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RUSH: On Sunday, the Tampa Bay Times ran a short column titled “Winner and Loser of the week in Florida politics.”

There were two winners: Ron DeSantis, the incoming Republican governor, and current Republican Governor Rick Scott, who will soon become Florida’s newest U.S. Senator.

The loser of the week? Well they say the Florida legislature. The Tampa Bay Times claims the Republican-controlled legislature has been obsessed with preventing “non-existent fraud.” While it should have been making elections more accessible, reliable, and “safe from legal challenges.”

Make no mistake about it: the biggest loser of the week in Florida politics was the Democrat party! Andrew Gillum and Senator Bill “Smileyface” Nelson were not supposed to lose. Yet they both did.

And in the process, the whole world witnessed Democrat election supervisors in Broward and Palm Beach counties brazenly trying to steal elections. Their shenanigans made the old Democrats of Cook County, Illinois look like a bunch of pikers!

But they still lost. And no amount of Drive-By-Media spin can change that! And the resulting ongoing anger and outrage from the democrats will continue.

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