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Nov 15, 2018


Daily Wire: Florida Judge Extends The Deadline For Counting Votes
FOXNews: Florida Recount: Fury at Broward, Palm Beach, for Making Rest of State Look Like ‘Laughing Stock’
Washington Times: Hillary Clinton says Stacey Abrams would already be governor ‘If she had a fair election’
NewsBusters: Jorge Ramos Calls Harassing Conservative Leaders ‘A Wonderful Thing’
RealClearPolitics: Sen. Sherrod Brown: If Stacey Abrams Doesn’t Win In Georgia, Republicans “Stole” It
CNN: George Conway, Conservative Lawyers Form Group to Speak Out Against Trump
AP: Flake Vows to Oppose Judges Unless Mueller Bill Gets a Vote
Wall Street Journal: California’s Paradise Lost. Trump is a Bully, but He’s Right About Bad Forest Management
Miami Herald: Judge Gives Thousands of Voters with Rejected Ballots Time to Fix Signature Problems
Breitbart: Report: Florida Democrats Urged Voters to Submit Absentee Ballots After Election Day Using Altered Forms
Federalist: Obvious Double Standard On Recusals Proves Russia Probe Is About Getting Trump
UK Guardian: Nancy Pelosi Hints Sexism Could Be Factor in Leadership Challenge
Washington Post: Pelosi Faces Daunting Challenge in Speaker’s Bid as Democratic Foes Stand Firm
National Review: Kamala Harris Draws Parallels between ICE and the KKK
AP: Pelosi Claims ‘Overwhelming Support’ for 2nd Act as Speaker
National Review: Kamala Harris Draws Parallels between ICE and the KKK
Reuters: ‘Get Out’: Some Mexico Border Residents Reject Migrant Arrivals
CNN: Melania Trump Beats Donald at His Own Game
Business Insider: A Trump Aide is Officially Out After Rebukes from Melania Trump’s Office
Daily Wire:Ami Horowitz Goes To Mexico To Learn ‘The Truth Behind The Caravan’
Palm Beach Post: Florida Election Recount: Palm Beach County Misses Deadline


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