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RUSH: When the #MeToo movement began, with the public shaming of Hollywood mogul and top Democrat donor Harvey Weinstein, nobody could predict the societal impact.

So researchers from the University of Colorado wanted to see how attitudes have changed since #MeToo took off. Among the answers they got, was this:

Women who collapse with a heart attack, or some other medical issue, may be left to fend for themselves. Men are now afraid to give them CPR, lest they be accused of sexual assault.

Not kidding! Men said they’d be fearful of being charged with inappropriate touching, or sexual assault. So they will not administer CPR to a woman in dire circumstances.

The study’s lead author, Sarah Perman, is clearly astounded. She says while these fears are real, it’s important to realize that giving CPR is a lifesaving act. Gender shouldn’t matter.

Well, #MeToo! I totally agree these fears shouldn’t matter to men. In theory. But, Ms. Perman, real life isn’t theory, is it? And there’s a bunch of weirdo nutcases out there just waiting to make that allegation. I don’t blame these men at all. Not with the situation the militant feminazis have created out there.

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