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RUSH: This is Alex in Jacksonville. It’s great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. This is my first-time call and I’m super excited. I just wanted to call you just to say, you know, I’m 23, I’m a Millennial, I’m a Hispanic and a conservative woman. So that’s like, you know, odd right there. But I just wanted to affirm that, you know, yes, young people really are listening to… You were talking about this earlier. They really are listening to AM radio and talk radio more. You know, we don’t trust a lot of… Especially Christians. I’m a Christian. We don’t trust social media and, you know, CNN for news anymore, and you feel like you can trust, you know, talk radio. So I just wanted to say that, yeah, people are — we’re definitely leaning more toward talk radio.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate your saying that. We here at talk radio have audience research, ratings and so forth, and we know that what you say is true. But it’s tough to ballyhoo it. It’s, “Hey, man, we’re…” I mean, it’s true. The audience of this program today is larger than it has ever been. I mean, by six, seven, eight million people. Twenty-six, 27 million people a week now. For the longest time the audience was steady at 20 to 22, depending on the vagaries of ratings.

And we know that it is a lot of young people tuning in. The rest of the media hasn’t caught up with this yet because they’re still living in their little silos where they think talk radio’s old, it’s outdated; so is radio. “Everything is social media today, everything is television today, everything is videos, everything has to be visual or young people aren’t interested.” We know that that’s not the case, and your call here validates that and I’m thrilled.


RUSH: I’m thrilled that you’re out there. Can I ask you a question about something?


RUSH: You said you’re 23 and obviously, if you’re listening here, then you’re politically savvy. You’re politically aware. I want to run a quote by you. There’s a woman that used to be on Fox News as a contributor. Her name is Kirsten Powers. She went over to CNN, and she was on the air Friday. I just want to get your reaction to this, okay? She said that all white females who supported Donald Trump were racist. All! She was referring to white females who support Trump and said, “They’ll say, ‘Well, I’m not racist.

“‘I just voted for Trump because I didn’t like Hillary,’ and I just want to say, ‘That doesn’t make you not racist. It actually makes you racist. If you support somebody who does racist things, that makes you racist.’ So I want to establish that.” So you, Alex, have been called as a member of a segment of our population who likes Trump, racist. You are a racist because Trump does racist things and you don’t have any problem with it, you are racist. Now, how do you react when you see somebody on TV who is an acknowledged columnist, commentator, analyst? What is your reaction when you see that on TV? Or hear about it.

CALLER: It’s absolutely bogus. It’s crazy because it’s even more funny to be called a racist when I’m Hispanic. You know, we talk about illegal immigration. That’s even… That’s even more crazy. I tell people all the time, I went to go vote for Donald Trump during, you know, 2016, and as soon as I got there to the polls, I was swarmed by a bunch of, you know, women who were African-American and they were, you know, “Come on, we’re gonna go vote for Hillary Clinton,” and I had to walk over to a little truck with, like, four elderly white men, and I said, “No, thank you, I’m voting for Donald Trump.” I went over there and everybody was surprised, because I didn’t vote for Donald Trump… You know, it’s not about racism. It’s not about that. He’s not a racist. It’s about conservative views and to hear her say that she’s just labeling everybody under one thing, it’s completely misinformed, completely unintelligent.

RUSH: Exactly. Uninformed and misinformed. But there’s still a lot of them. And they have bought — just like this polling data. You want to talk about things that depress me, let me share this with you. For however many years it is now, two years, yeah, two years since the election of 2016, for two years the media and the Democrats have been pushing this conspiracy, this collusion with Russia, Trump stole the election and all that, every day for two years.

I have made it a point and some days with 80% of the program documenting how there isn’t any evidence, it’s all made up. Even our government has admitted that not a single vote was changed, not a single election was tampered with by the Russians in any of the indictments that have been made so far. I have explained in great deal how the Hillary Clinton campaign did collude with the Russians. And I’m not alone. There’s a whole branch of conservative media which has done the same thing.

And yet, despite this consistency of telling the truth and trying to blow up the myth and the lies, 42% of the American people believe the Russians tampered with votes. That’s what collusion means to ’em. It doesn’t just mean that Trump conspired with the Russians somehow to cheat Hillary. They actually think that what collusion means is that the Russians had access to vote machines and tampered with the results.

Forty-two percent of the American people, despite two years of daily, consistent, logical, intelligent, truthful explanations of what really happened and yet 42% still. So then we take that and we go to this. We have a white woman on CNN claiming that every other white woman who voted for Trump, without exception, is a racist, including you, 23-year-old Alex in Jacksonville.

And why? Well, because Trump does racist things. And if you don’t denounce them, and if you don’t abandon Trump, if you still vote for him or support him, you are, by extension and by acknowledgment, a racist. That, to me, is so intellectually vapid, and the woman who is saying this is not a dunce in terms of IQ. She’s a true partisan probably roiled with anger over a number of things.

Well, where does such a belief come from? Well, you just said it. It is this belief that conservatism is all of these other isms — racism, sexism, bigotryism, homophobiaism. And it’s almost like a bad branding thing has happened. And it just is a testament to how thoroughly effective daily disinformation and misinformation campaigns have been on people who are not religiously tuning in to media each and every day, casual customers or consumers of media.

And if I allow it to become this, it becomes totally frustrating and even depressing. Two years, two years of shouting the abject truth, two years of exposing every lie that they have told, including the FISA warrant, the Steele dossier, what it really is, the golden showers story, and still after that, 42% of the American people believe the Russians tampered with votes, which hasn’t even been alleged!

Nobody’s alleged that. Even the conspirators on the left who are pushing Russian collusion have never said the Russians tampered with votes. The American people are concluding all that on their own, if this polling data is right. Let me take a break here. Alex, thanks so much for the call. I appreciate it. Great answers.

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