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RUSH: I want you to hear Flake.  This is last night in Washington, D.C.  The Radio-Television Congressional Correspondents Dinner.  I didn’t even know they did one of these things in the fall, but they do.  And Flake was there.  And he was talking about the virtues and the liberating feeling he gets when he abandons his own party.

FLAKE:  When you peel off from the herd, your equilibrium returns.  Food tastes better.  You sleep well, your mind is your own again, you cease being captive to some bad impulses, and even worse ideas.  It can strain relationships to be sure, and you can find yourself eating alone in the Senate dining room every now and then.  But that’s okay.  To revise and extend a remark the president himself might recognize, I like people whose minds weren’t captured.  How I miss John McCain.

RUSH: You go out to Arizona and you have Martha McSally, who swore on the McCain Bible, swore on the McCain-Flake Bible.  She wouldn’t even do conservative media interviews, so anti-Trump.  And she ends up losing to some hippie dippie left-wing Marxist, and everybody’s scratching their heads, why?

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