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RUSH: Apparently, Nancy Pelosi’s bid to become Speaker of the House (again) might be in some trouble. I’m not surprised; I predicted this would happen.

The ringleader of the Dump-Pelosi movement is Ohio Democrat Congressman Tim Ryan. To crush Nancy’s Speakership dreams, he has to come up with at least 17 Democrat House members willing to vote against her.

No problemo. Ryan claims over 20 Democrats want Nancy under the bus. He says he’s 100% sure he has the votes to take Pelosi out. Politically speaking.

Either somebody can’t count, or somebody’s lying, because Nancy Pelosi says she’s 100% sure she’s got the votes to become Speaker. Her office is releasing endorsements from Democrat powerbrokers, unions, and pro-abortion groups. She’s also lavishing attention on the incoming Democrats, showing them how good the swamp can be for them, if they play ball with her.

We’ll know after Thanksgiving how all this plays out. But a word of warning to Tim Ryan. If Nancy Pelosi wins the Speakership, your life could become a living hell. And then some. We hope to be able to find you after the vote. If she wins.

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