious against all of this opposition. But if you look at election returns lately and if you look at demographic forecasts, you can’t see that. You see nothing but the end of America as we’ve known it. Just look at the demographic changes that are happening.

The media loves to tell you, they love to tell you that they era of white majorities are over and the sooner you white people figure it out the better. That’s why the Democrats have abandoned the white working people because they’re not the future. The Democrats are embracing this coalition of minority groups that is assumed to be growing. More minorities, more people coming in to the country from various places and that they’re all gonna be supporting big government and Democrats.

But somebody, the country, in order for it to be worthwhile to these people, somebody’s gonna have to continue to produce. There’s gonna have to be an America worth looting, if you will. There’s gonna have to be something about this country that makes it worthwhile. I don’t think it’s ever gonna be annihilated. I do believe that at some point people will have their fill. I’ve been hoping this for 30 years or 25, hoping to see it. But I still think it’s gonna happen at some point. Can’t tell you how. Can’t tell you it’s gonna manifest itself, what it’s gonna look like.

These last election results, I can’t get it through my head that a majority of people actually voted for Democrats because they liked the mobs that they saw during the Kavanaugh confirmation, for example. But it’s challenging to hold on to this point of view because if you do what I do every day and you expose yourself to the liberal order and the liberal culture, if you read what they write, read what they believe, read them talking to each other, you end up feeling hopeless. You see no chance these people are ever gonna get it, no chance they’re ever going to be any part of anything other than destruction of the country as is.

So I don’t know. I would love to sit here and tell you be confident, everything’s gonna work out, it’s gonna be fine because America is America, where optimism and triumph, this is the last place on earth where greatness pursued can be achieved. But I still believe that. And I really think that what most people ought to try to do is distance yourself from as much pessimism as you can.

You know, I could come here every day, I could come here every day, and this show would be nothing but pessimism and doom and gloom, and all I would have to do is read headlines! That’s all I would have to do! The news every day, if all you see is headlines, I don’t care where you go on the internet to look at news, if you just look at headlines, that’s all you have to do and you’re gonna be convinced that we’re doomed, that we’re done for. And I could do that every day on this program. But I don’t for a reason, ’cause I don’t believe it. I really don’t believe that’s the ultimate fate.

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